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I'm glad someone found you and you had someone to talk to. I'm the opposite I don't want to run away, I wish they'd all leave home sometimes.

Shannon Jones

I've been having this feeling lately also! Sometimes it just all becomes too much!!! Everyone says to take time for yourself, but how do you find the time to take for yourself?
Hope you are feeling better!!!

Dawn Wheeler (Go Beavs)

Thank you for expressing and sharing what all Mother's feel from time to time. I saw this quote on the Oscars last night and really liked it: “It is not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it. Lena Horne"

Beth P.

It's great that you can share this!! I think we all (mothers) feel this way more than we care to acknowledge. It's nice to be reassured that we are not alone in these feelings. I hope today is better for you...and all of us!!!

BTW, Courtney Lee is getting more and more beautiful with each post!!!


Thank you, Karen for another honest post!! Makes me feel less guilty, because I know about these days, too. Luckily these feelings don't last long.


I think its very brave of you to talk about those feelings. I think we all as mothers have those moments, but we are afraid that if we say it out loud it somehow makes us lesser of a mother or woman. However if we all spoke up more about it we can all help each other. Being a mom is a hard job, especially when you are juggling other balls in the air. It should always be okay to say, "today i just can't do this." I hope your tomorrow finds you feeling better!

Stacey H

Been there....done that!!! I think every mom has... I have on more than one occasion gone and locked myself into the bathroom also. Just remember "this too, shall pass!"

Hang in there!!!



Yes..that darn clockwork thing is a pain and I think we all feel that way or as Kelli feels...for everyone else to leave. You're not alone...but let me tell you it all goes by too fast and then like me you look back and really want that time back. Some days I would give anything to have those days back but then I think what the #@!! are you I'm really just kidding. I would take it back..but when you have that kind of crappy day..make it a me day and do something you like to do. Hang in there!! Big hugs!!

Patty H

You are not alone! We sacrifice so much of ourselves and we never seem to realize that we need our own "down" time. So don't feel bad about running long as you come back. I wonder if this is related to the fact that we work from home so we don't get out as much as the others in our household.
I've been having more emotional moments in the past year because I'm not scrapping or photographing as much as I'd like. But I have a goal in mind and I think it's getting closer:)

Jen S

LOVE it!! Glad to know I'm not alone. So glad you found a friend that was doing the same thing as you, on the same day, at the same time. What a blessing.

Julie Pilch

Karen, I'm totally with you on this one. Thank you so much for putting your true feelings out there, it makes lots of us feel "normal"!! My kids have just had a week off school and I had the guilt this morning of feeling happy that they were going to be at school instead of in the house going crazy and driving me crazy too. I'm having a day off on Saturday with a friend shopping and I'm hoping to be a more refreshed mama when I get back. Keep strong :)

Cori S

I love that your stories are so real. Nothing fake, nothing sugar coated, but with love... all in one. Thank you for sharing your hopes, dreams, loves, and struggles. :)


I so appreciate you taking the time to share times like this. I have left home several times having decided I'm an inadequate parent but I always come back to where I belong. probably wont stop me leaving againthough
Chris x

Diane W.

So glad you found a friend yesterday to hang out with for a while. Seems like we all have days like this. Hope you're feeling better.

Tammy Mellish

I went and got my hair trimmed the other day (it's been 7 or 8 months) and my stylist, who I went to school with and have known forever asked me what I've been doing lately. I responded with 'going through the motions'. There is joy in parenting, don't get me wrong. And I wouldn't trade my job for anyone else'. I TRULY mean that. But many days it does feel like I'm going through the motions. Glad you had an opportunity to spend a few moments with a friend and talk <3

Nicky H

I feel that way myself sometimes.

