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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Merilee B

My two faves - Karen & Erin - in one post. Would be ecstatic to win Clean Color! Thanks for the opportunity! :-)


Pick me! I bought a new purse and now I don't have two nickels to rub together.


First of all, I love all of your photos! I would love to see how Erin edits her photos and try it myself!


You are not only FUN to read... You are the ONE I 'still follow'... Love keeping up with you! Would LOVE the opportunity to WIN this, ... I only have a point and shoot... I edit in Picassa... sure would like to do BETTER by taking her tutorial! WOW... I cannot even imagine! Goll, thanks for the FUN!

Kim in Vacaville

I would love to win the CLEAN COLOR tutorial. Erin's pictures are awesome!

amy miller

had elements, but just got Photoship C5??? for Christmas and would love to be able to do something on it! Pick me, pick me!

Pam C

I would love to learn from Erin's tutorial! Her pictures are fabulous!

Abby Riley

I LOVE this style of editing. I would love to try it!!


Love stopping by your blog, first learned about it from Erin!
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!


Could sure use the help this video offers. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Laura Stewart

looks great!!


It would be so AWESOME to get clean color!!! I feel like all my images are lacking that special something:( I would love, LOVE to try clean color. Thank you, and thank you Erin:)!!!

Julie Johnson

I love Erin's photos so her editing process in conjunction with your shooting training would have to make for amazing photos! Since I have your shooting training already I just need hers! Thanks for the chance to win!

kris cline

I would LOVE this....kick my but to learn more in photoshop and about thoughtful Karen!

Sandy Brown

I would love to win this. It would be the best compliment to my Karen Russell photo skills and my mostly unused Elements software!!


I love your photos & have noticed a change in your edits since you & Erin visited! I would be so excited if I won! :)

Melissa Hunnicutt

Amazing giveaway! If I win I might just give it away myself since I bought it first thing Monday morning. I was that excited!
Thanks for the chance!

Melissa Hunnicutt


Would love to try it please?


I would love this!!!! Please, please pick me. I'm shooting a lot lately (model shots for my knitting patterns) and I've come to the end of my knowledge regarding editing.


i definately need some inspiration, maybe this is it :) although your pix do the trick too !


Oh my this is awesome!!! Thanks.

Shawn Jeffers

I need, need, need this. I love taking pics but my process (if you call it that) takes forever to modify the pics.


Erin has been my inspiration to persue/learn photography, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win her Clean Color tutorial!!


Would love to win this giveaway!


I would LOVE to learn more about Erin's editing process. Her pictures are always so fresh and fun!!

Christy Johnson

I would love to win! I was all set to buy it when it finally came out but unfortunately my wallet has dried up!


I would love to get a copy of clean color - love Erin's look and want to understand her workflow :)

Misty Hofbauer

I wanna be you when I grow up. Or Erin, either way!
I dream of editing like the two of you!


oh. my. goodness. this is, peeinmypants fantastic!!!! thank you for the chance :)

blessings :)


Terrible photo editor:(...This would great for me.


724 comments? Holy smokes, Karen! You have quite the following... :) pick me! Go Beavers!

Ang Butler

Oh please, please, please pick me! It would make my year! Heehee.


This is exactly what I need - a hand held guide through an editing process.


How kind of you Karen. Thanks for doing this.


i would love clean color!!!


Just found your blog...this is one of the first posts I have read! Love your photos and your personality.

Jenn N

I truly admire how your photos look, and if you learned a bunch from Erin, then I would love to take the tutorial. Count me in!


So exciting!


I need to learn to edit photos!!! Please!!!!

Jessica Larsen

I struggle with editing too and would LOVE to win this! Thank you!

Shannon Jones

That's the part I hate about running a photography business is editing them all! I would love to learn these tricks for free. Especially with your new class I'm enrolled in.


Would love this! Thanks for offering this give-away!


I would love the chance to win Erin's "Clean Color"!


I guess that answers my question on whether your photos are SOC or not- thanks for the insight ;)

Stephanie C.

I am an avid reader of both your blog as well as Erin's.....and I am in love with my camera, but could use a ton more guidance when it comes to editing so I would LOVE to win this!!!

Dawn S

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. I've been so waiting for this tutorial. I know it is phenomenal.


I <3 Erin!!!! And I do not <3 Photoshop...yet! I can't wait to check out Clean Color & hope that it makes Photoshop less scary for me!

Megan B

how AWESOME...I'd love some great editing to check out her blog.


Love Erin's editing and would love to win this and learn from her!!

Kristin T

I have been reading about this Clean Color, very interested!

Susan T

I learned to take better pictures from you. I would love to learn how Erin processes them to get her clean look. Thanks for the chance to win.


Would love to learn her tips and tricks, thanks for the opportunity to win Clean Color.

