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Happy Birthday Ross!!! Happy first time Momma day Karen!


Happy birthday Ross! And congratulations Karen on raising such a fine guy. :-)


He reminds me of your Uncle Donny. I love your pictures and stories. Good luck with the triathalon. You looked great running. I just started my training...going slow but that's okay.

Cami Gabossi

Happy Birthday Ross!!! Celebrate you day to the max...and by the looks like you have a pretty AWESOME family :)

Stephanie C.

Happy Birthday to Ross!


Happy Birthday Ross! And Karen, you look so beautiful and happy :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ross! Hope it was a great one!!!


Happy Birthday to Ross and Happy Birth Anniversary to Karen! I once read a woman say she sent her mother flowers every year on her own birthday since it was a day for her mother to celebrate also (the anniversary of giving birth to her)....which gave me a new perspective on mothers and their children's birthdays.

Great pictures Karen...who took them?


coolest 19-year-old I know...Happy birthday Ross!!


Happy day! Today is my birthday as well! :) My mom was a young momma as well. (I'm 37 and she's 55.) She was mature beyond her years and loved me unconditionally - and that's what's most important in life.
Good job momma! We're not perfect but we love our babies no matter their age or our age.


Happy Birthday Ross, and congratulations for raising basically on your own what appears to be a lovely young man. It's a great credit to you and also grandma!!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Tammy Mellish

Happy Birthday to your Ross! And BIRTHday to you, momma love!! I think you are so special, obviously treasured and I hope you are well celebrated for the excellent job you've done (and are doing) in raising your children! XO!!

sasha farina

Happy BIrthday Ross!! Karen, you'e a great mother!


You must be so proud!

Nancy Wyatt

Happy Birthday Ross!!!!

Kelly Rodgers

Happy Birthday Ross!


Happy Birthday to Ross! He's a such a cutie. And can I just say that you don't look more than 20-something! (I have to admit, ever since I started following your blog [back in October or so] I thought Ross was your younger brother! OOOOPS!) You're both so beautiful! And you have such a gorgeous family! You much to be proud of and grateful for! God is GOOD!


Happy birthday Ross! Happy reminiscing day, Karen!

teresa b

Happy Birthday Ross!! Karen you look fabulous!! Love the 3 generations!!


Happy Birthday!

tara pollard pakosta

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy!
19, crazy! time sure flies!
You are a great mom Karen!
love that 2nd shot, it melts me!

nancy in ks

Roscoe -T, huh.

Well, Roscoe, I think you owe your mom a ton of good deeds when she's old and in her rocker, for that 29 hours of labor. You know every hour of labor equals a year of good deeds in repayment, right? You didn't know that? Oh, she'll be entering triathalons when she's 88?

Seriously, you both are wonderful and I wish you many, many years of joy, good health, and fulfilling your purpose in this life. Love it when KR posts the occasional pic of you and keeps us posted. The best to you and your family, Roscoe-T.


Happy Birthday Ross! I hope you are doing well.


Happy Birthday to Ross and to you! Hooray! Such lovely photos!


Love the pictures! Birthday wishes to Ross!

Lindsay Bateman

LOVE your blog, your outlook on life, your spirt....LOVE it all.
And you look ABSOLUTELY sparkling in those photos. So beautiful are you.

Lindsay Bateman from Alberta, Canada

Christine P.

Such a nice photograph. Birthday wishes to Ross! This is a lovely picture of you, Karen!


You 2 look like brother and sister! and your mom and you look alike too, oh! Kids grow up so fast! mine will be 6 in June and is already asking for make up! :(


Happy Birthday, Ross!!! You make your mom so proud--and we think you're so cool for that. Hope it's the best year yet!!!'re the bestest.


What a beautiful photo of you Karen. Happy Birthdqy Ross.


The second photo gave me goosebumps and tears! Happy Birthday, to Ross... and happy day to his mama!


Happy Birthday!'ve done a fabulous job! You are an awesome Mama!!!

Jennifer Camplin

Happy Birthday, R!!!

What a fine son you have in life!!


Happy birthday !!!! Love the pictures !!
you can visit me here


Happy 19th Bday to Ross! Great photos!


how sweet this photo is! happy birthday to Ross! susan

Karen Moore

Your daughter Annie looks EXACTLY like you. I know she's not in these pics and it's kinda random, but I just wanted to say that. From the "other" Karen :)

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