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Judy Webb

Can't believe I am first to comment tonight. Happy New Year.
My favorite quote is my Michangelo, "I am still learning." If it is good enough for the Master, Mike, then "I am still learning" is good enough for thee and me. LOL So glad you found Coral. Come to Texas. Love, Judy


I don't know where you get this hangup about being are NOT're a lovely person and I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to establish a new, genuine, deep friendship with you!


I think it's only awkward until you get to know someone! You are definately not an awkward person in real life!!! :) (I met you once!!!)


I can honestly say you don't come across as awkward either on the blog or in your photography classes. And it's always good to surround yourself with lovely people.

mandy friend

ah, i love it! I've been feeling awkward in that department too, but for me it's a new thing. i need to find a thurs. coffee gal and break out of my shell...


so so funny that you talk about the "date".
For a couple of years now, whenever I meet a new friend and we hang out. I feel like we are on the first few dates getting to know each other. Talking background, and events to caught the other person up on their life.

How do get these photos with you in them? remote trigger, timer, sitting on a random chair/tripod????
I have been wondering for awhile.

Mary Ann

Ok, so I met you too about 4(??) years ago at a Creative Imaginations party. Austin Powers was there lol. You didn't seem akward at all :) We only talked for a few minutes, but you seemed very sweet and very sincere.
I wish I lived close to you. If you ever decided to rent that space I would come watch the magic you perform with that camera of yours.

naomi chokr

great post!!!!! i agree you dont really have to have a long history with someone to build a strong relationship. i've moved around so much that i dont have that luxury. Luckily ive made amazing friends...i call my family in the past 5 years.

Jen CT

Sounds like you got what you wanted!! (serendipity, timing, or Divine Intervention!!) You get out of the house and you get to still work in your PJ's... I love it. And, of course, great shot. My question is too: remote trigger, or self timer?


that is interesting to hear you say you thought you needed a history.....

i think i have made the coolest friends in the last few years.
like FINALLY someone understands me!
and it's an instant thing.
like you and coral.

very cool karen.
so happy to hear of good friends.


I totally get what you are saying about developing friendships as adults. I feel the same way you do/did -- socially awkward. How wonderful for you that you were able to find this friend. I guess there is hope for me yet.

nancy in ks

I am SO GLAD that it's possible to make true, close friends all the way through life because if we couldn't I'd be almost friendless.

I was awkward and timid in high school and early adulthood, and I'm one of those very late bloomers. (I used to be late for everything, not just blooming, but I'm more punctual now.) I think the very long friendships pure gold because of the history, but the newer friendships have the history ahead of them.

As we go through life, especially with the opportunity now to virtually meet interesting people from all over the world, we are always meeting people who could become a new friend. This is the most wonderful time in the world's history to be alive.


A perfect post. So very open. Thank you for sharing this with us.


I have met someone through another friend, and she actually works in the camera department. We don't talk cameras much but we became instant friends. The weird thing is she's younger than I am by about 6 yrs. and went to school with my brother, lived down the street and grew up with the same families I did but we never met.

cindy b.

This is very interesting as just this week I have been thinking about how hard it is to develop great/close friendships as an adult. It seems that a lot of women have a network of friends and it's very hard to get "invited in" so to speak. Kudos to you for finding that!!

teresa b


tara pollard pakosta

that's awesome Karen!
good for yOU!


I so know where you are, Karen - my family moved to the Seattle area two and a half years ago and I still have not made any friends - and I know it's all me... it's so hard and yet, as a wife and mom of four boys, I Ache for some girl time outside the house... heck...I'll drive down once a month so we can have coffee and be awkward together :) Take care you!!


I met my best friend in the whole wide world when I was 28 years old. We have been friends for 37 years now. It's never too late to have or to be a best friend.

Ellen Patton

You are never too old to make a friend. And, most of my friends don't have that much in common with me which I really like.


It is a wonderful thing to make a friend as an adult. We are more sure of who we are...and welcome people into our circle to add value to it. The value can mean many things - but in one way or another they are a bonus. I have been stuck working at home for two weeks (due to foot surgery) and am about to lose it. I love the interaction of dealing with people for the most part. Talking is like breathing... a good conversation with a laugh... marvelous. So cool that you have a coffee buddy. Those are awesome times. Enjoy!

Tammy Mellish

I have worked from home for nearly 12 years now and while I realize how blessed I've been to be able to do that (an opportunity to be with my children), I have sacraficed much. I would love a routine tea break with a good friend. Wow, that sounds sooo heavenly! Savor the coffee and the friendship!


Karen, you are never too old to meet and make new friends. and not all of your friends have to be best friends. it will happen when you least expect it. and it is okay to be choosy. you may feel awkward but know that most of us feel awkward and inadequate. you are an amazing and talented woman. i love you and i've never even "met" you.


this whole akward thingy seems to take place only inside of your head. I can honestly say you don't come across as awkward either IRL (had the pleasure to meet you once in Germany, LOVED your workshop!!) nor on the blog nor in your photography classes. Yep, took all what you had to offer ;-)).
To me, you are one lovely and sweet person, very honest and very much yourself, which btw nobody can do better than yourself.
Making new friends as an adult might be harder, b/c often life gets in the way, but if it happens, it is a gift. You deserve it :).
Daring to give ├Żou a virtual hug,

Gena - MI

As women, we get lost/immersed into our families that we often don't make time to develop new relationships and sometimes barely have enough time to work on existing friendships. You went out of your comfort zone -- :) Good for you! BTW, I've heard friends talking about "pajama jeans", so now you can really work in your pj's! LOL!


I'm glad to know there is still hope for me to make some genuine adult girl relationships. I think chicks are hard to be friends with. As women, we learn to cover ourselves in layers. It makes it hard for me to figure out who is trustworthy, isn't judgmental, won't talk about me when I'm not around... etc. Chicks are hard.

I'd totally rent a space with you. And I'd show up in my pjs once a week for good measure. ;)

Robin Proctor

That is such a touching story about my sister: ) I loved seeing little Joey on your site too. Thank you for being such a good friend to my sis. Robin

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