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I'm so grateful for your posts, they are very inspiring to me in tough times and good times. It's comforting to know you're not alone and that someone you see as a mentor deals with difficulties as well.

teresa b

oh man my Sister in law wants us to do that this summer!! Sounds like so much fun!!


Oh Karen, can you please, please, please come to San Francisco to teach a class so I can attend? :)


And don't forget the next instalment of Making the Shot, I know one person waiting with baited breath. (Only because she's procrastinating about other stuff and should get a life, I mean me, not you)


Florida has never felt so far away. :(


Those kids... adorable. I love how Annie is sound a sleep in the midst of it all. You must've tuckered her out!!

be blessed!



oooooooh so excited..She is my second home. Can't wait to see/meet you. :)


Argghhhhhhh! Everytime you come to Florida I am out of town! This time I will be in Baton Rouge, LA for my youngest son's graduation with his Masters.


Wish I lived in Florida!! :)


Gorgeous image! Absolutely gorgeous :)

Good luck with the teaching, i'm sure you will be great!

K xx


...and let me just add that when Karen says she'll answer every.single.question. she means it. Trust me, I know. :-)

Tammie Longiotti

Which tree house did you stay in? I've been checking out the site and wanting to take my family there soon (never been, just seen it online - we live in Ashland). Is there one that you would recommend (our girls are 4 & 7 1/2). Thanks!!

Jane Leaman

I am a past student of yours and was shocked when i saw you would be teaching at The Villages. My brother in law just moved there a few months ago right after my husband(his brother) passed away. I have been planning to visit them and had no idea that they had a scrapbook store right in their very own little community. What a dream come true to be able to take a class in person with you. I learned so much from you but there is still so much to learn. I just love reading your blog...Who knows..I may one day get to meet you in person.

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