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I want to see the new binders. I'm happy with my older one but would love to see what you've done!


I want to see the new binders too! I hope you'll post a picture!


I want to see them too!!!!


I want to see a pretty new binder too! And I think everyone reading this page should take your class and get a pretty new binder - it was a great experience. Congrats to the lucky winners. I bought it yesterday and really love it so far!


Darn I didn't win! My bad luck!


Congratulations to the lucky winners! I can't wait to receive my pretty binder...truly looking forward to class with you!


Congrats to the winners and to those on the list to get one of those binders...That is a great day!

Theresa S.

:( darn it. Oh well. Congrats to the winners. I haven't played Twister in YEARS . . .

Julie McD

From an older student, "Yeah for new binders!" So excited for you, but jealous taht I won't get to see the new binders! Though I have to admit, the fact that I have one of the first ones is pretty exciting in and of itself! Have a great night!


Love that I can see you in that photo of the kids playing twister...that is you, right? Thinking that timer was in use again. Yes...would love to see the new mine, and use it often, but would love to see your new design. Just pulled one of your transparency filmstrips out to use the other day, and am so impressed with how much your talent, your sharing and your loves have influenced the scrapbook industry. Lucky us!


Congrats to the winners (insert jealousy here)!!!

So glad you are happy with your (very pretty) binders...

Nancy Wyatt

love it!! And can i just vent for a moment.....what is up with how folks and I do mean hundreds will leave comments for a prize but not when there isn't one? hmmm, ok I'm done. LOL
I love your work and you capture the most amazing stories always! hugs from conroe, tx


Congratulations to the winners! And I really want to see that new binder. :)


yeah to the winners! You'll love it!
Please don't tease us, Karen! I want to see the new binders too!

Tammy Mellish

Congratulations to the winners! Very cute photo of those two! I LOOOOVE the work counter/cupboard in the distance! I'm such a sucker for those pieces!


Karen, where did you get your measuring stick that is in your pantry? I am loving it!


Since I didn't win, I gave in and spent the $100 for Clean Color. Love it!I am pretty experienced with photoshop but I felt it was worth the $100 to hear her reasonings for editing and to hear what she considers good. I tend to over edit, saturate and contrast! Ugh... So Clean Color is a great tutorial!

Taunya Castillo

Thanks so much Karen for introducing us to Erin Cobb! I am loving clean color, only had time in my schedule to watch 1/2 of it. Already seeing improvement! I had to give her props on my pic. if you want to take a peek...
You are an awesome teacher and your continued support and help is greatly appreciated! We are all blessed having found you!

Lovely Cutler

i missed the contest:( how are you, Karen?

Curtis Johnson Realty

They are adorable kids. I like the smiles in their faces. I do appreciate the effort of checking the links so that interested blogger can easily communicate with you or vice versa. This is like a good resource. I really like your post and find it very interesting. More power and good luck on your future endeavor.


I'm considered local for Erin, so I can't get her Clean Color stuff, but I'm so excited to have "found" her through your blog! Thanks for that! And I loved the story one post up about the elephant and the crush. Too cute!

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