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i love him too :)

and you!!! ;D


Sweet! He's been brought up well, I'm sure he'll make the right decision.


you actually DO still look like that girlie! :) and as far as that boy of yours know I think he's awesome....and that is in LARGE part due to how you raised should be proud!! ;)


Such wonderful memories this picture brings back for you and what a wonderful feeling knowing your opinion matters to him! Way to go mom


Having a hard time communicating with my 14 year old son these days & everytime I see you post about your awesome relationship with Ross I cross my fingers & pray we'll get there someday. You two seem to have a wonderful relationship & I envy you that. Seems like you've done an amazing job & you should be proud!

Kim Bolyard

I think you exactly the same...and I mean that in a really good way


Karen P (kphike)

I think you do still look like that too! Adorable! ....and I was thinking that was a cute little nephew with you and not an older pic!! What a cute little guy Ross was!


Mama's and boys, there isn't anything better. Whatever is happening in your lives, God has a plan and is in total control. Don't lose sight of that. He will show you the way. Thanks for sharing an extra cute picture.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I love that you have such a great relationship! and I love this pic! (you're still adorable!)


And I am proud of you for being an excellent and great mother - one who loves, who communicates, and tells her children she is proud. You make all of us proud. We are proud of you both. I’m praying for covering and wise decision-making in all avenues - big and small. Much love.


You are awesome, Karen Russell, and an inspiration to boot!


i can totally relate to this post. for a couple years it was just me and my "sidekick" (love that creative editing ;)). the two of you share a special bond that no one else will ever have with you guys. cherish it, forever.

Jennifer M.

I loved this post. The picture what you wrote were so sweet. Reminds me so much of me and my daughter. :)


Isn't it just the hardest to "sit by" and keep quiet? I personally think mothering gets harder as the years go by. Sometimes I dream about the "challenge" of getting up at 2 a.m. with a baby :)

tara pollard pakosta

you still look just the same!
He's a great kid!
you did good!

teresa b

You look amazing then as you do now woman!! Trust me!! hee hee I admire the relationship you have with Ross. It's hard to let them grow into themselves. Your a great mom and you've taught him well.. best wishes!!


I love you Puke!'re still as beautiful as you were at 16 sitting in our apartment getting ready to go to Prom in that blue dress and as I as a 6 year old sitting there dreaming about how I wanted to be just as beautiful and with such a great laugh (even if you did hate your braces). I love you both!


Totally relating! Issues with a young adult child.....Give me the terrible twos any day! Knowing that our God has it settled for all of us! Prayers and hugs...and still missing our class :(

gina f.

your flashback pics are always fun!

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You guys put the smile on your face always. I love the positivity you got.

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Such fun times and great memories for these girls to share!! I love the hanging hearts in Annie's room! Is her bed made from an old door?

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