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Why narrow them down? They're all beautiful!!


Truly, the face of an angel. I just can't stop gazing at her cherubic face.


You can't narrow them down because she is so stinkin' cute! I love these shots!

teresa b

one..only tells part of the story!! and there's just so much to say! Love it!


Ohhhh, a new box of Crayolas. What could be better than that? Annie is such a doll.


I will miss Annie when she goes to school!


WOW, this takes me back to the days coloring with my little ones! Nothing better than a new color book and a fresh box of crayons!!

Stephanie C.

She is too yummy! Such gorgeous and sweet photos!


No way. You need every single one of them. Thank heaven for external hard drives.


Your photos are so bright and the colors show so well....I wish I could get that result!

lynda p

i too would have that problem with such a cute cooperative subject!

Carolyn Cease

Oh, Karen, these are all so beautiful! I wouldn't have wanted to have missed seeing a single one of them.

Jennifer O'C

Beautiful pics! Glad you shared all of them. I especially like the one of Annie with her feet up in the air and her looking up at you. Love it!


Very cute!


Annie is such a cutie!

Jennifer Boehme

Those faces crack me up! Stinkin cute for sure!


Great pics for you to make a scrap layout about Annie coloring! So how did you get the ones from above? Were you hanging from the light fixture? LOL!


She looks just like you, especially in that last one!

I've seen a sb layout recently that used that same quilt pattern as the pillow she's laying on! I saved the layout and I'm gonna give it a try!

My house is never as light as yours! Did you take these during the day? Did you have lights on in the house? Just wondering if I need to add a few spotlights in my house?!! Have a great day!

Cori Turner

I could look at pictures of Annie all day. She is so cute!! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Deanna M

I wouldn't be able to either!


I love how cute this girlie is.


She is just sooo cute:) I look at those pictures and she just makes me smile:):)

libbi m.

thank you so much for sharing. i love every single one.

stephanie p.

nope- i wouldn't think all. each one is adorable.


I couldn't narrow them down either


Simply gorgeous...all of them...even the silly face!


And why would you?? They are all darling:)

Carol Sell

No, No, Never! Give us more, not fewer, please. I so enjoy your blog and photos that I look for them every evening after work. I miss you and your family when you aren't there.

Stacey H

my problem would be buying frames for all of them! they are all precious!!! I think Annie could easliy have a career in tv commercials or modeling!!! So darn CUTE!!!


there's no way i could either! she is just adorable! and you are so very talented!

Terry D

Cute! How could you!?!? They are all so great!

Val from Down Under

So glad you didn't narrow them down Karen, we would've missed out! They're beautiful...


These are would be hard to pick a fav! I {Heart} Annie's little pink knit sweater!!


So beautiful. I allways love your photos.

Michelle Last

she is just adorable x

Nancy Wyatt

So adorable and I'm glad you shared all of these with us! I can see both you and Josh Downs in Annie but in #7 she looks just like you! She is so precious, I hope she never says "NO MORE PICTURES MOM". We all love seeing your kiddos :) Hugs from Conroe, TX!


Oh there you go again....posting pictures of the favorite (I Joke) ;) Ha! Love that girl!


And I say why would you want to? They are all beautiful. Kathy, Brisbane, Australia


Annie is so cute and the light in your photos is always amazing.

Sherry G

I don't think I could narrow it down to just a few either; there is something to love in each one. My favorite though is the overhead shot of all of her (10th one down I think).

You make it look so easy.

Erika Melnychuk

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can see why you kept every ONE!

Julia Spencer

Multi photo scrapbook layout. :) All telling the story of your cutie patootie who likes to color. :)


Love these fun photo's! My favorite is the one with her hand on her chin and her eye's looking up to the left! Such a fun personality Annie has!

Jennifer S

NOPE, I could not choose either! She is sooo stinkin cute! her personality seems to shine right through....but, did you bribe her with the new book and crayons for shots for your new lessons ? : )


beautiful pictures! do you use a flash indoors--curious.


These are just gorgeous Karen! Can you share what lens you were using here? Thanks so much!


I don't blame you...I wouldn't be able to either!! She is just too cute!


I'm so glad you couldn't narrow them down. I never tire of looking at pics of Annie-or any of your kid for that matter! Have a great day!

Gretchen C

she is so stinkin' cute!! pink is a great color on her too :)


No need to narrow them down, they are all beautiful. Gosh she is just like my little Maggie, always coloring, drawing or creating something...I love this!

Louise Murr

I would have had trouble narrowing it down too. I wish my grandson would sit and color like that. He is like his daddy who use to say "coloring is torture"...seriouly...torture??? But my grandson is too interested in coloring what you tell him not to color...(oh well). Maybe his talents lay somewhere else.


Anita Guthrie

She is sooo darn cute...I just love her faces! :) You are so blessed have such a wonderful family! :)

Sarah | Vake Photography



how adorable!!!!I hope you are a scapbooker.....the is just too cute....

Krista Lund

oh my cuteness! love the one with her silly grin and looking up.


because she is too beautiful, that's why you can't narrow them down and I don't blame you one bit!

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