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Karen the photos are great memories and spending quality with your loved one with those beautiful surroundings will make beautiful memories.

Your students were very thoughtful and generous. I can't put you up in a hotel but when you come to Brisbane you are staying with me and my 2 beautiful children. Your blog has meant a great deal to me getting through the last 3 years of single parenting.

Love your coffee cup on the window ledge.


That invite includes Josh Downs and those cute kids as well. Oh my friends will be soooooooooooo jealous but of course you would have to meet them as well!! Aussie BBQ is awaiting. Luv Kathy A, Enoggera, Brisbane


so cute, all your posts make me smile. i have taken one online course from you and one scrap class in person. my kids call you my idol, that is how much i talked about you after both classes. is it weird that a almost stranger can be your idol, i think of things i learned in your online class every time i am holding my camera. thanks for that:)

anne leglise

as usual, you got fabulous photos. thanks for sharing!

Helen Walsh

I was wondering if you had used your present! So glad you enjoyed it. Love the shot of you in the bath, the lighting is amazing and makes me want to run a hot tub, jump in and forget the world. May you and Josh Downs always be newlyweds!

♥ Debbie

So glad you guys enjoyed your romantic getaway weekend!! Certainly much deserved!!! The lighting in the bath tub shot is amazing!! Happy Anniversary to you & Josh Downs!!! ♥


heehee, the "constipation" comment is too funny :) glad you had a good time with that super gift your students gave you! nothing is worth more than time together :) best wishes from Germany!


Happy anniversary Karen! Love the photos. Love the story. Thanks for sharing.

Gretchen C

great pic's as always :) do you set your camera on a table or do you travel with a tripod?? Love your angles :)

Elizabeth C.

I find this post, in particular, inspiring. You used such a variety of shots that it reminds me that I need to try new things more often! Oh, and I would totally take it as a compliment that people think you're newlyweds. If you still emanate that kind of joy after years of marriage, them something is definitely, definitely right. :)

Shannon Jones

I can just picture the position of you in his glass refelction. That is too funny! But so worth the photo. It is awesome.
But the one that called to me was the last breakfast photo. You look so happy and relaxed. Looks like you had fun, Happy Anniversary and may you always be newlyweds!


Happy A. to both of you. May the joy that shines on your faces always live in your heart. Beautiful photos.


Happy anniversary - those are really great photos you captured! Really creative


I love the shots of you and Josh.. you must be using the self timer - something I need to figure out better. How do you make a self-timed shot look so natural? Is your husband good at ignoring the camera?


those trees are beautiful!

nancy in ks

Unbelievable photos. It kills me how your exposure is perfect every time. And such creative compositions.

What did you set the camera on in the shot of you and JD sitting in the snow? A hat? a ski?

Glad you found a weekend to get away!


What a lovely poem and a great present! Love the pictures!


What a great poem!
I love all your photos today!


Wonderful shots! Thanks for not "hiding" your image properties. It is always helpful to see how you made the shot.


That shot of you and your husband in the snow with the ski's crossed next to Unbelievable shot. I would also like to know what you propped the camera on? And how you manage to get the focus so perfectly of the two of you?

mandy friend

that's hilarious, your precarious position! jerad and i have been wanting to stay there forever! i may have to call you one of these days and get the insider info;)
and i need the info on where togo in Pland too, we're going up for the big antique weekend in July, have you been?

p.s. great shots. jealous.

tara pollard pakosta

that just says how wonderful of a teacher you are to them and how much heart you put into it that they
would turn around and do something so very generous!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pix!
you are AMAZING!

Shari Barnes

As always you managed to take amazing photos that beautifully tell the story of your trip! LOVE them all!! I would love to hear your thoughts on the D700 vs D7000 now that you have used both??


Love, love, love all these shots! Makes me want to go out and act like a newleywed! Happy Anniversary!

Mary Ann

Love all the pics too! Add me to the list of wondering what you set your camera on for that shot lol
Thanks for sharing :)


I am a longtime reader, but hardly ever comment - but these are some of my favorite pictures that you've taken. The bathtub shot needs a frame - so cool!!


Can I ask what lens you are using in the reflection shot? Is it your 50 mm with a lens hood? is that even possible? is that a stupid question? I guess the real question is, what lens are you using these days? And why should a person use a lens hood?


I read somewhere that couples who engaged in extreme activities together (cross-country skiing) are not only together longer, but are happier later in life! Sounds like you are on that path...congrats!

Arlene Assalone

What a wonderful getaway! Love your pictures. I too wonder how you take the pictures so perfectly of you and JD.
I would also like to hear some tips if possible on taking pictures in the snow. In Miami, FL there is no way to practice
taking pictures in snow. I wish I had signed up as an auditor for your current class so I could ask that question. When
I took the class last summer I had no idea I would be going skiing in March. Very excited but nervous about getting
amazing pictures like yours!

