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i might just print the word INSURANCE and tape it to my mirror this month for thought. thanks karen for keeping it real always

Helen Walsh

Karen, I just love your honesty to everything. Makes me feel real and that life/relationships/family are like this. Thanks for sharing.


Praying for you, as always. I'm feelin it just as much, so please know that someone is walking in your shoes as well. And never lose sight when there is only one set of footprints that you can see. XOXO

be blessed



I loved your Monday night, brought tears to my eyes.
I hope your downs decrease and the ups increase!

mandy friend

Karen, I LOVE this post! thanks:)

Traci Shanks

Great post - you are right. Life comes in waves, and sometimes we need to do more than know we'll have to tread water. Sometimes we need to wear our floaties :-)

Hope life gets better for you, and for Ross. I have trod much the same road you have, and know how challenging that can be. Hugs and prayers to all of you.


Great post--and so true all dat!

I've only heard Andy Stanley speak once on tv and he was really awesome. I'm gonna have to check into his podcasts. LOVE his dad, Charles...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


gosh you always say the most true words. and you are always so real and authentic about it. so many of us out there have the same ups and downs as you do... but not many people are willing to be so open and share them like you do. so thank you for reminding us all that our "everyday lives" are never ever perfect, but that they do provide us with insurance. you could not have said it better. sweet picture of the 2 of you!


You have a gift. A gift of writing from the heart...which is why you are such an accomplished artist see things from a perspective that few people are willing or able to go.
Thank you. I only wish I had your blog to help me when my kids were little and I was having a bad day/week/month.


Great post! I like to think of these actions as preventive maintenance, kind of like an oil change prevents my car from breaking down. (hopefully!) I have insurance in case of an accident! : )

Jennifer Coffey

I love your blog I admire how real and raw you are,just had to say I attend Andy Stanleys church her in Atlanta he and Jeff Henderson just finished an awesome series titled LIFE APPS. Gotta get those it was good stuff!!!! food for thought my maiden name Russell!


I love this post and I have loved seeing the evolution of your posts over the past 5 years. I started reading because I loved your scrapbooking, kept reading because I love your photography and your family stories and I keep reading because I love your honesty and the way you show how you deal with the raw-ness of real life, without sugar-coating or taking the negative/complainer road, either. It is awesome to see how God is working in your life. You are blessed!

Lynda P

All that u said probably happens in homes everywhere, but u were so sweet to share. I think I'm going to make my kids say something nice to each other. Glad to hear your week ended with some fun. I was just wondering- when u take those pics, u just post ur camera somewhere & do it with a timer?
Thnx for sharing!

Rhonda P litlfrogy

I know you won't feel like this BUT, your words really inspire me. Just reading this makes me want to be a better person. Thank you, Karen.

teresa b

heartfelt thanks.. very touching

kathy b

Thanks for your honesty. It is very godly to share our struggles with each other. I love Andy Stanley, well love his sermons. We are doing a DVD series of his, Life Rules, in our small group. I listened to him last night and I am being convicted of some behavior habits I've overlooked for years. God bless you Karen

Val from Down Under

Awesome stuff Karen, you understand that communication is everything in relationships. It's so important to keep God the closest of all. You go girl, hugs to you xxx


you are an amazing mom.
you are an amazing wife.
you are an amazing friend.
this is why i love you.

Lisa V.

You know, we're going through the same growing pains with our 20 year old daughter. Dealing with the independence of your firstborn child seems to be really difficult. I'm finding this out from a couple of friends that have either already dealt with it or are going through it too.
It can test a marriage - this I know. My hubby and I can have very differing views and ways of handling the stress and challenges that keep getting thrown our way with this. It has united us, but also divided us. It's a growing spurt. I keep reminding myself that I will be spending my life with my husband. My daughter will always be my daughter and I love her to death, but she's got to learn from her mistakes, find out for herself what I had to find out for myself. We'll survive - she may have some bumps and bruises, but she'll survive too. It's just another part of life, new to all of us.

Seeing you holding Josh Down's hand after a rough week and seeing the smiles on your faces says it all. Your love will survive and Ross will always know the two of you are there for him when he's ready. Hang in there!


"The problem with 'everyday life' though is that it can quietly unravel relationships until they bare little resemblance to what they once were, giving little hope for what they could be in the future." - could not be more true...


Thanks for Sharing! I have my own 19 year old (a daughter), and we too are dealing with her growing up and away from us. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. We will make it through this, and so will the kids! Hang in there!


you are so wonderful. i love that you are so honest. :) thank you.


This jumped out at me:
"The problem with 'everyday life' though is that it can quietly unravel relationships until they bare little resemblance to what they once were, giving little hope for what they could be in the future." Someone else has already commented on it a few responses above me, and I just have to give an AMEN!
Even though the past week for me was very different from yours, there were alot of the same issues swirling around. Thankyou for sharing what you did. You made me cry...but that's a good thing. I think sometimes we can think that everyone else has these perfect lives and we're the only ones with issues. I needed to read what you wrote. Sending many hugs your way and prayers for brighter days ahead! :-)

Jill E.

thank you for this post. i needed this so bad this week. you've given me a huge piece of clarity and now i now what i have to do today.

jill in mn


Everytime I come to your blog (recently) it's been a lovely and wise dose of therapy it seems :) followed by a healthy dose of tears. Thanks. Insurance indeed. Heidi

tara pollard pakosta

you are such an inspiration!
seriously, I just adore you.
keep up the great work at being a wonderful wife, mother and person!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I love it! great post Karen - thanks for always sharing what's in your heart with us. you teach us to be better photographers, and better people too!


You are a wise lady.


Thank you for being honest; not only with the good, upbeat "artsy" stuff, but the "real" stuff too. I respect your candor and your consideration for your family in sharing life without trespassing on their privacy.

Please know God has blessed you with the gift of perspective in photography, but also in life. Thank you for having the courage to share it with others.


INSURANCE. i'm gonna use that karen, starting today. i have never looked at those moments as that - thank you! you don't know how much i needed those words.
take care!


Great post!!


I appreciate how honest and open you are and love the thought of "insurance" in our daily lives.


HI Karen, Thanks for sharing. I just wanted to tell you and I am not sure if you will get this, but I was going through a tough time about 4 years ago and I found myself what seemed like the bottom of hopelessness. I did turn to church and the bible and it sounds like you have too. The book that helped me then and today was the book of James in the bible. Take a look at it. The words that stuck with me from there is Christains should not ask God for an easier life but to be a stronger Christain. You will come out of this stronger. :-) Blessing to you..


I always love how your posts are so honest!


Love, love, love this Karen Russell.


You are such a smart, insightful woman Karen. I love the way you tie your stories up in the end with a perfect little bow. You truly have a way with words! Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts with the rest of us~ Melinda


Great blog post Karen!


INSURANCE! You are gifted, I have been married 47 years and am being still tested. you never can be complaisant in any relationship. I will get insurance today.


Thank you for sharing Karen, insurance can be so exhausting so thanks for showing how it's worth it and pointing out the really ugly alternative (unraveled relationships & no hope)! And, I happen to think time in His word is the most amazing insurance - God just told me to do that right now, so off I go:)


Awesome way to look at it. Insurance...everything we need to work on in a marriage.

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