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Awww.... I hope that they all feel better real soon and that you don't get it at all. Men are tough and don't get sick - don't you know that? LOL Seriously, sorry your lovely family has had a rough week. Stay healthy friend! xoxoxo


You need to tell Josh when he is "tired" like this he needs to stay home because he will just pass it on and make everyone else at work (and their families) "tired" too!
Sorry your family has been hit by the plague!
(Times like these make me so thrilled with modern a washer and dryer!)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days

Oh, I'm so sorry. The stomach bug hit us at Christmas and it was miserable. Hope it passes quickly and that you don't get it!


What a trying week all of you have had. Hope everyone recovers quickly and hope you don't get it. Take care!

Heather Freeman

Hope everyone is on the mend and you dont contract it! We only had one get it last year and I keep thinking this is the year! ANytime any of my kids feel the slightest bit nauseous, I make them sleep with a bowl by their pillow! BTW, was just looking at your Mercantile Pics again and CAN NOT figure out how or where that last shot is taken from? Looks like from inside of an old truck or something?! From a past student.....Heather on Nantucket THanks!


Healthy wishes, thoughts, prayers being sent to you and your family. Life is exhausting enough! Having one parent down just makes it a beating :o( Feel better soon Josh Downs!


Aw! I hope everyone is well soon! Oh, where did you find your headboard? I love it!


Poor guy! I hope he feels better soon! And you better go get some lysol, or alcohol wipes or something! It always seems like the mother goes down last. I hope you don't get sick!

Shea Rollins

That's funny he won't admit he's sick. I guess better than my hubby...he's a complete baby. Hope you don't catch it;)


normally men have the "man flu" know when they are sick it's worse than when everyone else is sick. One thing about the man flu is they actually get to lie in bed and be sick and recover....for most of the mummies in the world, you just have to get on with it. Anyway it is a cute picture of Josh Downs not being sick!!!! Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


bless! hope you ge away with it!


Fingers crossed and a prayer your weekend is spared of this little visitor in your house.
Nobody wants unwanted guests!! Right?
So I hope you can have a beautiful weekend with your family feeling better.

Christine P.

Hope everyone feels better soon!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your headboard!


Oh my, that sounds exactly like my husband! Drives me nuts! Hope you don't get it.


Men! don't you just love their logic?! My husband is a HUGE baby when he gets sick...but it's cute. Hope Josh is better soon. As for you..WASH YOUR HANDS!!! it's the single best thing you can do to prevent getting their bug. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't get it too. :) Les


Stomach flu is the worst! Sure hope you are able to escape it. And everyone is feeling better soon. As one of your students, certainly admire your ability to deal with class on top of caring for the sick ones. And certainly don't want you to be sick during our break next week. Take care. (p.s. only you can make a photo of a sick man look so nice)


I hope you don't get it. The reason you are the last one standing is because you are MOM, and MOM has to take care of everyone. It's not really fair.

tara pollard pakosta

we haven't had the stomach flu in our house since 2006 and I want to keep it that way!
also, I haven't had the stomach flu since I was a kid!
I have had it come out the other end though! ICK!!!!!!!
and I have had the upper resp. flu, just not the puke kind, thankfully, it scares me to death!
HOPE and PRAY everyone is all on the mend and that it skips over YOU!


Bless your heart -- and Just use lots of Antibacterial!! Remember-- when mom is sick -- NOTHING changes. :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Hope everyone is feeling better and that you don't catch it!

Erika Melnychuk

Sounds just like my man! He'll even say, "I just don't know WHY I need so much sleep right now!?" And, I'll reply, "Maybe you're fighting a sickness?" And, he'll say..."mmmm...nope..."

teresa b

Oh man.. it's not looking good for our house..1 down 3 to go. Good luck!!


You are SUPERMOM!!! Air out the house...quick!!!


Oh, I hate that feeling--knowing that everyone else has had it (and you've cared for and cleaned up after) them all and it's coming for you! I don't know if that feeling is worse than the actual getting sick, but I'll be thinking about you! I hope that it's had enough of your house and moves on without hitting you!


we are on round 2 or was it 3? of this.... i empathize... my husband is the same way! i guess it's better than having the husband with the 'man cold' .... smile. stay well karen

kelly s.

It's making the rounds in our house too! Hope your family is well now.
Any chance you will be updating your camera reviews/suggestions? I would love to hear your thought on the newer models.
Take Care!

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