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Nancy Wyatt

Love this! As always your photos are amazing and the colors inspiring!! Happy Easter to you and yours! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


These are fabulous.. What special memories for the kiddos!


That Courtney Lee is so lovely.

Kira M

Wow, I love how you set up the "shoot" so you could get some gorgeous photos but they all seemed so natural. Like a fly on the wall. Not that I'm call you a fly... anyways. You're amazing, Karen!


Courtney Lee is turning into a beautiful young lady! Beautiful pictures!

stephanie ackerman

Happy Easter always, the photos are amazing...the kids are adorable and your heart shows through all of it!!!

kim S.

I so want your weather and beautful light! Those kiddos are so lucky that their mama documents all those great memories. Beautiful as usual.


Happy Easter to you too, Karen!

Libbi M.

GORGEOUS as always! love the colors and the extra cute kiddos. please share where you got the dipping cups and table cloth. i really could have used those this year. thank you. HAPPY EASTER!


Happy Easter! Annie's facial expressions are so cute.

Simply Lanny

love these picture's ! and the eggs aren't to bad either...


Annie just cracks me up!! Beautiful pics...Happy Easter & Happy Spring Karen!


I love Courtney's new hair do.


Your pictures are so beautiful. And they are so REAL! (I have a friend who is always telling her daughter to "smile" (aka pose) and I just hate it. ) Lovely, lovely, lovely!

kathy b

These photos didn't need any discriptions. Each one captured all the details of the instant you clicked. Expressions and body language say it all! Your kids are terrific and I just love each glimpse into your family dynamics! Thanks for sharing!

Rachelle S

Too cute~ Love their expressions : )

Hope you had a blessed Easter and that you were able to enjoy each other.


Now what did you do with all those eggs?

Jennifer Camplin

Fun snapshots!!

great Easter!!


Wow! What beautiful shots. Love that your pictures always seem to tell a story and that they capture real life as it is happening.


Hope your Easter was filled with blessings!

iPod touch docking station

Easter eggs are my favorite part of Easter! Getting all the kids to dye and paint their eggs. Hiding the eggs and having a big scavenger hunt. I love it!

Lora Miller


i'm jealous you were able to do this outside! i wouldn't even considered it in cleveland.


These are precious! (Again- LOVE Courtney Lee's hair that length!) Happy Easter to you!

karren hubrich

Wow! Your photos are ALL beautiful! Obviously, many other people think so too! LOL!


Too cute at all !!!!! Love their expressions !!!!I love evrything in here...such so many goog inspiration..
Have a nice weekend.
Hugs from Brazil


Gorgeous shots. There's that one funny one of Annie that cracked me up. I think Courtney Lee's haircut is beautiful--she's growing into such a lovely young lady! Happy Easter to you guys, too!


Wow looks like the kids are having lots of fun. Love that their able to be artistic with the eggs.

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