Wendy Goodman

I so enjoy your honesty. You are definitely not alone in your desire to run away. That feeling hits me every so often too, and then my little boy will give me a hug, kiss and tell me he loves me, for no reason at all. It makes it all worth it. I think we all need to recharge our batteries once in a while, take a break, and be a real person outside of our duties at home. :)

tara pollard pakosta

beautiful kids!
I wish I could just get away and go for a drive somedays!
that would be enough for me!


oh karen... how i needed to hear that... next time you are in albany looking at the antique shops you might see me sitting with my head on the steering wheel... thank you!

Kim Bolyard

I just want to say I know how you Mom's are entitled to our little moments like this...and then it is all ok in the world...

Happy day


Just stopping by to say I miss your posts, but understand you are probably super swamped. (Reading your blog is a get-away for me.) Praying for patience, and laughter in your house!


Cannot live without family or friends....both fulfill such a need. It must have been a "God" thing that you ran into each other....the days can be so long, but the years are gone in an instant. Hang in there!


Sounds like God sent you an angel just when you needed one. Aren't His simple graces amazing? They keep me going for sure.

Laura Evangeline

I totally had that day yesterday. I haven't had a bawling auditory cry in a while. I'm still not over it, but life goes on... Hugs!


I'm so glad I'm not the only person who feels like running away!!!

Nina Diane

Karen...take it from a mom of 3 grown ones, we all have times like that. And it's's ok because you always find your way back home. And then they grow up and dang, you wish you had those days back. we're a fickle bunch aren't we. hugs to you!

Angie G.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who deals with this. There are some days (and yes they seem to be monthly) when I can't wait to escape. Thank you for sharing - it is good to know I'm not alone!


I know I've said it so many times before, but I just LOVE your honesty!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels like this. It sure can be lonely sometimes being a Mum

teresa b

Your sooo not alone in this one!! At times.. I feel like even if I ran away.. they wouldn't even notice until..there wasn't any food left in the fridge or they ran out of toilet paper..cause God knows it doesn't just appear there all by itself!!

nancy in ks

To anyone outside looking in, they would never understand why I also would want to run away. Never for long, but just to escape for a little. In the last week I've checked airfares for Cabo, LA, NY, and even Medford! Turns out, I'm not ready to run away that far, so I spent the weekend all alone (I'm a granny now) and refused some kind offers asking me to watch the grandkids and ignored the phone.

Reading these comments make even me feel better, because I've feel guilty for needing space when my kids are already grown. Turns out every season of life has different struggles and we are wise to recognize how we are doing. We are wise to cry and we are wise to run away for just a few minutes. We are wise to take care of ourselves so can keep going. We are wise to be thankful for little gifts of encouragement that come in many different ways. We are wise not to beat ourselves up too much when life is tough and we cry. And we are wise to ask God to help us.

It just wasn't very wise for me to eat candy all day yesterday.


I get that. We all do. And as crazy as it seems, its wonderful to belong there.

Helen Walsh

Thanks for being so honest and sharing Karen. Makes me feel human!!

Michelle Arthur

Aaaahhh!!! The thoughts of moms everywhere. We just need to remember we are only human and that, for some reason, kids are just little people with minds of their own. Seriously, hang in there. I have from good sources that this too shall pass. Of course, these same sources did not warn me about any of the bad stuff before I got pregnant.


Definitely important to take some time out for yourself sometimes! Praying for the Spirit to sustain you!

(Love Courtney Lee's haircut!!)


You are not alone. I was ready to leave last night while struggling with a 5th grader over spanish homework. I never took spanish so you can imagine how well I was doing. My daughter went to bed and I was ready to pack it all in and I remembered what you wrote here. Thanks for making me feel like I am not alone.

Kristen Duke Photography

we all need to take a little break from life in some way or another. ;how fun that you ran into a friend along the way;)


Thank you for sharing and for your honesty.

I read this post, turned to my husband and said "see, I am just a normal woman"!

Hang in there, the good times are worth. You, your family and what you do together has been an inspiration for me to get out and live more of my life in the company of my children.

For that I thank you.



Thank you! I rally needed to hear this today!

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