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Being called the birthday girl is always my favorite part of my birthday! Annie is a girl after my own heart. Happy fifth to your sweet girl!


OH, I LOVE THIS!!!! She is adorable! I am so glad you found her daddy and the two of you have such and amazing talented girl!


These are so funny! Can't believe she'll be 5 already! Happy Birthday...Birthday Girl!

Louise Murr

That is all too cute...How sad and glad it is to see them growing up...She is so so sweet. I just love hearing stories about her. This is one of the first blogs I read nearly every day to see what your children are up to.



Number six just kills me, much funnier than my kids thought my husband and I always lived together in the same house with all 10 of their aunts and uncles and all six of their grandparents.


That girl is a hoot! I can't believe she's 5 already! Happy Birthday Annie!


You are a gift from above. Pure. Loving. Joy. to read your every post. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!! You are a gift from above, too!!

Stephanie C.

This is absolutely too sweet! She is adorable! Happy Birthday to your Birthday Girl!


Happy Birthday Miss Annie! :)

Chi Anne

#9 is my favorite!


happy happy birthday sweet annie!

Shannon Jones

Love # 6!!! Happy Birthday Annie


Oh my gosh, #9 cracked me up! Happy Birthday Birthday Girl! :-)

mandy friend

conner (annie's age) is the same way with the pb & j thing. glad he's not the only wierd child;)

gina f.

Hope the Birthday Girl has a great birthday!! She is growing up so fast!

Nicole Ellison

everything about her makes me smile!

I adore each and every picture about Annie, and every anecdote also. So there, who ever left that nasty comment;)

Jennifer Camplin


Happy Birthday, A!!


Well, by all means....Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!!!

Or how about Happy Birthday, "B.G.": (Birthday Girl, Big Girl, Bubble Girl,
and Baby Girl!!!)

HOpe you have a fun party and gets lots of presents!!! :)


So, so cute! What a great snapshot of her little personality!


Happy Birthday to Annie! I always remember it because my daughter has the same birthday!


That just cracks me up!! I totally agree with the pb & J sandwiches...not way!! I read all this and wish I would have written the things down that my kids said...good for you're an awesome mom! And...Happy Birthday..."Birthday Girl"!!!!!

teresa b

that's just some good ol' laugh out loud fun!! She's growing up so fast!! Happy Birthday wishes to the Birthday girl!! I still think you should call her Yannie!


I love EVERY bit of this post!!! Will you teach a class someday on how to be a great blogger like you are?
Tell that "Birthday Girl" Annie that a lady out in blog land thinks she's about the sweetest thing since sugar was created.
I love the way the 5 year old mind works.
XX to you all. Have a gorgeous weekend!

Young Nanny

that is sooo cute Karen :)


Oh My! This post just made me laugh out loud...several times. Thanks, and have a happy birthday Annie!!


love love love it! What a doll!


Loved this post. She is adorable. This made my "blog read" of the day today :) Awesome. Loved reading your posts, Karen! Have a great weekend, Heidi


I absolutely love the little cheeks seen on either side of the card!


Hi Karen! I think its been about 6 months since I've been on your blog! Went back through till december :) your kids are growing up and your picture taking is still amazing! hope all is well!


I'm so sad! She's growing up! I've decided you should have another baby.

TerriB in Oregon

Happy birthday, Birthday Girl! I simply cannot believe she is going to be 5. Have I really been reading your blog that length of time? You were pregnant when I started, gosh do I feel like some sort of stalker, of the nicest kind. Have a wonderful weekend.

Elizabeth C.

5 is such a fun age. I hope there will be many more posts in the coming year with her 5 year old-isms. Love it. Happy birthday to Annie!

Heather J.

My son is 5 and always puts his shoes on the wrong feet too. Glad to know it's not just him that walks around all day like that. I mean isn't it just a little uncomfortable?


That whole thing is just too cute, and funny! The idiot comment, LOL!! happy 5th birthday Annie!


From the mouths of babes...I am still laughing so hard at #9 that I'm crying!
Happy 5th Birthday Annie! Savor every moment Karen it goes by so fast.


Fantastic writing for a 5 year Sienna is 3 weeks younger than your Annie...can't wait for those wonderful birthday pics. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I love Annie:)

Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!


