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Helen Walsh

Great shots as always. Love the one when Annie has her hands on her hips!! Cute!


I think I need to move to Oregon. You guys are always in short sleeve shirts and I seem to be freezing here in Atlanta.

Terry D

awww glad you had fun! Love the pictures! very cute!

Kira @ Kissing the Joy

I love your blog. The pictures never fail to inspire me. That one of Cole and Annie running toward you is so darn cute. Love it!

Elizabeth C.

Happiness just radiates through these. I'm thankful as always that you leave your EXIF info. viewable for past students, as I often check it as I am trying to attempt shooting full-manual (not aperture-priority) these days.

Mary Ann

ohhhh to be able to take photos like that. Still on the waiting list for your class, but someday I just know I'll have great pics like that too!! :)

kimberly minyard

love the on of annie with her hands on her hips! love your post. oh and I know you have been having a rough time as of late. Feel you on all of that. I have decided that 2010 was a year for me to learn things the hard way.


So cute! Thank you for that video link. It was nice to think that in the years after I am gone, someone might find my photos of my dogs and think I was the cat's meow!

Stephanie C.

Some seriously cute kiddos here! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for the class updates too!

Cathy B. of IL

Very cute....very jealous of your spring-like attire while we are going to be in the deep-freeze in the midwest!


Looks like you did!! Love those shots...Annie just cracks me up!!

Jennifer S

LOVE love LOVE these!!! The new camera being used too! Looks like lots of fun - Annie's faces always make me smile :)


Oh my gosh, those are cute! LOVE Annie's outfit.


It is so crazy this thing we call weather! I know you are only on the other side of the USA, but over here in OHIO, we had a freak-not-on-the-radar- blizzard. Your cute kids are in tshirts and not looking a bit chilly. I wish we had your weather!


Love the pics, what can I say... we all look up to your photography skills capturing those beautiful children (even if there was only 2 of them) Kathy, Enoggera Brisbane, Australia

teresa b

Looks like so much fun!! Wish I had willing subjects to shoot at the ready.. half the time I can't find my teenagers.. and there friends are so much more important!! sniff sniff


wow- the one with Annie's hands on her hips and Coley in the air is awesome!! Love the ones with them by the fence too!

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