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Sam F

I love this idea of having a special one on one lunch with each of the kids! And that they get to choose what they want for lunch! So cool!

Julie Long

so adorable! what a speical time!

just curious.....I've been wanting a full frame camera for quite a while and was leaning towards the D700.....but I keep hearing about how great the D7000 is and I'm torn. If you were to just have 1 camera, which would you choose....a full frame or the other?



Love your blog!


I want a special lunch with you!


You should have a lunch date with Ross too:)

Karen H

Always wonderful Karen. May I ask, why did you shoot with the d700 this time, and the d7000 with Annie? Is there sometimes you know you will want the full frame, and sometimes you know you want the crop? I realize that may be a bigger question than I should pose in a blog comment :). Anyway, both sets of photos are wonderful, they are lucky kiddos:).

Judy Webb

We love seeing you in the photos...but wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall and be there when the kids redeem their lunches with Dad.


love the soft focus of the photo of you and c. and i adore the look of delight on his face in the cake photo. much what i bet face would look like if someone bought me a cake :)


I don't know, Karen. I think these are lovely. They're I love my mama lovely. Love his chocolate cupcake face. Pure anticipation!


Your pictures look great. I am with Coley I choose mexican too. I am hoping to go out for a mexican dinner for my birthday this weekend. I love the soft focus shot. Just curious how you are editing these days. Are you only using Erin's Clean Color techniques? Have you been using any actions lately?


He looks so much like Ross in that last picture!! What a great gift to give your kids! Thanks for telling us about it. And now I'm hungry for Mexican food :)

Stephanie C.

I love the way you guys make time for your family this way! More great shots!


Can I have a lunch date with you? ;-)


My girls are now teens, and these lunch dates are memories of long ago...but we have evening Starbucks dates!

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