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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Becky T.

I'd love to win a spot. All knowledge in photography is amazing and I'd love to "sponge" it up!

Happy 5th Birthday!!! My little one will be 6 on Wed. (2/16)!! :-)

jenn gent

Happy Birthday to Annie!

I'd love a spot in your class! Thanks for a chance to win. Woo-hoo!!

Ann T

Happy birthday to Annie! I'd love to win a spot I've had my dslr for almost 2 years now, and still don't take the thing out of automatic


I'm on the very long waiting list... I'd love to win a spot in the next class!

It would be perfect timing as I'm looking at upgrading cameras right now.


It'd be fun to win a spot. Thanks for offering!!

Amy F

I would love to take this class!!! Love your blog and style. Happy Birthday Sweet Annie

Julie Pilch

As a past student I can't recommend this class enough. My photos definitely went to another level thanks to Karen's lessons. I have been asked to photograph a wedding and a pre-wedding since this class and I've had numerous requests for portrait photos. More importantly to me I now have the ability to take wonderful treasured pictures of my own children and for that I can't thank Karen enough. Take the class if you can you won't be disappointed!

Caitlin Miller

I've been reading your blog for a long time now and am always amazed at the pictures you take - the quality is incredible and your talent is astounding! I would absolutely LOVE a spot in your next class!!

Jennifer C

They grow so fast. Yes I would love to take your class... everyone always gives such great reviews!

Nicole Reid

I was number 1000 something on the waitlist but was up and ready to go when registration started for a class session last year. I got in and learned so much! Less than halfway through the class I was shooting in manual mode and haven't looked back since. I recommend the class to anyone that has a dslr because if you're interested enough in a dslr, then you should invest the time and money in learning how to use it!


Former student popping in.... I love this class. I took the class one of the first times Karen offered it. I had received a DSLR camera as a gift and didn't know what to do with it. I took Karen's class and loved it. I can shoot in manual, I understand a lot of my camera manual now (hooray) and even though I still consider myself a beginner my photography is really improving.

I recently audited the class again just as a refresher and learned as much or more the 2nd time. Karen is lovely in every way. She is helpful and really cares about helping each student to learn. Sign up. You'll love it.

Erica Hettwer

Happy Birthday, Annie! I'd love to win a spot in your online class! I took one of your all day ones and it was amazing. I've progressed to the point where I'm shooting in manual pretty much all the time now (go me!) and I think that your class would really help me with the growth I'm longing for!


If you are looking for a photography class...this is it! Wonderful, meaningful, relevant information shared with so much heart. Lots of classes on the internet but this is the one....the best! Do not miss it!
Happy Birthday, Annie!


Happy Birthday to Annie and also a happy Valentine!! Of course I'd love to win a spot. I'm from Germany and started with DSLR three years ago, now I have a little daughter and photography gets even more interesting to me and my familiy. I love your Photos, your style and it's a dream for me getting a spot in your class!

Lori Ivey

I would love to win a spot in the class! I've been eye balling this class for over a year and just haven't gotten to sign up yet!! Pick me!!!


I am hoping to win a spot in your class. I am at the point where I shoot in manual all the time, but still am not sure of my settings.

I would just sign up next week if I was lucky enough to get in, but have to wait on the IRS to give me my refund back!


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a spot in your class! I am so inspired by your images! I am mostly self-taught and would love to stop feeling like I'm reinventing the wheel. It would make me do a ridiculous happy dance of glee to get to participate! *grin*


I would be ever so thrilled to be able to win a spot in your class. I have been dreaming of taking the class for a while now, and life just always seems to get in the way (smile). I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is...what a special treat!!!

Heather Freeman

I took the class a year ago and loved it. Even went thru withdrawals (seriously) when the class ended. Karen's lessons, assignments and critiques are invaluable. The class is worth the wait! I'd love to take it again, now that I've upgraded my DSLR, so thanks for the chance!


Um, heck ya - I'd LOVE to win a spot. Very cool you are giving one away, thank you!

