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Things can only go up from here.

Stephanie C.

Hope everyone's feeling better! Hang in there sweetie - better days are surely coming! And yes! - those are two sets of photos I'd LOVE to see!


I'll take a post no matter how short or how 'Debbie' you get with us! :)
Can't wait to see the other pics but us working mommas know how hard it is to fit everything in. We'll all be waiting patiently until you have the time. Whether it be this week or next month! So cheer up Debbie, you have all of us on your side! :)

Libbi M.

i'll take any ole' short post. i so love the all the colors in annie's shirt (in the picture of the 3 kiddos sitting along the brick wall) could you share where you got it? thank you! Libbi M.


Look forward to reading your posts every day. You keep it real and remind me that we all have our ups and downs. Your photography of every day life is amazing and a real inspiration!


I don't know what the weather is like there, but here it's cold (-18 with the wind chill) and bright blue skies one day, then it snows the next day, and the day after that it's 8 degrees and overcast. Then it starts all over again. This is the longest winter we've had in a while. AND that is what I'm blaming my downer mood on.
I hope things start looking up soon, for both of us.


Hope your feeling better soon. A house full of sick people would make anyone a "downer". Spring is on the way, and so are better days :)


Sometimes it is just fine to embrace your "inner Debbie". I do it all the time. ;-) It also makes the good times that much sweeter!


Sending hugs and fortitude from afar. I know that may be odd coming from a stranger, but I figure random hugs and fortitude are always good things to receive. *grin* Thank you for your posts. You are a blessing. :)

teresa b

hang in there!! we all have our moments... sending you a ray of sunshine and hugs!!


Hang in there Debbie...I knew immediately when I saw that face that the crud was being shared throughout your house...crossing my fingers that you do not get it....I too am sending germ free hugs and lots of sunshine.


We love you, Debbie (Nellie)! Hope you're impervious to the uggie buggie!!!

Tom Y.

Nice blog, I love that picture, wonderful looking kids.


One kid with the stomach flu is enough to make anyone a Debbie Downer- a whole household would send me over the edge. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.


Karen, besides your amazing photography, one of the things I love the most about your blog is your honesty. Please don't ever feel like you have to be chipper all of the time! You are real and wonderful. :)

Melinda Anderson

I love your photography! I love your blog! And am amazed that you are able to keep it all going even when things aren't going great (the flu is not great). I hope you get plenty of rest and stay well too. Thanks for all you share on your site.

♥ Debbie

We all love you...... in happy times and sad. Sending you hugs!!


Sorry:( Hope the gang is better soon. And by the weekend!!! Take a day off from class. I think we would all understand if you had to post a day late or were not available on the forum. Life happens Karen. Be well. Hugs to you and the kiddo's.

Mandy Smith

#1. Debbie Downer visits us all occasionally.
#2. We also have had the flu (not the stomach flu though, thankfully, can't handle vomit)
#3. You make me laugh.
#4. You rock those jeans (and you are NOT too old for them).
#5. I'm anxious for you pictures, but I will hold my horses because I have three kids (and I "get it").

Cindy Welch

Dont worry, live, laugh, love, Don't stress!


Hey, you are so not too old for the jeans.......I am 49 and can pull it off the look from American Eagle, so can you!!! Don't stress, it only makes it worse.

Shannon Jones

I've thought the same thing as well on American Eagle's but I dont care!!!! :-)


we all have a % of debbie in us... thank you for sharing yours... it keeps you real karen... as does the %of mother, % of photographer, % of everything else you share with us. thank you

Julie Pilch

Debbie downer has had a permanent visit in my house since Christmas, I do come from the land of grey skies and fog though. As someone else has said it has been a really long winter and I, too, am blaming that for my Debbieness. I've also had my smallest (2wks younger than Annie) start school full time which has left me with guilt for all those times I didn't quite manage to have enough time to play or read with her. Today was a cold but sunny day which made me think that perhaps Sally Sunshine is on her way back. Hope Sally is on her way to you soon too. Take care xx

Kim L in ATL

we are all allowed - once and a while! Keep your head up! xoxo


The only pair of jeans I like right now, post-baby #3, are from American Eagle. I love them. And I'm probably too old to shop there, too. :)


You're beautiful... and that speaks mountains when it comes to inspiring. It's hard to remember when the load seems too heavy to carry, that HE is by our side and will carry us, as well as our load. Keep the faith, girl!! Hugs to you and yours!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought you looked rockin in those jeans. Unless I was the one who posted the question... could be.

I'm hoping everyone gets getter and better quickly!

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