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Cute pictures!
And I'd love to come to an in-person class, but maybe a bit closer. I'm sure you'll have a blast!


Great shot of Annie. My mother-in-law lives in The Villages. Great place. My husband calles it Pleasantville. Nothing bad happens in The Villages. Beautiful place. Have fun. Wish I could attend. But then again, I never remember to take my camera when I go places! Oh, well! Have a great time.


That last shot is too funny. :)


OMG- Annie showing everyone the scratch on her middle finger, and her expression. Karen, thanks for making me LAUGH today. I needed it!

lynda p

i could see why you couldnt resist posting that last shot. i actually did not notice what finger it was, till u mentioned it. the gianormous "snooki" ring is a good cover up of finger placement. even in pain she is adorable.....

thanks for sharing.....

Jennifer M.

That picture is a riot.

Kim bolyard

my son uses the pvc pipes to make marshmellow shooters...they are always a big hit with the kids and work great with the mini marchmellows...tell cole to give that a try. I bet you can look it up on line on how to make them

Kim Bolyard


I so wish I could meet up with you guys in's going to be so much fun! However, I'm going to be on a Scandinavia & Russia cruise, hopefully getting some good shots thanks to you!!!!! Have fun!!!!!


Can't come to class as I will be wedding dress shopping with my future daughter in law that day.:)/:( BUT I will be in Orlando Sunday. Would love to meet up with ya'll!

Tanya A

I love this set of pictures. Too funny! YAY! :) Hoping you've recovered from Saturday by now. *grin*


That made me laugh!!

karren hubrich

Oh man...this last one is a hoot...her finger up there, and that look on her face. S
uch cute shots.


HAHAHAHA! You should save that one for her wedding someday! :)

Tess S

i miss your posts and your pictures. i hope things are well. (or slightly better than what they were.)


I just love, love, love you. I absolutely love most everything you share. And I'll say it again - I think your photography class was the best thing to happen to my photography life. And I've taken several classes...

But back to what I'm saying here today... I love, love, love you. You are so transparent and real and I have such great affection for someone I've never even met live and in person. Take all the breaks you need, post all the mundane you need to post, do what you've got to do. But you have fans that will be around for a long time.

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