Megan B

Happy Birthday to Annie...she is such a sweetie! :) I would love to win a spot in your class too...been on the waiting list for a long time and LOVE the photos you share here on your blog. Thanks for the chance to win!

Meagan Davenport

This is pretty much the "bestest" photography class EVER! TAKE IT!

I'd love to get a seat again so I can learn even more and see how I've improved (or not) since I took it last summer! :)

Lori S.

How exciting it would be to win a spot in your class. Thanks for offering. I have lots to learn and you are the ultimate teacher! Can't wait to hear who wins. Thanks for the chance.

Jennifer L

I was lucky enough to be able to take this class. It is so worth it I can't even tell you. Karen is the best! I had some personal stuff going on at the time so I wasn't able to focus as well or finish it, I would love the opportunity to take it again. That would just be the best gift ever. Have a wonderful day!

Julie Brass

I would love to win the free spot in your next class!!!


I am a HUGE fan and would love to take the class. And Happy Birthday to Annie! She is so adorable.


I would love to win a spot in your class, even though I am a past student! I learned SO much, and I want to do it all over again!


Happy 5 to Annie :) I would love to win a spot in your latest class, Karen! So excited about the new changes!

Amy Gentry

I would LOVE to win a spot! I have taken several online classes and this is by far the best one with the most thorough information:) Thanks for the chance to win!!


What an opportunity! I'd love to take your class. Happy Birthday to your little girl.

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

I've been on the waiting list for a while and always miss the registration. Fingers aren't fast enough. Would really love to win a spot in the class. Thank you for the chance.

Deborah Kolb

Karen you are amazing in your knowledge and way that you present it! Your pictures are full of emotion and a pleasure to enjoy
Would love to take your course again to fully immurse myself!! Thank You <3


I would 100% be thrilled to win this spot! Karen you are the best!


I took this class recently as an audit student. It is an AWESOME class! I'd love to win a spot in it and be an actual student. I think the photo critiquing would be really helpful for me! What a great gift you have!


I'm auditing Karen's class right now (regular spots were already filled), and it is great! I'd love to take it as a regular student in the future! Can't wait to learn and improve.

Tara Liddicoat

I would love to re-take the class... I've been going through the lessons on my own again, now with my new camera, and I am slowly soaking it all up. Thanks Karen!


A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Annie! How time flies. I am currently an auditing student and have already learned SO much in just two weeks. I'm truly amazed. The information is clear, well-organized and not intimidating. I decided to audit because I was 1200-something on the wait list and I just didn't want to waste any more time missing shots. Thankfully other students have been gracious and kind enough to offer feedback; it is extremely helpful I would, however, like to be a regular student at some point to gain the full benefit of your (Karen's) feedback. I am thrilled with the class. It's already worth every penny.

Tammy Mellish

Happy Birthday to ONE SWEET GIRL, Annie!!! You'll forever and always be remembered as Yannie to me <3


It would completely Rock to be able to take the class again! Loved it the first time...would recommend it to anyone and would be jump up and down thrilled to take it again. It never hurts to brush up and review! :)Thanks for offering this!


Happy birthday Annie! I would love to win a spot in your class.. I find you so inspiring Karen and can never stop learning from you!


Loved your class Karen!!!

Katherine B

I would soooo LOVE to win! I audited your class last year and love Love LOVED it! Would love to be able to experience your critiques! Crossing my fingers!

TraceAnn Green

I would love to win a free spot to the class! Thanks so much for the offer.


Past student here! Karen's class is absolutely incredible! I learned so much and would love to take it again it was that good. Thank you Karen for your continued kindness <3


I would LOVE a spot in your class! Your teaching style is the best. I learn so much from it!

Jennie E.

I would LOVE to win a spot in your class!

Angelica G

I would love to take this class as a regular student... I am currently auditing. Thanks!

Lisa Gunn

I would love to win a spot in Karen's class. It is the best class ever. Karen is very honest and open with all of her information she gives throughout this class. She teaches on a level that no matter if you are a beginner or a professional you are sure to understand everything that she teaches. I have learned a ton from her and would love to be able to hang out with her again!!!!!


