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So sweet! I hope that he/she has their affection returned and that the object of their affection loves this adorable gift!


So sweet I hope it goes well for Him/her!


awh that's so sweet!

Alena H

I'm guessing it's Cole. That's so sweet!!


So sweet, hope it turns out awesome! Have a good weekend!

Tess S

oh goodness. i can't wait either. i can remember being on either side of a crush when i was a kid. sometimes thinking about it now gives my tummy nervous butterflies.

tara pollard pakosta

oh boy, already! that's so crazy!
I remember in 1st grade this mom came up to me and told
me her son got butterflies in his tummy whenever he talked about, saw, mentioned my daughter!
scared me to death!!!
thankfully at 11 my daughter isn't interested yet in this type of thing. I am sure it will come ALL too soon!
how sweet of him/her though!!!
will be a good husband/wife someday>!
I am thinking it's definately COley!!! he just seems that way to me!


SO sweet!!! Crossing my fingers for him/her!!

laura vegas

this post is so stinkin cute! i really hope that he/she gets the reaction from him/her that he/she is looking for :)



Heather Topich

awww... that is just so cute. Keeping my fingers crossed for him/her!

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Okay, that's like the sweetest thing ever. And I love how you are protecting his/her identity!! Such a good momma!! I, too, am hoping the elephant is well-received! Keep us posted, please.

K de ron

this is so sweet do want to know the outcome please keep us posted
Have a wonderful weekend


Oh, too precious! I hope that secretly the other person has also had a crush on your son/daughter! Too, too sweet and innocent! I hope it works out!

Jamie V

Oh my goodness.... so adorable!! I hope the affection is returned.


Absolutely the sweetest thing I've heard lately!! Hope the outcome turns out as he/she had hoped!!


Ooooh you must be so nervous for him/her! I hope it turns out well and let us know! about her/ What a great mom you are. Grace


And I just teared up. Not only do you have a way with photography. You have a way with words.

Helen Walsh

You have to up date us on how it went!


Oh I am nervous too :-) *fingers crossed*

Irene (longtime lurker)

Shannon L

Awww, Glad you are sharing this with us, I don't blame you on not disclosing their identity, it's such a sweet story! My mom still has love letters that a certain little boy had written to my sister in 4th grade! While they never really dated once older they remain close friends!

Mary Lou Fordyce

Oh, how sweet. I hope it goes well for he/she and for you too.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Karen, you make me smile! Hope it goes well for him/her today! ;)

Judy Webb

I betI can guess which He/She it is!!. Waiting for the next chapter.


I hope it goes well for him/her and that he/she feels the same. My 9yr old son had an admirer last year, in 3rd grade, that sent him a note in class professing how much she loved him and that she wanted to bake him a pie. At every school function you would see his admirer standing next to him with an enormous grin on her face. It was so sweet! The love note is in the bottom of my jewelry box along with some other mementos - after all it's his first one! They grow up so fast.

Annette Kuusinen

Seriously, one of the sweetest stories ever! I'm glad you shared it. It made my heart smile.


that made my heart 'super happy'!!! can't wait to read the rest ;) so so adorable!! thanks for giving us a little snippet into your life Karen!!!

Elizabeth Lombardi

LOVE this story, so appreciate you respecting the privacy of your young one, well done Karen. I found my 7 year old's first love note this year, broke my heart and made it beam all at the same time. Thank you again for sharing your life with us.

Terry D

aww... that is so sweet! Hope it works out for him/her! Cute elephant too!


Oh this is so cute, it just made me smile. Keeping my fingers crossed that the day went well for he/she.


That's the kind of story that is told again at the wedding! So cute. And if in the future two little childhood sweethearts happen to get married they need to have a gigantic elephant penny bank to collect their DOLLARS to the money dance. Haha.


What a beautiful memory to look back on in years to come. A keeper for sure.

Mary Ann

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. So sweet Karen :)


OMG, now I can't wait either!


Oh, don't leave us hanging!!!

Cute story!!!


Well, how did it go!?? :)


love it!! Too cute...let us know how it worked out :) I hope good!!


Ahhhh young love. I had to help my tot buy a present for his love as well. Wasn't life so much easier back then?

Sheila Mayden

I just love your posts!

Jennifer Camplin



ahh, ok schools over....what happened? ....ah I can't wait.....


Me too, can't wait to hear! I hope he/she is as thrilled with that very special gift as he/she should be.


Love this post!!


Cute! Cute! Cute! I hope it went well!

Ashley S.

You're a great mother, Karen. Your kids are lucky to have you.


That is soo sweet! Such a memory to treasure for both you and your child!

Fingers crossed for He or She...:)


Me too, sooo sweet.

Kristal Jones

How beautiful of a post. I love how you kept the identity a secret. And good for him/her for having the guts to give this gift. How matter what the outcome.


way cute :)



Corie in Indy

Aw, that's such a nerve-racking thing to do. Good for him/her! I hope it went well. :o)

naomi chokr

oh my!!! how freakin cute is this story!!! i cant wait to here the rest of the story!

Cindy Welch

The picture says it all.


Oh so sweet. I hope it goes well for he/she and that they are happy:)


For a reason I can't really put quite into words, I cried when I read this. Along with your next post--well, that just had me bawling by then. I always think for all this growing up we do, it somehow gets easier. That life should get easier. But there are still mountains and valleys -- ups and downs. I'm praying you always have Josh Downs to hold you close and vice versa. Heidi

teresa b

awwhh that's so sweet!

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