And I too wish that people always mistake you for newlyweds!


I just found your blog and I think this post is absolutely adorable! What a sweet time with your husband and you documented it so genuinely!
PS~ I'm guessing you're in Oregon? Some of your photo backgrounds look familiar... :o)


I think you should do a Making the Shot on self portraits! These are amazing!! ;)

Jennifer - CT

These are wonderful shots!!! Do tell how you are able to get yourself in so many of them - self timer or remote trigger? Happy Anniversary!


I *love* your photos... they tell such a story... LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for sharing!


Fab photos as usual...did you take any of Mt. Shasta? I am a 3rd generation Northern Californian transplanted to central (flat) Ohio 20 years I crave pictures of my home states mountains. I loved the heavy snow on the pines. When we were kids and would drive up to central Oregon to visit our cousins my dad would always pull our old Jeep over and snap some shots of Mt. Shasta (for posterity's sake he would say).
So glad you old newlyweds had a wonderful weekend...that you so deserve.

Elizabeth C.

One more thing... how many shots do you think it took you to get all of these good ones? I sent my husband this post and he asked me that. Did you have to try 10 times to get a good meal shot?

Marilyn T

I had just been thinking about that gift certificate and wondering if you had used it. LOVE your photos, as always! May you and hunky Josh Downs always feel like newlyweds!

Stephanie C.

What a great idea! What a sweet bunch of girls - wish we thought of it! And great photos as always!


Amazing pictures!! Looks like the perfect weekend!!


yay! Happy Anniversary!! beautiful pics always inspiring. now I feel like a heel our class didn't contribute to get you anything!! lol ok with everyone else - how/what are you doing with your camera to get the shots of you & Josh? self timer on the table? tripod? dish girl!! ;)

Kristal Jones

The pics of you & your hubby are some of my faves of you two. I wish I had a hubby who was willing to be in pics like that. Looks like you both had a great time. What an awesome idea those students had!Thanks for sharing. :)

Krista Lund

what an awesome gift and giveaway. my stepdad has a house in mcleod...your post makes me want to visit!

Dawn Gallop

Oh Karen this is wonderful!!! Happy Anniversary is right!! I love the pics...oh my just gorgeous!! The snow wow!! We live in NC and snow is like a miracle...although this year we have been "blessed! What a wonderful weekend for you two and well deserved!! I am so loving the camera class....and I have had friends already get on your waiting list from me telling them all the info about it!! They are so ready! I am behind right now and I too love the poem how very creative and oh so true!! Life has certainly got in the way at the moment. I have nine children and you know how it is...I am working on catching up right now so all is good!! Just wanted to stop and thank you so much (weepy eyed) for all that you have taught me so are an AMAZING women and I want to THANK YOU!!! Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, Dawn Gallop

Pam Ramesh

Glad that you has such fun! You have a way of telling stories not only with pictures that are stunning but with words!! TFS :)


I love photos of you and Josh together! The spark that ignited on the plane years ago still seems to burn for both of you!

BTW...the snow photos are some of my faves taken by you!

Kristin Young

aww.....yay! i'm glad you finally went! dang, girl, your pics are amazing!! i have two friends taking your class now. can i just say how much i miss hearing you everyday???? big heart puffy love you and your generosity.


So glad to see/hear that you finally used the certificate! Absolutely LOVE the images and Happy Anniversary!


I am so envious of your ability to capture genuine emotion and great depth of field in self-time shots. Every single one I take looks stale, unnatural or is a just plain bad shot. I’d love to be in more pictures, but I just stink with the self timer.


Love the picture of you two in the snow.


The photos are gorgeous! I love the one of the two of you in the snow. It's my favorite along with the one of you in the tub:)

Erika Melnychuk

First off HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Yes, your students love you (including me!)

I have GOT to ask: HOW DO YOU GET YOUR PHOTOS TO FOCUS WHERE YOU WANT THEM TO WHEN YOU USE THE SELF TIMER?! Help with this! I have tried mimiking some of these romantic scenes that you capture, but something wrong is always in focus...I just can't get it like you can, Karen! What's your tip!??!

Shea rollins

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. AND, must know what kind of jeans you have on in the 1st pic with you and Josh. Sooo cute!


Amazing PIctures! What did you set your camera on to take that picture of you and Josh cuddling in the snow..your coat? All of these are very sweet and romantic! It inspires me to take more pictures of me and my husband not just the kids. Happy Anniversary!

Stacey Staceyface1 Clinton

YAY!!!! I'm so happy you got to use your gift! (although it's a little embarrassing to see the poem in print!... LOL) You totally deserve it - we were all so thankful for what you had done for us, and CONTINUE to do for us, that this was the only way we could even come close to showing our appreciation!

Here's to years and years of "newlywed-ness". (LOVE the pics too!)


So glad you got to enjoy your present. :) It is the least we can do. We love you Karen!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots. Amazing, as always!!!

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