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Susan R

Karen, we have really only spoken through classes, etc., but trust me, we will all be so glad to hear from you (no pressure just love) that we would be happy to get the weather from you!!! You have natural wit and more than wit, even, it is heart. You write straight from the heart and it tops everything else. You needn't worry. I really think it will be like riding a bike. Here's to "seeing" more of you. I check every single day. NO, I am not a creeper just a fan.


You are never a bore!! I miss your posts! What a cute kitten...Annie looks like she is really enjoying him. Have a great Memorial Day weekend Karen!


The kitten is adorable.


I agree with Susan. Anything you share brings some joy to my life. You inspire me to be a better mom, wife, and person by the life that you lead. Your love for your kids and your husband is amazing. And the pictures are just the cherry on top. (I check every day too!)

Char McClung

Hi Karen...long time reader of your's one of my FAVORITES..Never a bore!

Juli P

oh my word....Annie is smitten with the kitten.
those blue eyes are amazing!


YOU definitely have not lost your wit or your blogging ability! I think Annie and Mahoney will provide all the subject you need--- what precious photos!

lynda p

how adorable is the shot of the kitty touching annies piggies! hope Mahoney is content his new home


oh my goodness, that kitten is too cute!!! love the photos of him. reminds me of our sweet little kitten that we had:

thanks for sharing the photos.

Corri C

You have more wit and charm than you realize, and you'll start to feel it come back, I promise. Until then Pooh Bear:

“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh


He is adorable!
Get the kids their own kitten! Or 3 of them! I'm a dog person, but if your kids have kittens and you are worried about losing your charm (which you haven't), you could always use kids and kittens as filler and I'm sure no one would complain.


You come through in your photos. Don't put pressure on yourself to entertain, just write what you want to write. Its your blog. Just so glad you share it!


Was just thinking about you this morning! Karen Russell lose her wit...who are you kidding?!! By the way, we're on the lookout for a free yellow lab puppy if you come across one! Have a great Memorial Weekend!


I'm with Susan R: I'd be happy to get the weather from you! I also check every day and, sad to say, re-read the last post if there's nothing new. So, post the weather! It has to be more exciting than ours - floods, rain and gray skies. LOL

Cori Turner

OMGoodness - that baby is SOOOOO cute! He looks so content with Annie loving him! And his name is cute too. He's lucky to have such a wonderful home with your mom and a wonderful family to love/visit him!

Tanya A

Cheering you on from the sidelines! These photos made me go Squeeeeeeeeee! :)


Hi Karen.

Very cute little kitty. Mahoney is an adorable name!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend...Hopefully, we'll get some good SUNSHINE for Boatnik!

Heather S. VT

You haven't lost any charm or wit Karen, even if you feel like you have! I think you're awesome! Please keep it up when you can! I love you blog and your photos! Thanks so much for sharing!


Still witty. Still charming. Missing our class!

Jennifer M.

I need that kitten. NOW.

meg duerksen

hey karen! i have a quick question for you about the business side of your photography workshop.
could you email me?
i promise not to take much of your time.

i have read your blog since the early days!
love that kitty.
how could you not?

meg duerksen
is my email in case it doesn't show up.....

Tammy Mellish

Ooooooh, I love the kitty (and his full name!!). My mom has a himalayan (looks just like that sweetie, but long haired!) and she is just the SWEETEST cat ever! She actually HUGS my mother!! I have never seen anything like it! I have four cats and need for not one more.. so I better leave now before I get anymore ideas ;-)

jennifer Camplin

myself ~~> cat lover....

keep the kitty!

lovely snapshots of kitty with your girl!


a bore - never - still continue to read your blog 1st when i see you have a new post in my google reader. will always be a loyal blog reader and student (i've taken your class 2x and maybe one of these days I'll take it again since I am continually learning!) You wouldn't consider vanishing from your blog, would you? i hope not!


Cute Kitty, but even cuter Kid!!! LOVE the outfit Annie is wearing in these pictures! I would love to have it for my granddaughters... :-) Maybe a shopping tip if you have the time...

♥ Debbie

Oh what an adorable kitty!!!


please don't quit! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! it brings me peace.

Kelly B.

I think you are trying to hard to be witty. We love you just the way you are~! It is nice to see your open and honest life out there for us all to see. Thank you for sharing!! We miss ya when you are gone!


miss you blogging Karen...


The kitten is definately a cutie, hard to part with. Love the photos and the one of the kitten playing with Annies feet is adorable. I think I am amongsts friends when I say we are here for you always whether it's once a day, once a week or once every 3 months but you realize you are like a photography drug to us and it's hard for us to be weened off you when there are no pictures on your blog (no pressure, hah!!). Just enjoy like and if you don't feel like blogging we'll be here waiting for you when you do (on a side note the day week is finally here for the new house and start of the fresh life. OMG it has been a long time coming and lets just say it's going to go off with a bang in the end but from the 1st June the controlling xxxx will no longer have control!!! Off to do more packing. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

kathy b

Patrick Mahoney was my next door neighbor when I was a little girl. The Mahoney family had 8 kids with really Irish names. Your Mahoney looks like my cat, Cricket, must have looked like as a kitten,(before she adopted us) white with blue eyes.She waundered into our lives and we fell in love. Watch out for white kittys with blue eyes, they win you over!
Just post when you feel like it, we are all here for the duration...loving you whatever you feel like.
Kathy b


Wonderful photos....I just love the clarity and sharp focus on them. The one with A's toes and the kitty's little pink paws is SO cute. Take heart...I do not expect you to be witty, and charming...your photos are already just hang in there and realize that change is just part of the journey. I ADORE your blog, and even if you would just post wordless would fill my heart to share your family and your everyday days. Thinking of you!

