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Happy early anniversary to the both of you!

Sara Padgett

Happy Anniversary to you and can I say you are looking super skinny in the photo!


Happy Anniversary Karen and Josh!!! What a lovely way to spend it and adorable photo, too!!!
I sure miss your class and I WILL be writing my evaluation soon...just had to decompress from all the info you gave us ;)
Christine S


Happy Anniversary!!!
I so wanted to take your class. Even, finally bought a dslr. Then my future DIL asked me to go wedding dress shopping that weekend in Orlando. So I booked my plane ticket. THEN, last week she emailed to say she'd found her dress, on sale, 75% off, so she bought mad do you think she would be if I flew into Orlando to go to the Villages for your class?? She still wants me to come, to discuss wedding plans, etc.
She is a keeper, we all LOVE her, so I'm going with her. But do know, my heart will be with ya'll too! DANG IT!

Kathy C.

Sol great! Happy 3rd anniversary coming up.... :)

Lynda P

Happy anniversary ! May 22, a very popular date. It will our 18th wedd anniv


On May 22nd this year, my parents will have been married 52 years.


Good hair day, Karen - YAY!!!! :-D
Happy Anniversary <3

Nancy Wyatt

Happy Early Anniversary! This is a breath taking photo, how magical Karen!! And by the way you look AMAZING and soooo skinny girlfriend! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


Happy early anniversary! You look great Karen!


I love the pic. Happy Anniversary!


Your anniversary and my birthday are one in the same! Happy anniversary!

mandy friend

you look skinny. that's all:)


How sweet. You & Josh seem to have such a great relationship. I love the pictures you are able to get of the two of you-how do you get him to go along with taking them? My husband would be embarrassed. Happy Anniversary to you both!


Happy Anniversary to both of you and that ONE PHOTO is AMAZING........... you have done it again. One beautiful memory of words and one simple (but clever photo). Kathy A (Brisbane, Australia)


this picture is stunning. Happy Anniversary!

Sara Mangan

One photo is all you needed. It is lovely!

I so wanted to go to your class in FL. My daughter is running a 5K and I couldn't bring myself to miss it.

Oh and BTW, I feel the same about running. I said I would never run and now I love it.

Happy Anniversary.


What a beautiful photograph, the way it's framed. I love it!

Sarah van Wijck

LOVE IT!!! Happy Anniversary ;)


love the photo!

Ashley S.

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your life with us. What a beautiful shot - nice job with the back lighting.

Kathy (kathyb)

Happy Anniversary! I love the photos of you and Josh. Do you use the self timer or have someone take them? Are they natural or do you stage ythem and if so is Josh happy to play along? Sorry - too many questions :lol:


Happy Anniversary Karen and Josh Downs! The photo is just lovely and both of you look so happy together. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Julie in Aust.

Happy Anniversary Karen and Josh...I wish you a love filled year.

Our Anniversary is the 23rd...30 years we have been married. I fell in love with him the first time our eyes met and I fall in love with him all over again every time he looks at me.

Theres a sign on the wall in our bedroom "Grow old with me...the best is yet to be"

Says it all for me...


I love that picture!
It was our anniversary on May 6. Hubby emailed from work saying that since it was our 15th and he'd just gotten a new mountain bike and I'd just gotten a 24-70mm lens, we wouldn't buy anything but we'd have dinner or something inexpensive. I said no problem. It wasn't until days later that I realized our daughter was turning 15 so that meant we were celebrating our 16th anniversary. We had a good laugh. We aren't anniversary celebrators and it shows.


Happy Anniversary! My husband and I share your date...Sunday will make 24 years for us.


My friend Dawn is taking your class on May 22nd. It's her wedding anniversary too. I hope to get to meet you that weekend...I can't take the class but I'm going to tag along with Dawn just for something to do. :)


Oh my goodness... I about died when I read your blog this morning. You were just in my hometown of Ferndale. Ivanhoe is our favorite place to eat..definitely a place for locals and you would find a much younger crowd on the weekends:) I would have loved to run into you, such a small town. Happy Anniversary!


You just made me feel so much better about forgetting our anniversary back in March. I thought I was the only woman who did that;) Looks like you guys had a great time!

Julie Cone

Happy Early Anniversary!! My husband and I were married on May 22nd as well! This year will be our 1 year anniversary...funny thing I couldnt get him to agree to any colors, so I told him to pick, he picked orange and black, go figure...Beaver fans all the way!

karren hubrich

Beautiful photo of the two of you! Happy anniversary!

teresa b

aaawwhh Happy Anniversary!!


What a beautiful shot Karen!! I love it!!! Happy Anniversary to you both!


you look beauuuuuuutiful in this picture missy :) XOXOXOXOX

Stephanie C.

this is sooo sweet! Happy anniversary to you! hope you have many happy, healthy, wonderful years together!!


Stunning shot. Stunning.

Cindy Welch

Sounds wonderful. You are looking skinny hot sista!!!


Stunning photo...


Happy Anniversary!!! And I just love that photo you took!!!


I love Ferndale, have a very funny story from when I stayed there with my mom and sis while in the area for my cousins wedding several years ago...Next time I see you I will have to share it. Oh and I keep looking for you to run by, I am working at the Coffee Roaster on 3rd street in CP now. No more dent work for me.
Take care and hope to see you some day soon

Laura P now Davis


Well it was worth the wait! :) I am glad you had a good time and that photo is fantastic! Happy Real Anniversary! I hope the class and the weather in Fl is awesome!


Oh you guys are just too cute!! Happy Anniversary.


That photo is magic.


Beautiful photo!
Hubby & I spend our Anniversary in Ferndale a few years ago. Such a charming little town. Love the Gingerbread House!
Happy Anniversary!!!!


and this, my friend, is why i love your blog so much. pure. honest. raw. and, so very inspiring.

thank you.


Oh what a beautiful photo! So so talented Karen! Congrats on your Anniversary, that's something to be proud of. I'm a single momma so reading that was like reading a page out of a novel. Very sweet. It keeps me dreaming & hoping for better things:0)


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