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Oh my goodness. I have been loving your 'timer' shots lately, and I now love you for sharing that tidbit about the 10 timed shots because I never realized that my D90 can do that too! I didn't even think to try something like that until you said that. Definitely will be trying it out soon :)


Ok, the kids are awesome, blah, blah, blah...

I took your class in Florida last year and I bought the D7000 pretty much because you told me to. I love it, but I'm still learning a lot how to use it. Now I'm excited that you have one too.

I just realized this post sounds a little stalker-ish, but I'm going to leave it this way. Maybe you'll think it's funny. :)

Happy Friday!


The D700 has the intervalometer, too!


How do you focus when using the self timer?


I just love how you parent your children. I know you have said that you aren't perfect. Who is? But you do some neat things with your kids. And, as I have said before, I just love how you love Courtney. My stepmother is the same way. It's truly a special relationship.

Melissa S.

Courtney's haircut is A-dorable!

laura vegas

omgoodness! that shot with the waitress is hilarious! i had to turn my laptop around and show my husband why i was laughing so hard. lol! i love the idea of taking each kid out for their own special lunch.

Karen Aldrin

Hi Karen, I thought you might like to know.The Pioneer Woman chose a photo of mine , that I took whilst trying to get a shot for one of my workshop assignments last year.Without you I would never have taken such a shot.You should be as proud as I was that it got picked.Without your input it would never have happened.

Mine is the Buzzy Boy image of my daughter in a lavender field.

Stacey H

thanks for the laugh...the photo of the waitress is too funny!! I thought I would share with you my favorite term for a step parent.... "Bonus" me it just has a better sound to it...and from the looks of it, Courtney def. got a "Bonus" mom and I think you prolly got a "Bonus" daughter! I admire your family and I appreciate you sharing such intimate photos and stories with us!

I think U Rock!!!


That is a fabulous shot of you two on the bench. Love the emotion. What did you have the camera propped up on?

Elizabeth C.

I laughed out loud at the photo of the waitress. After seeing all of your success with the self-timer, I think I may have to start using it more than just the annual Christmas picture. Thanks for the new inspiration!


1. LOVE Courtney's hair!!!
2. just spit mango peach tea all over my desk thanks to the waitress pic!!


Nice hair cut Courntey Lee............ I sure did have a laugh about the waitress (ummm... behind) being in the picture....... you gotta laugh don't you....... love the last photo. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia (noticed Karen's lavender field photo - very cute). Enjoy your spring break. Kathy

Lisa V.

I love how Courtney Lee got dressed up for your lunch and her hair cut is adorable. The final shot of the two of you is so precious. You're an awesome mom - never, ever doubt that.


Karen, YOU look amazing!!!!!!


Love the last shot - priceless!


Adorable! Courtney is a beautiful little girl and is lucky to have you in her life!

Mandy Smith

I was hoping you and Josh Downs would get a lunch date too! (wink) My kids lost all of their spring break because of snow days, so I lived vicariously through you.


That last shot is a beautiful shot of you and Courtney! What fun!! The waitress shots are really funny...but the first one with the waitress in it looks like her left are has turned into a hulk arm...theres a merger for ya! hahahaha! Love your hair cut Courtney!! :)


Absolutely love love love that last shot of the two of you....


the last photo made me teary- it's AWESOME! thanks for sharing your life with all of us! :)

Gretchen C

I loved the shot of the waitress, LOL!! too funny :)

Judy Webb

Great shot of you and CourtneyLee. Have a great Spring Break.

Abby B

I loved the pictures from the lunches, that is such a great idea! Courtney Lee's hair is so cute right now! Did she pick it herself?

Have a great time on spring break, I know I can't wait for mine!


She looks so grown up with her hair cut!
You got some great shots of you and your kids! Love them!

teresa b

So sweet!! Love the photos esp the last one!! Such beautiful girls!!! and love Courtney's hair..she's so cute!! and your looking fabulous by the way!!!


Love all the Lunch with Mom pictures! I have been wanting to get the D7000. Enjoy Spring Break!

Young Nanny

Courtney Lee looks so grown up! Love your pictures Karen. Enjoy Spring Break!


Beautiful pictures. Your parenting inspires me.
Wondering how you like the d7000 compared to your normal d700??? Can you compare the two or does the d700 just completely blow it out of the water?

Paige Rodriguez

I have loved these lunch with mom posts! That last picture of you and Courtney is WONDERFUL. I hope my kids even want to redeem their coupons someday, that sure says a lot about how they feel about YOU! : )

Nancy Wyatt

You both are so beautiful! The waitress photo, omg, I laughed so hard!!! Hugs from Conroe, Texas


Please tell Courtney Lee that her hair is fabulous! Your hair is looking lovely also. Have you ever thought about getting a remote control for your self timer shots? My husband got one for our Nikon from some discount web site and they work just fine...but the waitress shot was fun too. I'm sure that waitress would be appalled to know that her backside is on your blog! Enjoy your Spring break...and take lots of photos!


I was just wondering how you set up the shot, and also, I always feel a little silly shooting in public like that. Do you ever feel like that?

tara pollard pakosta

love that last shot!
and courtney is so blessed to have you as her 2nd mom!
love how great you are with her!
I have a step-daughter myself, but never got a chance to be a mom to her!
she's 27 now!


Great shots....Love that you put outtakes in your post! Tell little Miss Courtney Lee her haircut is adorable. Love that last one of you two!


That last picture of the two of you is awesome!


two beautiful chicks!!!


Awesome pictures - Courtney Lee (and you) look beautiful!
I laughed out loud at the waitress shot - - too funny!

Sheri Reguly

These photos are sooooo adorable!!!
I love the idea of the one on one lunch dates.
I would love to know what camera lens you used for these...if you don't mind sharing. :)


You inspired me. I took my daughter out for lunch last week and got some fun shots too. Thanks for the Karen-goodness!


Happy Belated Birthday to Courtney. I remember only because she and I share the day!

Homeowner Insurance

You look dashing! Courtney Lee's hair is so cute too!

Erika Melnychuk

As I comment on this post, I am actually in the first stages of labor with my little girl to be (the internet is a fabulous coping strategy!) These lunch posts make me totally excited to become a mother - to enjoy getting to know our child and her personality. Thank you for this awesome idea - and thank you for making a difference in our world by loving your children with your TIME! They will grow up to be better for it :)




I been absent from visiting daily for months, I have missed being a fly on your wall. I have to use the coupon ideal, some one on one time with each kiddo, thought about milkshake or ice cream dates about a year ago never followed thru with it even though they each agreed to do it BUT the resterant idea is killer they Luv to eat out! Your looking really good Karen Russell and Courtneys hair absolutely adorable!

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