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this cracks me up!


I have looked at those expodisc's. Wondering if you have the higher priced one verse the lower one. (there is a huge difference in price- 6.00 verse 90.00$)

I think it is great that you guys hang out with the parents. Creates strong family bonds

Mandy Smith

You're a hoot!


So... you're going to send out an email to all your former students with a review of that expodisc, right? Or did you already and I missed it...? Wouldn't it be great if some super store gave you a discount code to share in that email that you're going to send to all of us? {sigh} I should probably go to bed now... with expodisc on the brain...

Kristi B

Love the horns!


I am dying with the last picture and your caption!

Gretchen C

how do you use the Expodisc??? can you do a post on that?? pretty please :)


You look just like Annie in the pool shot.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

too funny! love the horns! though a Karen Russell student would have known to watch for those mergers! ;)


Thanks for the laugh Karen...I needed that this morning! Great shots!


Love it!


Hi again. I googled you like it? Looks pretty cool..please let us know what you think?


LOL, I love that you actually have a shot rubbing your head!


Karen I so love my expo disc such an easy tool to use! Happy to see you use it too.

Terry D

Karen, You crack me up! Great shots... I love my expodisc too!


Seriously LOL at the last shot and caption! You make my day! :)


Who caught that last moment? This is just another example of real life being documented in [splendid] photos. What a joy.

Erika Melnychuk

Sounds like Josh is a great guy...just not a great dipping dancer!!! hahahaha


Just remember the daffodil.


You may have talked about this before and I don't mean it in the snarky tone it may sound but as a serious question, Do you take your camera everywhere? I want to take my camera everywhere but instead I use the one on my phone if I need a picture of something. I guess I need to get over the feeling of embarrassment (maybe, or just feeling stupid) of having my camera. How do you get to the point that when you are going down to the local bar you remember to grab your camera? Do you just have a really big purse (aka camera bag)?


Do you use the neutral or portrait expodisc? It looks like the portrait one in your picture. Am I right?


great question jennifer!!! I have wondered the same thing too!!! :)


Great Shots! I have two questions. What ISO did you have your camera at?! Also what did you decide to meter?? TIA


Helen Tilbury

Karen you are hilarious! First the leaves out of Cole's ears then the horns on Josh'S head! All mergers I would never have noticed before I started your classes :-D

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