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My goodness she looks pale. I do hope she is better soon and that the other children do not catch it.

In our house it is the reverse. The one thing Mummy cannot do is deal with vomit.



Feel better soon, Annie!


Out of the mouths of babes. Literally. What a sweet child!


Oh Lord, she is precious. Hope she feels better soon.


Awwww...too cute! We had a bat in our house a while ago and my four year old says "mommy screamed, I cried and daddy saved're a superhero daddy"!!!!!!!!! Hope she's feeling better!!!!!!


too precious. feel better soon annie


Annie, you're right - there is nothing Daddy can't do! Throw-up is one of the minor exceptions to the rule. (He's gotta have a couple) Feel better soon sweet girl. : )

heather jacobus

Oh no! It seems I have sent you the stomach bug via email! We are the opposite in my house I can't handle the puke but my hubs has the gag reflex for dirty diapers (at least that is what he has said all these years). Hoping she feels better soon. She still looks adorable... tummy ache and all!

Lisa V.

Aww - Josh Downs is Super Dad! We had a deal before we were even married: I could hand dirty diapers, but no way could I even handle the word barf let alone see or smell it. In my house my kids learned to run for the potty to barf before they were even potty trained. They never got me - Hubby was a walking Target.
p.s. I'd suggest telling Annie to go find the potty and THEN find Mommy. Less laundry and clean-up! :)

Judy Webb

Yea, Annie, that is way to feel about your Daddy.


Not only is she one of the cutest kids, but she says the cutest things too! Hope she's not sick for too long.

Leslee Barrow

She is a beautiful child and I am sorry she is under the weather.
I hope she feels better real soon.

Leslee in MT

Erika Melnychuk

this is priceless! How funny is she, even when ill?! Love that child!

Susan Bowers

Wonderful post. Although I hope Annie is feeling better. My Hoosier Man is my daughter's stepfather (although noone believes it - he just loves them perfectly); when they were little (they are married with kids now) he would take care of their throw up - because of my gag factor of 0. I remember the first time he dealt with it - we had only been dating about 3 months; My oldest threw up on her 'doggie' that he had brought home to her from one deployment. After he cleaned her up he took the doggie, washed it with soap and water by hand and then blow dried it so she would have it to go to sleep with. I was hooked.

mandy friend

that's the sweetest thing ever. if you ever want to get rid of josh downs, send him over hubby can learn a lot!


Aww, so sweet! I hope Annie feels better soon!

Stephanie C.

so sweet! hope she feels better soon!

Tammy Mellish

I hope the little bunny is feeling better this Monday, poor Annie! And for the record, my guy WILL 'clean' it up, but it's more of a wipe and not a pick up if you know what I mean. It's better that I do it, and that there is a bleach or a good disinfectant involved!! ;-)


I can sympathize with the snoring issue. Don't know if you've tried them but wax ear plugs have saved my marriage! :)

Hope she's feeling better today!


I am the one with the sensitive gag reflex and yet somehow I spent the entire weekend with the sick boy. I am getting better at not totally tossing the cookies when I clean up. LOL. Hope Miss Annie is feeling better soon. My "baby" (who is 14) is finally on the mend today.


oooh! poor girl. i'm in the same boat with you on this one karen! i don't think husbands were programmed with the i-can-clean-up-the-puke app! hope she is better soon!

Mary Lou Fordyce

When my girls were little my husband had 'puke' duty by choice. He said he could handle this over 'poopy' diapers. I am so thankful he took that job because I have zero tolerance for it.

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