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Is that Annie not wearing a dress/skirt?! My daughter has someone in her class who also wears a skirt Hope she enjoys soccer.

Nancy Wyatt

Awe, she is so cute!!! Hugs from Conroe, Texas


She's so cute! Have a great weekend!

Tanya A.

Hee hee! YAY!

Stephanie C.

she is so cute!


She looks so big:( and those beautiful long pony-tails:)!!! Love, love, love it!!
Have a beautiful weekend!

mandy friend

hey! i know the mom in the background, it's amelia with wayland! gotta love southern oregon:D


I'm surprised that Josh is still going to let her play....what with the coach wearing all that Oregon Duck attire and all!
Go Annie!


She does look so big in these pictures. Makes me realize how long I have been reading your blog! Thanks for all you do!

teresa b

Goo Yaaannniiieee!! Super cute!!


Oh my goodness that is too I remember those days ( 20 years ago!!! ) where does the time go???? Have fun Annie!!!


I love that last picture! It made my day!


great pic's karen....regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I love how when she's standing up her shorts are long and her pads are long and they make her look even cuter!


Really love the photos on this post!! Great job making the scene look very interesting and engaging!!

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