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I HATE that you ALWAYS have the perfect light in your house. I am thinking I am going to paint every wall in my house WHITE. Even though I HATE white walls, BUT I think that I am willing to part with colored walls if I can get lighting like that!!!


I was thinking the same thing as the above commenter. I wouldn't mind my walls being white, but I really hate to paint! It looks like it may be worth it though. Your indoor photography is amazing.


I love Fridays and the weekend. Low key, and just fun!!! Great photos!!!


OH its not just the white paint...the lovely Karen is just damn talented. Grrrr :) {in a nice Grrr voice}
I love that this post is just plain. Fabulous & love filled family-ness. I ALWAYS find inspiration here. Always.
Thank you & happy weekend to Y O U too
Ada in Coastal Cali

kelly s.

great pics (as always) I hope you don't get any comments about child abuse...(snicker...., that one had me laughing the most!)

Michelle B

can I come over and hang out with your family? Lovely pics. Lovely family


I so appreciate you Karen!


my fave is Josh spanking Annie. great capture both of their expressions are priceless!!

janel the slipper swat! the best! Enjoy the weekend.


Seriously you have studio lights in your house? This post is friday "nights" and your lighting is fantastic! I can't wait to audit your class. You are GOOD!

emily kate

I'm sure this has already been asked a million times but how do you have such GORGEOUS lighting in your house at night!? Studio lights? Whatever it is, I'm in love. We often take photos at our house in the evenings and the lighting is never good.


I'm so repainting my walls! Love the photos!

Jamie V

Tee hee... the 'over the knee' one is THE best!!

tara pollard pakosta

I am another one in awe of your photo taking abilities at NIGHT!
what time was this/lighting/details! when you get a MOMENT!
love love love them!
we have ALL white walls and GREAT light, with many windows, but night
is still hard to get great shots!
I am in AWE karen!!!!


I'm so happy Megan from Whatever introduced you on her blog. I look forward to following you and your beautiful family. Your photography drew me in and I think I'll just have to sit a spell.

Blessings - Debbie

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