Rachelle S

Ohhh, too cute!!! : ) Looks like Annie made a friend!

Nancy McPeak

Karen - you will never lose your charm or wit. Your personality shines through in all that you do. Love your shots of that adorable kitten. But mostly, I feel like I am watching Annie grow up - she just gets prettier every day!


Aww! What a cute kitty. No wonder you don't want to send him to your Mom's. No need to be witty or charming for us. We just want to keep up with your life and see your BEAUTIFUL photography. I have so enjoyed seeing your kids grow up and your new house, family gatherings, etc. Just the normal day to day stuff.


Oh I think Annie needs a kitty now LOL!


That's a pretty awesome cat name, if I do say so myself. I'm looking forward to reading more blog posts from you :)


It's just not possible for you to lose your wit-it's ingrained in your lovely personality:) Very sweet kitten too-almost makes me want one, love how you even get catch-lights in a kitten's eyes! Love you, don't ever stop!


Hi Karen! Nice to see you here today:) Sorry you're feeling like you have lost your blogging wit.
I doubt that and agree with the others. Just "hello" from you warms my heart because I know it is sincere.
A few pictures encourage me too. I too check in here everyday. Be well my friend.
Annie and the Kitty look just too precious and are the perfect end to my day!!

Rhonda P litlfrogy

I have about 6-8 blogs I go to on an almost daily basis. Most I don't mind skipping a few days or a week. Yours...I'm here every day to see what stories and photos you have to share. No matter how short the post is I love reading what you have to share. Never ever boring. Never. Don't worry about being witty or charming... Just tell your story. You can't imagine how you inspire and touch people.

Rhonda P litlfrogy the name Mahoney


You need to get a hold of yourself! You are charming, fun and an inspiration to all of us. I am 68 and you make me want to do more!


Silly you... Wit and charm is in photos too, not just words. Just post for you! This is your story we just get to read it because you are kind enough to share it.


These are so precious ... I LOVE the one of him batting at Annie's toes! And he looks JUST like my kitty did when he was brand-new. We ended up having him for 17 years!


He looks just like our kitten who found us. His stray mother gave birth under our house.


My Grandpa was Patrick Mahoney, great name and what a sweet kitten. As always beautiful photos.

nancy in ks

I just read all the comments and can't say how I feel any better than those above mine.

Kathy said you are like a "photography drug". For sure.

And the first one, Susan, said it best. If you just reported the weather, you would naturally find a way to make it interesting.

LOVE the toesies shot.

Love YOU!


please keep blogging... if nothing else just post your pictures!! they tell us nice stories on their own!! just be you. that's what us blog readers love. appreciate anything you share and especially your time. so big hugs to you!!

Terri Porter

There is no way I could part with that kitten! He is adorable and he and Annie seem to have hit it off. Does he have a brother or sister?

terrib inOregon

You are always witty and charming. I, for one, will be happy to have more updates! I miss seeing all the pictures and watching your kids, from the outside in!


Annie and Mahoney look adorable together!! Coincidental thing is, I have a friend name Patrick Mahoney, and he looks nothing like Annie's cat! LOL! Hope you all enjoy Mahoney!!

Taunya Castillo

Karen your talent as a photographer is just amazing these shots are so captivating in every detail! Makes me proud to say that you're my teacher! It is amazing how quick these little creatures steal a piece of your heart!


Karen- That kitten is definitely part siamese... he looks EXACTLY like my cat when he was a kitten and he's siamese/grey tabby. SOOO cute! But bad. Very bad.

dawn clement

you are so silly! boring? never! don't talk that way about my new BFF! =)


that kitty looks part siamese. oh he's a cutie. and you are witty and charming and we'll take you as often (or unoften ) as YOU feel like blogging. please don't stop!

Cindy Elwood

I look forward to your blogs whether they are monthly, weekly, or daily. We all know how busy you are. Sometimes I get so busy, I do not even have time to check and see what you have been photographing. Don't quit...I started scrapbooking again and I am enjoying it. I just have to start journaling the pages. Do you know I could never get my hands on the scrapbook you designed that was green with the black polka dots. I was bummed...Let me know if you have any extras hanging around. Happy Memorial Day Josh!!


You haven't lost your wit or charm, and the photos are adorable! I'm not sure I could have given kitty boy up. ;) (And Oh my goodness, I read your next post and can't believe Annie will be in Kindergarten next year! It seems like just yesterday when I started reading and she was so tiny!)

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