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Love all these shots! Glad they're good! They remind me of you and Josh!


so happy for them!! glad they are still together!! isn't it weird to see your kidlet smooching?? not that they look weird kissing, but for a mom... i still can't look at my kidlet smoochin her hubby and she's almost 30!! it's just weird!! wink!! great pix as always.

Tera @ emmons-blessings

Doesn't it just break your heart, and warm it at the same time, to see your child making grown up decisions? Our eldest son just turned 15, and is starting to talk about going to school... away from home. T.E.A.R.S. will come when that day happens! (and as for Ross... well, it looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!)

mandy friend

cali rae ( i know you will be reading this;)), my favorite is the last one! great job karen (as usual).


Beautiful shots Karen!! I love the one where they're laughing under the tree, the b & w of ross alone, and the last one! Cali is just a beautiful soul!!


To Be Young! To Be Young! Oh, To Be Young!!!!! :D Great Shot's. :)


Man I love your photos. I love the one of Cali sitting down with her coffee. Don't know why. I really love the one of Ross just above the one you made black on white. He looks very handsome in that one and for the first time, I see a little bit of Coley around his eyes.


It's wonderful to see them. And they look great and oh so happy!:)
I hope they stay that way for a long, long time!!!
The shots are beautiful!!!

Sarah K

Glad to see pictures of those two. They make me smile. You're right, 18 can be tough and so can staying true to and in love with the person you're with at 18. I can tell you that sometimes it all works out though. I've been with my high school sweetheart for 16 years now, and I love him more than ever.

Carrie P

Thanks for sharing. Ross has been on my mind lately, wondering how this first year was going and all.It is tough in this crazy world.


Love these images. I don't want to rush anything... but I hope to take pictures of my boy and his girl like these someday. And the ones of just Ross are particularly awesome. It must be good to have Karen Russell for a mom. Or a date-in-law. (The term I always used for the parents of a boyfriend.) I hope you're having a good week, Karen. You deserve goodness. Cheers!

Sarah Batdorf

They are so cute.
I found your blog a few months ago and spent days reading through the whole thing. Love it! I listen to the song Strawberry Swing by Coldplay while reading your posts. It's seems the perfect fit as a theme song.


I love how much you love her. She is a very lucky girl to have an extra mom in her life.


These are just breathtaking.


lovely photos and you have done a great job raising him on your own. Such a brave thing to do for a young girl. They are beautiful pictures, I wouldn't expect anything less. Great photo below of you and Courtney Lee - how special is that. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


They are so stinkin' cute. The B&W one of Ross is SO wonderful!

sasha farina

they're so adorable... i miss seeing their photos here.

anne leglise

thanks for sharing their lovely pictures.


How sweet!

my fave is the one of Calli sitting by the fence and Ross standing

and the b&w of Ross


I want Cali's lacy shirt! Too cute!


They are so cute! And I love Cali's sandles!


These are just wonderful. What gorgeous models and they are so cute together.


Such a cute couple! I love Cali's top!

libbi m.

they make such a cute couple. thank you for sharing all these lovely photos.


They are very lucky to have these. And you are lucky to have them :)

Nina Diane

very nice looking couple. I know you are proud of him...both of them

teresa b

So sweet!! Great shots Karen!!

deAnne Wakefield

and the wedding photos are next. LOL! It is totally weird for me to take photos of my son and daughter in law smooching but my son always asks for it. I love taking photos of them so I don't complain. Nice work, Karen! I love them all!

Robin healy

I love the beautiful moments of your life that you capture with your camera. What a beautiful young couple. They look so comfortable and peaceful together.

Kirsten J

They are just so cute together - that Cali just keeps getting more gorgeous!


they are just gorgeous and you can see the love in these photos in so many ways :)

Erika Melnychuk

ah, young love....brings back so many thoughts and feelings to see...Beautiful pictures, and she is seriously a lovely lady!

Michele Y

Karen- you have totally outdone yourself with this set. Thanks for raising the bar. This is a really beautiful series and the ones by the tree are my favorites, the framing is perfect!

Arleen Morales

Beautiful Pictures and gorgeous models!!

Nancy Wyatt

They are a sweet couple and love the photos! Hugs from Conroe, TX


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