Re: #8: My 4.5 year old cries at pants too. We live in New England with lots of SNOW this year. I convinced her that "leggings" aren't really pants of any sort and should be worn with tights and dresses. Phew it worked!


so precious.. i love how you capture all of this...we all feel it...


I'm sorry to hear she doesn't call herself Yannie anymore. Its those little things of childhood that I miss the most now.


oh my gosh, laughed out LOUD when I read #9!!!!!!!! You tell such great stories Karen, thanks!

Christine Edwards

What great moments to preserve (and share). Hope the Birthday Girl has a fantastic birthday...although I'm sure she will.


Happy birthday Annie!

janelle shultz

#6 love it! chloe used to say..."who laid you?" meaning who was you mom! LOL so funny the things they say! happy birthday to annie!!!!

lynda p

omg, how do you stand to live with all that cuteness. aaghh. 5 what a great age. my 10 yr doesn't like to wear pants...but where we live is "a must" during the when summer is here the "idiot remark" and my son had his shoes on the wrong feet every once in awhile..but that was my fault, lol, even when his lil elmo shoes had "left" & "right" on the

Patty H always:) She is so cute!

Karen P (kphike)

....and she is absolutely adorable :) ...Happy Birthday Annie - we love hearing your family's funny and wonderful stories xoxoxo


She is FIVE! Wow! I remember reading about her when she was so little. Do your kids know how lucky they are to have a mother documenting their life so wonderfull!? You really inspire me to capture the day to day things more often!

Lori Craig

made me melt...super sweet post.


I absolutely love how you have put these things into written words, save them because they get older and you somehow forget those little things they did that were so darn cute and special. I am good at writing things down now, that my boys do or say, but they are 13 and 15. Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoy.....


Sweet, very very sweet.

Sue Eisenbeis

Gosh Karen - you always make me smile / laugh with your stories - keep em coming!

Kathy C.

Happy 5th bee-day tomorrow Miss Annie! ;)


Too funny! Not too long ago, my 4yo-going on 34, Caleb, asked me to tell him tales of when Daddy was littler. I explained that I didn't know Daddy when he was little. I met him when we were older and he gave me this look that said, 'Did you just speak Japanese b/c that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.' Those wheels were spinnin' at 800 mph, you could just see it in his sweet little eyes. It's hilarious, the things they say.


My Olivia is going to be 1 on Sunday! Birthday twins! :)

♥ Debbie

Happy Birthday to Sweet Annie! :)


LOL, gee Karen, thanks for sharing... and putting a giggle in me, and a smile on my face. The 'Birthday Girl' is such a cutie... such fun to watch her grow up. The funniest... 'you mean you just found Daddy?'. How precious is that? So glad you are 'back' and sharing again. You truly bless us all with your writing and photos! Thanks!

Karen H

REALLY CUTE! Her handwriting is AWESOME for a soon-to-be 5-year old. My kids couldn't write that neatly or that small until they were at least 6 or so. And a ponytail all by herself! She has some wonderful fine motor skills. You go Annie!


OMG! How can she be turning 5, she just had a birthday?!


Your entire family is adorable! I realized life can get so "daily"; which is why it is important to count our blessings, (as you remind us by your photos). Thank you for sharing honestly. Blessings to you and yours.


funny funny girl!!!


LOVE this post. love the close-up photo and the stories it tells. love how you captured "snapshots" of Annie right now. someday i want to grow up (even tho' i'm older than you) and be a photographer AND a blogger like you. happy birthday, annie.
happy valentine's day!

Julie Pilch

Happy birthday Annie! Hope she had a great day! My "baby" has also just turned 5 and I can't believe how quickly those 5 years have gone. Thanks to your wonderful workshop I have beautiful pictures of those 5 years though :)

Amy Taylor

#9 cracked me up! What an adorable little girl!


Just LOVE it! Was never sure of your kids ages. . .my granddaughter will be five the next day. 4.9 has been quite the experience. . .I'm holding onto my hat in prep. for 5! Happy Birthday early Miss Annie!!!


Such a cutie patootie. Happy birthday to little Miss Annie. I loved her "found my dad" comment - that is too precious! Have a great week, Karen and Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Nancy Wyatt

Oh how I love this!!!!


She is so adorable! These are priceless memories that you will be so happy you capture them all in photos and words when she is grown. I've always kept journals and it tickles me to read in my son's words those sweet everyday conversations that capture who they are at that moment in time. Thanks for sharing yours. Annie is such a doll baby.

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