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Oh my goodness- what a thoughtful guy! And what a lovely way to start the day!


That's me! Everyone says with our 20th anniversary coming in the next few years, along with my 40th birthday, Kerry should by my some big piece of jewellery. But that's not me. The camera equipment, I'll take.
Last year's anniversary, he saved up $100 in an envelope, and then he went to Tim Horton's and got breakfast for me so it would be here when I got up, after he left for work. I cried.


awwwwwww oh my!! the sweetest thing...


I so totally agree! That would have melted my heart and put a smile on my face for the entire day! What a wonderful guy you go Josh!! You know exactly how to touch her heart and that is just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend Karen :)


you are a lucky woman.


So incredibly sweet! What a beautiful way to start the day.




He's definitely a keeper Karen!


Oh...this brought happy tears. Thank you!
(And that quote is indeed perfect...especially given the news today. Thank you for that too.)


That's a great quote. Thanks for sharing.


he sure is a keeper!


Awww, that is so sweet. I love the quote too. I'm the same way, i don't want expensive jewelry or expensive gifts (unless it's the new lenses I've been wishing for!) I'm also impressed with you clean your car is!

Susan R

Aside from your beautiful family/sibling/you with Josh shots, this little digital ditty might be among my favorites you have posted. It is just as you say: It is the little things and you captured it perfectly along with adding the quote digitally. It is just perfect, Karen! I need to "borrow" it and post on my pc for a bit. Have a great weekend. You are a lucky woman Mrs. Josh Downs and he is a lucky man, too! Lest we forget he has the wonder of you!


Beyond thoughtful!


Karen - my heart aches a little each time I get a hint of whatever struggle you have going on ... it is so hard to realize that some people seemingly have few real struggles along the way while others of us seem to roll in them... I'm so happy you have a close, loving family to get through each day with... at the end of things, I'd rather have such a family and more troubles than no family and few troubles... Here's to that eight "rise" :)

Jamie K

Love it. Too sweet. Love the thoughtfulness and the wonderful quote. But I have to in the world can you be a mom with three kids and have a car that clean? Really? You make the rest of us look bad. :) jk Way to go Josh Downs.


Josh Downs ROCKS! How thoughtful, sweet, encouraging, and loving that man is. Here's to getting back up again Karen. I wish I lived around the corner so I could give you a hug, but this will have to do ((((Hugs)))).

Shari Barnes

Sooo sweet! I could have used a happy like that everyday this week! I am glad it is finally FRIDAY!! Have a great weekend!!

Joscie, rhymes with bossy

I love it. and I so agree. the little things mean the most. my hubs washes the dishes and pumps my gas because he knows I hate to do it.
and I also agree on the jewelry/camera gear feelings! :)


And that is why I love to follow you. I get you. And I feel the exact same way. {sigh} I love to see another chic who I've never met but I still connect with.

Terry D

That is so sweet Karen! I couldn't agree more! It's always the little things that mean the most! btw... you car is soooo clean and shiny!! =)

Mary Ann

So sweet. Love it!

teresa b

awwwhhh how sweet!


How appropriate that this is a Japanese proverb. My prayer is that with all we can do, we can help Japan stand again. It's lovely that something that can touch our individual hearts may also help the world.

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Don't keep that man all to himself.....clone him and send me one now thanks....I can certainly do with a Josh Downs!!! You deserve it girl....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane Australia

laura j

such touching posts like this keep me coming back to visit your blog!

Cindy Welch

yes he is amazing. My hubby brings me flowers every week now. We have been married 26 years and this just started three months ago. It does something to your insides!!



Erika Melnychuk

so awesome - he's a great man indeed!

Helen Tilbury

Hi Karen, been trying to log onto your website for over half an hour now - just keeps timing out - am wanting to read over & print out my assignment so I can get cracking with it as soon as it's not quite so bright overhead but it is just not all...everything else is working fine on the internet though (thought at first it may just be our speed having gone which does happen occasionally..) just letting you know - will keep at it!

Julie in Aust.

Oh his heart and the proverb...thanks Josh and Karen.


Just gotta ask is your car really that clean?

Samantha Hunt-Kline

That is so incredibly sweet and I'm with you... love is in the million and one little things! Thank you so much for sharing!


He is such a keeper. He is right up there with my guy and I am more crazy about him now after 20 years of marriage than I was when I married him.

My hubby brought me a pink trench coat last week after hearing me say that I loved it and he put it in a bag in the bathtub since I get a bubble bath every single night. I squealed like a teenage girl;-)

He's a keeper too.


AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!! Any girl would love that!


isn't that so true, the sweetest things are the expensive ones. i don't want jewelry either unless it's a cheap pair of earrings since i lose them all the time! empty the dishwasher for me in the morning no that makes me smile. sorry i haven't been by in awhile but i'm enjoying catching up with what you've been up to! susan


sorry i meant aren't the expensive ones, still need more coffee :)

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Shari Thurman

I love that you take time to document the most important moments with your camera. I'm a serious scrapbooker and I take tons of photos. Sometimes I feel like my pictures are emotionally flat. You are such an inspiration. Love your blog.

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