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Wow, your pictures are awesome. What kind of camera and lens are you using the clarity is great. Looks like you and your family had a blast!


On our way back from Disneyland this spring we took a break in the parking lot of the Seven Feathers, that's my memory! Silly isn't it!

Kristi Bowman

Love your photos that last mid air one is by far my favorite, so much fun!!


Nice you got away:) I did too!! Why do they have to all grow up and get so big? I see it so much in Annie. She looks so much like you:)

nancy in ks

Love that last photo!


Great pictures! I know how you feel about swim suits!!! I finally found this one and love it! check it out!


Check out view 5 on that suit... I need a little more coverage than the first view shows! :-)

Stephanie C.

it's always good to get away for a bit! Looks like you all had fun!


I spent way to much money on a suit for our big US trip last fall. But at least I feel comfortable in it, not enough for pictures, but enough to attempt to swim.


LOVE that last photo! That is amazing! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Debbie Wenz

I have been away from reading blogs for over a year now and had to google your info because I had forgotten it... Spent too much time yesterday going back through the posts I had missed... Thanks for blogging about your family, your life, your trials, your it all...missed you all so much ;)


Do you use flash? Your indoor pictures are always amazing and I struggle so much with interior light.....

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