I am absolutely LOVING your Photographer's Workshop! You are so organized in lesson plans (I LOVE that you even have audio files available), as well as the various discussion forums AND that I see a visible reminder on posts that have been updated since I last looked. LOVE! And I also LOVE that you are so active on the forums and auditing students are not treated differently or restricted from seeing any of the information or discussions that the regular students have access to. Ok, I'll stop gushing now. I just can't say enough great things about your class and we're only in week 2.

And if I win a regular student spot in May, I know just who I would gift it to :)

Conni M

I was so lucky to have taken Karen's class over *cough cough* 2 years ago. The lessons still keep popping into my head whenever I go out shooting. The wealth of knowledge she bombards (in a good way) you with is phenomenal!! I loved the set up of the lessons, each building on the one before, and her critiques aren't just fluff "Ya great job" but in depth for each and every picture!! I recomend this class to everyone I loved it so!!
You rock Karen ... but you already know I think so :)

Jennifer Officer

I am currently auditing the class. I have learned a lot in just the first two weeks. I plan on scheduling a phone consultation after the class, but winning a regular student seat would be even better!

Tracy Brudvig

I took the class this last summer and I absolutely loved it. It is jam packed with information that is very understandable and assignments that put knowledge to action with the camera. I would highly recommend the course. Anyone thinking about taking the course needs to make sure you have the time to devote to the course so you can take advantage of all the information provided.

Kathy C.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Miss Annie!! ;) Put me down for a shot at the class...I took it the 2nd time you offered it and would love to AUDIT it!!! ~ Kathy


Them birthdays sure fly by fast.

I would love a spot in your next class. Won't have the money this time around to audit but maybe one day. A girl can dream can't she?

Marilyn Johnson

I took Karen's class and can not say enough great things about it. I have taken and still try to take lots of online classes, mostly scrapbooking, and always feel I have trouble keeping up or finishing the class. Not the case with Karen's class. I loved class so much that I made it a point to keep up. I still refer to my book often as a reference. I improved my photography and now have people offering to pay me to take pictures for them. You will learn a lot and have fun doing it!

gina harpur

Karen's class was by far best investment (besides my camera) in my photography journey. I still refer to her well organized notes and listen to her classes on my Ipod. Love her critiques and learned so much from her critiques of our classmates photos. Just can't say enough about Karen and her class. I recommend her class to everyone I know with a camera. She is generous in all she does!!!
I would love to take her class again.

Keri Gray

Another former student here! I can't even begin to describe how much I learned and took away from Karen's class. It is worth every penny and more! Karen is such an amazing and patient instructor. My photography improved drastically... I get compliments on my photographs all the time, but I know there is still so much more to learn. Every time someone asks where I learned to take pictures like that, I always point them to Karen's class. :)

I do plan to take the class again in the future, so I would love to win a spot!!

Karen Siebanoller

I am on my way to add myself to the waiting listso I can try to be one of the lucky ones to register, but thank you for the chance of a free class. Love your photography skills and look forward to all your posts!


After auditing the class, which is wonderful way to go, I realized there was too much to learn and the value of having Karen provide direct instruction is invaluable! I would take the class again and learn completely new things! Thanks Karen.

Trisha McFarland

I would LOVE the chance to get to take your class!!! I actually signed up a while back, but because of my crazy hectic schedule I wasn't able to actually participate. I am still more determined than ever to learn about my camera and how to capture those amazing moments in the best possible way!

Just jennifer

Would love to win a free spot in the class! I can always make time for learning!!

Jennifer M.

I would love the chance to take it again!

I took this class 2 years ago and it completely changed photography for me. I always had a hard time understanding aperture, shutter speed and how they work together to get the best shot. Karen has a phenomenal way of explaining this (and other photography terms) in a simple way that makes it very easy to understand. In taking this class I felt like a lightbulb went off over my head and I finally got it. I highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to improve their photography skills and take them to the next level.


Always love to see your photos. And I'd love to get the chance to sit in your class. Thanks for the opportunity!


