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Jennifer M.

So sweet. I absolutely love it.


how pretty is that?
all of it!
sweet annie
the blankie
the lighting
the healthy lunch ( my caroline would have requested mcd's)
all of it

teresa b

oh how sweet!


I just adore her idea of a lunch date :)


I like that she wanted a 'pretty' blanket. These photos are adorable!

gina f.

Beautiful pictures!!! Hope you have time to scrap them sometime and share them. Such pretty colors!


These are just beautiful. Last week I scanned and color corrected some old photos for a friend, the only ones she has of her and her parents. In every one of them, my friend's mother is looking at her in a very cross way. Her memories of childhood are mostly unhappy, and hey! photos to back that up. It made me very sad for her. How blessed are your children to have pictures of you looking at them so lovingly.

And also, totally envious of Annie's gorgeous skin, which she obviously got from you.


There is not anything about this that is not precious.
And BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it all.
I am so sad to see little Annie looking a bit older:(
5 really seems to have made her look grown up.

Can't wait for the rest!


beautiful photos, and i love that you got in so many of the photos. what a fun lunch date!


Karen, I am loving class, and all of the cute things you do with your kids- I hope to remember these things in a few years when my baby is big enough for lunch dated with mom!


that last picture is priceless....


Adorable, all of it.
Love the lunch pail.



What a fun lunch with your little girl!!

Kimberly K

What a fabulous gift idea! I think I might steal it and do it for my kids this year .. I think I might do it for my husband as well. Thanks for sharing.


So sweet! <3 it!


Really lovin your photos lately that include you! Really need to start doing that myself more. Thanks for the reminder, Karen!


oh. i just LOVE these.
stella came home from school with the same song the other day. though she SWEARS that it's "give me an s. give me an o."
which just plain made me smile.

Judy Webb

Camera on the table, you'd reach over and push timer?? They are great. Indoors or outdoors, I love your photos. I am working with my 50mm lens and f stop, trying to make my photos as pretty as yours. Do you think your shooting in "RAW" and down loading as working on them gives them that beautiful soft look??


This is so special... I imagine these lunches will be SUCH a wonderful memory for you and your children. ;) You are seriously ROCKIN' the self-portrait shots, too! You look awesome, Karen! (And Annie looks SO grown up!!)


This is such a beautiful idea! I love it! And love your pictures too. Found you through another blogger.


What a sweet thing to do!

Sarah Edelman

This is SO SO SO Cute!! I just love it!! I am obsessed with the adorable lunch pail. Where did you find something so awesome??


That is so sweet! I love what she asked for and I love the pictures.


Adorable pictures! I must ask where do you get your cupcakes? They look so good!


I LOVE the idea...........and life does get in the way when you have a few kids. I think that is so special and the kids will all remember their special lunch dates. Your photos are great and you look beautiful in them.....great self timer ones... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Rebecca K

Love the gift idea! I'll have to use it someday ...
Such great pictures, as always. :-)

Sarah Batdorf

What did I tell ya. Strawberry Swing moment.

It's such a perfect day

Now the sky could be blueee
I don't miiind
without you it's a waste of time.

Now the sky could be blue
could be gray
without you I'm just miles away.


What a special gift! Your Annie is growing up. We see pictures often and so the changes are gentle. In this group, I definitely see an older Annie--she is lovely.


I ALWAYS get so excited to see a new blog post from you!!! And I have to say this is so have the most amazing family and they are so lucky to have you and your husband. Seeing and reading your blog makes me want to be such a better parent and do more with my kids... And your husband seems so kind to seem so kind also to him.LOL
And I took your class two years ago and I so miss you!!! Sherrie T

Kristal Jones

Amazing self-timer shots!

Shauna M

she is starting to look like such a big girl now!!


Beautiful the "new" lunch box! Quick question...timer or remote?

Gretchen C

such lovely photos!! You have such great and creative ideas!!


These are fantastic pictures! If you don't mind sharing how did you set them up?

Susan K.

I don't remember what link recently brought me to your beautiful piece of the blogosphere, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your imagery and LOVE that you put yourself in the pictures, also. What a treasure for your daughter to look back upon!

Stephanie C.

I love this - all of it - the photos, the lunch date, cupcakes and sharing hot chocolate. So sweet! And how big is that little cutie getting! ay-yay-yay!


I love these photos of you and Annie - and what a great idea to get one-on-one time with the kids. I will copy this one but will wait for better weather. We still have cold weather and it is snowing today, I so long for spring and green grass! Have a great weekend Karen.


Even on a dreary day your pictures are so full of light and energy, I love it!


What a super sweet idea! Does Ross get a lunchbox too?? Love your relationship with your kids :)


Cheryl with Tidy Mom just showed me your blog and I love it. What gorgeous pictures of just everyday life. Love it! Thanks for sharing it with us!


gorgeous photos...thinking i need to do the coupon thing with my kiddos...and i love that half a world away they play the same games...we get a whole lot os tic tac toeing in our house!!

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