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Karen, I am *so* excited about being in your next class. I'm such a beginner, but having a great time trying to figure out my camera :)


Ooh, the cupcakes look almost as sweet as Annie! Did you bake those yourself?


Happy Birthday Annie!

Nancy Wyatt

Precious!! Love your at home parties! My SIL has all of my nieces parties at "party places" and if I had kids I would love nothing more that to have all our family, cousins etc at our home to celebrate. ahhh, memories :)


You never disappoint - these are lovely!


Well she is just too cute! And the way you decorated is lovely. Do you use a 50mm on shots like these?


Your photographs never cease to amaze me! Just sayin'

Hugs and Love!


Her face in the last shot is priceless!


These were worth the wait! They are all just lovely.


Just beautiful!! Her expression tells me she had a perfect 5th birthday!!!


That last shot is priceless!! You are so smart to have the kids sit at a table while opening presents...usually when a child is opening a gift you usually have their back to you or other kids in front of them. Happy Birthday Annie!!

Sherry G

I love the hankie banner! At least that is what it looks to be made of in the photo---tied together vintage handkerchiefs. Too cute-- as is the whole family in those shots.


Love the hanging decoration in the background....beautiful memories. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Rachel Z

I LOVE that last shot. You captured all 3 of the girls' "sick of sweet cupcakes" faces. Hilarious. :)

Kelly R

I really wish your photography classes were much more affordable. So many of us are struggling just to feed our children, its just not an option now or anytime soon.I would give so much to learn to take better photos of my children. But food, housing and the needs of my children are a priority at this time & there's just no way to afford that kind of "luxury". Obviously your classes fill up quickly and those people aren't struggling like the rest of us. I use to come to your blog to find inspiration and helpful insight & photography information, but now we have to pay A LOT of money in order to get any photography information. It's so unfortunate considering what so many of us are facing at the moment.

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer. I know things will be better one day!


OMgosh...I love the look on Coley and Courtney's face when Annie is blowing out her candle!!! They each have the look of "AAAAAHHH, FROSTING"!!!
And then the last one of Annie after too much frosting!!! hilarious.


Love these pictures! I only hope I can capture memories a fraction as well one day. Karen, is that the original color on the baking table or did you paint it? If you painted it, would you mind revealing the color? : )

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