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Kristie Mueller

I love this picture of you and Courtney Lee. It represents pure JOY!


Oh my goodness...Courtney looks so grown up in that shot...what a beautiful girl! Glad you girls had a great time together.


She is beautiful...and so are you!


She's really growing beautiful! You are too, Nellie! Y'all have peaches and cream complexions! Perfect! :)


What a beautiful photo. And what a beautiful moment between the two of you. You're very blessed to habve each other.


Totally darling, both of you. What a special time together.

Shea rollins

You look so happy! How fun!


I love this shot of you and Courtney Lee - you both look so beautiful and happy together! What a special night and don't you just love that "lucky" feeling?!

Tera @ Emmons Blessings

Awe! So heart warming! Don't you just love one-on-one date nights with your kids?! We have a birthday (9th) coming up soon and I've been asked, by my Owen, to take him to see "Annie". I can't wait!!


What a great night. Courtney Lee is just beautiful! She has such a natural beauty but striking! I think she is just adorable and so lucky to have you in her life! :)

Nancy Wyatt

How special and she is growing up into such a beauty! She is lucky to have you as her stepmom and I'm sure she thinks the same thing! Thanks for sharing!!


Very cute photo of you two:)


Love the photo of both you beautiful girls ;o)
I know the feeling of not having enough one-to-one time with children, usally that only happens when I drive one of them to practice for soccer, swimming or dance.... it is tough to be able to find the time and bless you for doing so. You are such a great person - and I am so happy that I have had the chance to meet you.
Have a wonderfull weekend!


SOOOO glad you didn't erase that photo!
It's a beautiful shot that both of you will treasure, I'm sure!!!


This is one of my favorite pictures of both of you.


Wow, you are both just sparkling. Lucky AND beautiful.




Beautiful! She's looking so grown up!

Jennifer Camplin

Heart that pix of you and her!

Dawn Wheeler (Go Beavs)


I love it.

Brandi I

If the picture is any proof it looks like Miss. Courtney Lee did have a fabulous time getting some one on one time with you. Your post made me think of this wonderful picture book that I used to read with my oldest daughter (who is now almost 13)..the book is called "Just You and Me" and is written by Sam McBratney...see if you can find it at the library. Enjoy!


Hooray! Love this photo of you're both so radiant! And what a lovely thing. One on one time is so delicious!

Judy Webb

So glad to see such beautiful smiles on your faces.


gorgeous. this reminded me that i need to have a date night with my 4 year old. and soon. {she's the oldest of 3, and might need some time to feel special.}

tara pollard pakosta

she's beautiful and I think it's super special that you are taking the time to have a one on one with her!
so sweet!!!

Erika Melnychuk

such a good reminder of the value of one-on-ones - very sweet! Glad you didn't lose these precious shots :)


You know, I wish my oldest would of been this lucky with her former step-mother! What a special night the two of you had!! Those moments mean so much with our kids! I love the pics!!

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