I took this course last summer and would (and do) recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their photography skills. The assignments are relevant and practical. the lessons easy to understand and process. Karen is absolutely dedicated to helping each and all work through their questions and troubles. Simply a fabulous experiance that was over way to soon!!!
Even though I have tooken the course I would definatly repeat the experiance. mel

Tracy L

I was so excited when I read your email today about giving away a spot in your class. I have wanted to take your class for over a year now. It seems we are always saving back up this time of year after spending while traveling far over Christmas. I love love love your style of photography and could so benefit from your teaching!!


Marilyn T

Former student popping in here. . .I LOVE Karen's photography and her workshop is excellent! I learned a lot, and my photography improved greatly, but I would love to take it again! There is so much I want to better understand with my camera settings, and photography skills.


I audited Karen's class last summer and would LOVE to take it as a full student! I took it as an auditing student because I didn't register fast enough and it worked out really well with having an I would love to complete the assignments on time and get some feedback :-)


awesome giveaway. I would love it!


Oh my gosh! She is 5 already???? So pretty!!! Time goes by so fast! I'd love to win a spot in your class....only heard good things about it!!


Wow, I love that picture.
Would also love to win a spot in your class!
Thanks Karen!


I am an auditing student for Karen's current class session....and can't say enough good things about Karen and her classes. Learned a lot in a one-day class in Orlando last October and didn't have the $$ when registration opened for this Spring online class, but when she later opened more auditing spots (which cost less), I was like a crack-addict until I decided to take the plunge & spend what little money I had at the time to sign-up. We are in "week 2" and I can't wait to read this week's lessons. I have learned so much already and can see the difference in my photos. Still a lot to learn, but Karen has a wonderful style and skill for teaching :) (and I would love to win a regular seat in her next session!!!)


Karen's class is well worth the money! So enjoyable and easy to understand. She covers everything and then some. I would love a chance to take the class again! Thanks Karen.

Cathy Coady

Happy 5th birthday Annie!! The joy of your face is priceless!! Once again, your mother has wonderfully captured a very special moment in time. I am currently auditing in Karen's class right now. I have taken two other online photography courses already. I will say that in this very brief intro to Karen's class (we are in week 2), that I am completely amazed. Her attention to detail is above and beyond what I have ever seen in any class that I have ever taken anywhere. Her information and lessons are well laid out and thought out. She is a very active participant in the class as she readily responds to the many posts/ questions asked everyday in the classroom. But what is really awesome, is that she speaks from the heart. I love her approach to photography and it (in this very short period of time) has made me think very seriously about how and why I take pictures. I know that my skills will be brought to a higher level in this class. I tried to get in as a regular student but couldn't so I would love to win the free spot in her next class (as I know everyone else will! Whoever wins will be one very lucky person!

tiera betts

I'd LOVE to win a spot in your class!! One question, if you sign up for the class as a regular student, but it fills up, will it automatically give me opportunity to audit if those spots aren't full? Thanks so much!!


What fun it would be to take your class Karen!


i would love the chance to take this class again, i think there is so much information a second time would be very beneficial :)

Beth P

I am certainly hoping to win a spot in your class. Your photos amaze me. I'm at a point in my life where I'm finally able to jump in with both feet to experience, learn, grow in my passion full time. Thanks for the opportunity - and good luck to all!


Happy Birthday to Annie and Happy Valentine's Day! As a past student of this class, I HIGHLY recommend it! I've taken about five photography classes online and while the others were good and helpful, this one by far was the best. Karen explains everything in language easy to understand and shows wonderful examples to convey concepts. I've raved so much about this class to my friends that about four of them are on the waiting list. I'd love to give one of them a spot in the next class!.

Bottom Line: if you are at all on the fence about taking this class, do it. You won't be disappointed.


happy 5th birthday annie!!

i would LOVE to get into your class karen!

christine bahnsen

I can't say enough about Karen and her teaching style. I feel like an old timer with her and have watched her blossom over the years. I started out with Karen when she would come to Southern California to teach a scrapbook class. As an added bonus she did a few hours of instruction on how to take pictures. Everytime she showed up down here, I was taking her class. When Karen announced that she would be teaching on line...I thought, this girl is on to something. I was the second group to take her class. I learned so much from her class. I still reference her lesson book frequently. I'm always telling folks about her online class. This class is so well worth the time and investment to take it. If your hesitating...don't!! There is only so much time to take incredible pictures of your family as they are growing and you want to make them as good as possible. Because, you can't go back and capture the past.