Lynne Ashcraft

Thanks for sharing this. I hate sitting in front of my computer since I do it all day for "real" work. So a lot of my images just sit there waiting for editing that I'll never get to. I have been looking for quick editing solutions lately, so this is perfect!

Vicki Lynn Pfiester

I love yours and Erin's blogs and would love to have her tutorial.


I would love Clean Color class! I never edit my photos on the computer because I don't know where to start!


This is fantastic. I would absolutely love to win this. I too have been waiting for the release of Clean Color. I am so excited. Have a great evening.

Beth O'Dell

What a genorous giveaway!!! I would love to learn Erin's editing process!!!

Alicia Sharp

Would love to have this and be able to finally edit! Thanks for the chance!!


would love to give it a try!


I'd LOVE to win a copy!! Thanks so much.


oh, I've been wanting to learn her editing techniques since I saw your posts about her visit with you! I would love to have my photos come even halfway close to what hers look like! Thanks for the opportunity!


Ooooh, I would so love to win Clean Color!

I have waited so long for this to be released! Ever since you first introduced us to Erin, I have loved her sight almost as much as yours! With your photography class and her editing class, it's a perfect match! Thank you!

judith fender

woot! WOOT!!!
Count me in the drawing!
Would love to step-up my skills!

Stephanie D

I have always wanted to learn how to get that bright, clean smooth skin look and you and Erin are masters of it!


would love to win a copy of Clean Color


Thanks for a great opportunity and for sharing your journey so freely


I would love the chance to win.
Erin's photo's look awesome

Stacey H

I am almost afraid to get the clean color download only because I am afraid I might not get anything else done for months!!! laundry, the dishes, cooking, etc. I only have 22,566 photos on my computer since I took your class and it might just take all of my attention to edit them! Oh dear....challenges, challenges...that's what makes us better, right?

Good Luck!

And I have learned that if Karen Russell recommends should too!!


Ok. Sorry if this is posted more than once. Not sure why it won't let me leave a comment? But anyways, I checked out the link and I am very interested! Would love a chance to win it though. Thanks Karen.

Pam S

Her photos are awesome!! I've always had trouble editing photos, and this tutorial would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

Traci Severson

OH MY GOODNESS! This would be perfect since my son has asked me to take his senior pictures. I feel blessed he has that much confidence in me. I just need to edit them properly.


i'd love to try out clean color -- thanks for the chance!


LOVE her work! Thank you to you both for the giveaway and chance to win. - Dana

Kristen Smith

Pick me! Pick me! I would LOVE to learn how to edit my photos better. What an awesome giveaway!

Cindy Johnston

Awesome giveaway! Big thanks for the chance to win Erin's Clean Color! I for sure will be getting this at some point! :)


What a great giveaway! I loved your class and would love to learn from Erin too :)


gosh i would love this... so so so much.


I've really noticed a difference in your photos since you started using Erin's editing process. I'm super-excited to learn how to apply this to my own photos because I'm no where close to being as good as you to getting sooc shots! I need all the help I can get! Thanks for the chance to win!


I have been really looking forward to this!


I would love a copy of Clean Color! Thanks!

Cathy K

I would love to by lucky enough to win one of these! I love Erin's clean processing and need all the help I can get to understand the fundamentals of pp'ing!


I would love to learn how to make my photos as beautiful as Erin's!! Thanks for the chance! :)


This would be fabulous! Her processing is so pretty! thanks for the contest!


Would love to participate!

Kim Nguyen

I would love to learn how to edit pictures better!

Amy Sheffer

I would love to win this!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Tina Palmer

Oh would love to be a winner of this!!!! Thanks so much!


I would LOVE to have this! I have so much to learn!!

Heather Wenning

I have loved following Erin's work and you're pretty amazing yourself! I am definitely ready to take my photos to the next level.

Anne Finnigan

I would love to be in the know with Clean Color - thanks for the chance !


Pick me, pick me!!!

Donna M

Oh I would love to win this, I have trying to convince my husband that I need just such a class.

Tammy Waida

Thanks for the opportunity! I love Erin's blog and photos!!


So of course I'm like number 785 to comment! Like I'll win! I just got my Nikon d3100 a few months back, so excited! I love editing! But I'm not so good at it yet. I'd love to take you class someday. I read everyday and think your photos are the best. I don't understand why you are not a professional photographer.


i absolutely love your photos!! For mine to be half as good, well...that would be a dream! Thanks for the chance to win!!


This would be wonderful to win!

Olivia C

I want a copy so bad!!! I have been a fan of Erin's for a long time and, like you, don't love my computer. I can't wait to get my hands on this!

Tammy Eberhard

What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Lisa T

Oooohhhhh! I would love to win this!

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