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Im a big fan of that Cole. ;)


Wonderful way to spend a Saturday!


I love that boy!

Jessica Woodford happy! What a sweet story!

Mary Ann

Sweet sweet boy!

Elizabeth C.

He is definitely a keeper.

Cathy B. of IL

What a wonderful son you have in Cole...

Jennifer M.

So sweet. :)


What a great weekend!


Hard for me to take my eyes of that photo.....just perfect.....what a cozy pair. Love it..and I am loving all your blogging posts..what a treat. Hope your week is great and that your work is manageable.


sounds like the best day EVER


There is nothing like spending time with your boy!! Sounds like a perfect evening. Just got Clean excited!!


I love your photos and how you write about your life. Beautiful.


love it!!!!


That is undoubtedly the best mommytime any kid could have! :)


Everything about YOU,your FAMILY and the WORDS you write are just beautiful!!
Thanks for sharing so much of it with us.


i wish blogs had a 'like button' like facebook...

Val from Down Under

sigh ... awesome ...


I love the little evangelist in Coley!!! Reminds me of the verse:

..."Let the children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God." Mark 10:14.

Used to have that magnet on my fridge. :)

Aimee B. in Oregon

as my son would say: "good times, good times"

downloaded my Erin Cobb Clean Photo today!!!!!! woot! woot!


Nina Diane

what a kind, sensitive young man you have there. Good job Karen!


Thanks for commenting on how you got the photo. It is so awesome to get alone time with one child- must deserved

Carrie H.

I LOVE "Happy" ;o)

Kim in Vacaville

Love the stars hanging in your window - where did you find them? The picture of you and Cole is perfect!!

Angie G.

That is my idea of a perfect day. I'm happy with you!

Judy Webb

You and Cole seem to be communicting better lately. So nice to have one on one time together.

joanne smith (spagirl)

great photo (but i'm sure you hear that all the time!!)
just got erin's clean color (before i read your next post, of course, lol!!)
anyway, having so much fun taking pictures, thanks to auditing your
class (can't wait for the full one!) and the BPS Picture Winter class!!


I pray my boys grow up to be like Cole. What a sweetie. :)


What a great giveaway! Your photos are inspiring. How fun to start off the new year with something revolutionary and inspiration-producing for our own photos! I've struggled between trying to get just the right settings and not having to edit - and then editing, but not getting the editing just right either. Big fan! Thanks!


So awesome. :)


Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day! There is nothing like spending leisure time with a sweet little boy who still thinks mom is the best.


Love this, Karen. Oh my goodness, we went to Oregon in October. Beautiful. We went the first week of October and drove from Nor Cal. We drove over 1700 miles, seeing many wonderful places in Oregon. And, having dear friends from Oregon who now live in Sacto and who used to attend Applegate, we went there. First of all, it's outdoor amphitheatre is amazing! Just gorgeous. We missed service out there by one week :( But the service inside was great! Loved it. Would have been so neat to see ya there...but you might have been hugged :) Anyhow, just had a minute and wanted to comment. Take good care!


I love this picture


And that is why I save these stories of yours, so I will save my own too.
Hope my bond with my son will be as good as yours.


Okay Karen....what is your secret to your lighting in this photo???? Where is is coming from? How many lights do you have on? I see a light reflected in your window, is that the only light? Is it a ceiling light? Do you have recessed lighting? I can see a little shadow so the light is in the front and to the right of you...What color did you paint your walls again?????

Absolutely love it!


What a wonderful time you had with Cole! Warms my heart :o)

Kira @ Kissing the Joy

Awww, those are the best days. It's so hard to find that alone time with your kids, especially when you have more than one. Love, love that photo of you two (I still don't know how you did it, even with the timer). Also, thank you for commenting on my blog the other day. I shrieked out loud.

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