Leslie N

I would LOVE to win a spot!!

Erin B

I would absolutely love to win a spot in your class! I've been looking at it for about a year now and wasn't able to make the time. Now would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!!


I would love to take your class again. I learned so much from you the first time. Even though it is an online class, you get so much individual one on one help!! Karen empowers you to not be afraid of your camera and use all the features. I just got a new camera (the one that you recommended for me - the Nikon D7000) and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost...I need your class again so I can love it like my last outdated old camera. I want to be able to take pictures like you... I now have the equipment, just need the knowledge and courage!!

Jamie K

oh my gosh....greatest giveaway ever! Your workshop sounds amazing; but it is sooooo far out of the budget right now. Thank you so much for the chance to win!! Crossing my fingers.

Happy birthday Annie!!

Katie McF

Happy Birthday Annie! To win a spot in the class would be a dream come true for me!


I'd love a chance at a spot!
Happy Birthday to Annie!

Tracey A. in NH

I audited a class last was amazing. The amount of information and advice was incredible! I had every intention of completing the class just as if I was an actual student, but you all know how that goes. I would love to actually take the class and keep on task with each week's assignments. From what I've learned so far, my photos have greatly improved. I am taking a big trip later this summer and I want to capture some amazing photos! Thanks, Karen...for sharing your talent with all of us!

Kelly Webb

I'm an auditing student and I've been LOVING this class! Many things are unraveling for me and you are SO HELPFUL and SO PRESENT for your students! I'd love to win a spot as a regular student as well. #1 Because of the reinforcement and #2 Because I'd love to have my photos critiqued.


I have just bought my first dslr and would LOVE to win a place in your class to learn how to use it properly! Happy Birthday to Annie - my daughter is 5 on Friday so it's birthday season here too!


I would love to win a spot!


O, how I would love this!

clare Telford

I would love to win a regular slot too. I am auditing just now and am LOVING the class. I tried to get a regular slot and went to sleep with my laptop on my pillow with my alarm set at 1.55am...registration opened at 2am GMT. I was there counting down the seconds til registration opened but was still not quick enough!! So far the class has been totally awesome!! Thank you Karen!

Jamie Z.

I would love to win a spot in the class! Thanks for the chance. And Happy Birthday to your little one :)


I would be ever so thrilled to win a spot in your next class! WOuld be the best Valentine's Day gift ever! Thanks for the opportunity and happy day to you.

Danielle Roe

The class was great - as was the ability to interact with Karen as needed! I got so much out of the class and still regularly reference my notebook FULL of materials! That said, I'd love the chance to take the class again... it'd be fun to see the growth (hopefully!).

Belinda Howlett

Happy 5th birthday Annie from down under! My son max turned 5 on Australia day (1/26), 5 is fun!!! I have played lots with my manual settings and would love to get more instruction on how to get fabulous photos like yours Karen. Enjoy your week xx

Heather L

I've seen the growth of knowledge in photography when my friend audited your class and subsequently started a photography business. I would love a spot in your class to put into practice the knowledge I will gain from your course. Thanks for offering this opportunity Karen!


A free class with you would be MORE than amazing. Happy birthday to Annie. I wish one of mine was still only 5!

Dani Stelter

You're photography, style, and words have truley inspired me over the last couple of years...I would love to move off of the waiting list, but you know what? Even if I don't...I'll still be here. You're family feels like the crazy, awesome, funny, all american neighbor next door- that I sit down to visit every couple of nights:) Keep rockin' the blog Karen!!

Jayne Saunderson

The class is SUPER AWESOME folks! I would love to win a spot and gift it to my son's teacher who is retiring this year and would love to learn about photography. After dedicating years to teaching others, this would be a lovely way for her to learn something new. fingers crossed. Big valentines kisses to all xxx

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