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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I purchased it right it and cannot wait to ingrain it in this brain of mine. Without your rec. I would not have been so eager, and it did not disappoint.


Pick me! I never win :(


Would love to learn more about photo editing!

My New Year's goals are to finally go through the class I took from you (originally when I signed up two years ago, my father in law got sick and then passed away so I was unable to finish it at the time). And now my teen daughter has shown a strong passion for taking we're going through the HUGE binder together!

Thanks for all of your fun inspiration that you share on your blog!!


I would love to share this with my wife as a present - she loves Erin Cobb.

Jamie Striplin

I would love this, one of my goals for the new year is to learn how to take and edit better photos. It would be awesome to be able to learn from one of the masters. What a great giveaway!


I would love to have all my employees watch this - I own a portrait studio and our Photoshop skills are not great.

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Me! Me! Me!

Becky (beckywedd)


Holy crap - this would make me a happy happy little camper.

I'm a photog noob. I need all the help I can get! :)

Lori Newton

I could use lots of help with editing! It's so overwhelming that I don't do anything. I'd love to learn.

Sam F

This is very exciting! I'm a complete novice and would love to learn more about editing the photos on the computer!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Lisa S.

I would love to know some tricks and tips. Thnaks for the chance to win.


I think I'm one of the few crazy ones out there that actually loves editing pictures, however I would love to streamline the process and see how Erin creates her magic.

dana f.

Erin can thank you for my purchase! I love your editing, Karen and definitely noticed the difference last year. I just bought Clean Color and can't wait to use it.

Catherine C R

I too want to be that excited when I process images. It is by far the hardest, and most dreaded part of picking up my camera!!! Thanks.


I never found a way to editing my photos, it all seemed always to artificial. Winning this class would be my solution for better photos, finally :-))


I would love clean color! I love taking pictures but need help with editing!


oh this would be so awesome. ive played around with editing, but i feel like i go around in circles, and often end up going back to the original.

Jenny H.

I would love to learn Erin's fabulous techniques!!

Amy Ames

Would love to have this! Looks great. Thanks for the review.


Oh my gosh... I would LOVE this! Thanks for the opportunity!


Would love to win this! Thank you for offering this giveaway!


This is exactly what I need!


I love Erin's photography and would love to win this!


Wow, really? That would b wonderful?? What if you don't have either of those programs, is that going to matter much?


Heather W.

Love your photos and love Erin's photos!


C'mon noon on Wednesday, I want to be picked! :D


I love her stuff! Thank you for hosting this wonderful give away!


That is fabulous. I tweak all my photos, before posting, and just that hint of color or brightness makes all the difference!


I would so love this! Thanks for the opportunity!




What a wonderful giveaway Karen! I am so happy Erin is sharing her editing process. I always admired both your styles. I'd love to have Clean Color and learn to properly edit my photos.


Thinking lucky thoughts . . . .
Would love to watch this amazing video. :)

Tracey M

I have been waiting for this with baited breath,I fiure if you love it,then it must be great!

Patty Hetrick

Ooh! I couldn't wait so I already bought it. If I win then please pick someone else:)

tammy b

Would absolutely love to learn "clean color"! Thanks for the chance!

Amy A

Just got a new lens for Christmas...would love to match it by learning some great editing techniques! :D


I would LOVE to win this! I follow Erins blog too ;-)


Ohmygosh! I love when I come check your blog after a bit, and not only are there multiple posts, but a giveaway! :) Thanks for the chance!!

Donna Bolsar

Never took the tome to edit many of my pictures either, but would LOVE to learn!



I would love, love, love to win this. Thank you for the chance to win!


I'd love to learn this editing technique! Your photos are always beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!


while if it was erins editing crash course that changed you.. it was your course that changed meed. I am loving m ymy pictures (most of them) since this sumer!! Thanks so much Mel

Alicia Fry

Oh my gosh, Karen! This would be a dream come true!! I have been bleeding time at the altar of editing... and I am missing out on cherished playtime with my kids! Unfortunately, I am stuck in the "catch 22" of trying to start a business, but not having the luxury of being able to afford tutorials like this that I could learn so much from. Also, I just adore your clean, fresh, perfectly white balanced images:)


Great giveaway on a cool blog,
you've got to love the internet. ;-)


Your story telling amazes me. I'm planning to learn lots from auditing your class. Love Erin's clean color. Looks like it would just simplify the work process.


Hi Karen!
Thanks for the chance to win a clean color!
I love your blog. I absolutely love love love your pictures.
Your perspective is always so neat and interesting.

Sue M.

I would love to learn more about editing!!


Wow, what an amazing gift to offer! Yes please :)

Lorie Gomes

just got a mac and can't wait to organize my photos...this would be great to use! thanks for give away and have a great day, Lorie

rachel TANNER

I have always love your photos and have been reading the blog for over 3 years now. I noticed such a difference in your edited photographs over the past year and Erin may have a small part to play in that! I will keep reading and drooling...


great giveaway. Love your photos - love your blog!


Ohhhh I'd love to learn the tricks of editing - please pick me :) THANKS for the chance x!

Val from Down Under

I follow your's and Erin's blog religiously and was very excited to hear that Clean Colour's finally been released. Oh yeah, Wednesday's my birthday too!

Jenn Crosby

If I don't win it, I'm buying it!


Oh oh pick me pick me !!!!!!


An answer to a prayer! Thank you Erin and thank you Karen!!

Michelle Bostinelos

I would love a chance to learn Erin's editing process. If you picked me I would be VERY happy!

Andi M

I would love to learn how to edit my photos. I'm never satisfied with the results I get when I try to do it on my own.

laura j

i am in definite need of a few tips!

Lila Knight

I would love to have win! I love your photo's and Erin!


Pick me. I would so love this. I am clueless when it comes to photoshot and rely on SOOC all the time.

Mrs. Dunbar

I've loved your photos for years. Been waiting for months for Clean Color to come out.


Can't wait to see what she does. Her pictures are so amazing!

Christine Edwards

Will have to check out her tutorial. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!


I have such white balance issues, your photos over the last year have been amazingly "clean" I want that look too!


I'd LOVE to win! Love Erin and her beautiful photographs!


oh i would LOVE to get proper edited images! i so admire your photos and learned so much, now i want to dive in the editing process


Oh, me, me, me!!! I'm on my way over to sign up!!!

Amanda raper

Pick me, pick me. I need this so bad. I am so frustrated with photoshop.


This is an awesome giveaway!!!


I would love this!


Unfortuntately Clean Color came out right as I found out I am pregnant AND our fridge breaks. So please "fingers crossed" pick me because right now can't justify spending money. :( I love both you and Erin's work and would love to learn how to process my pics before the baby comes.


It it's getting such a glowing endorsement from you, I'm definitely interested in this! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

Ingrid from the Netherlands

It's a perfect giveaway!!! But I couldn't wait and I purchased it myself 5 minutes ago. This is just the guidance I need for my photography, even when it's not in Dutch ;-)

Jen Spain

Taking your class was revolutionary for me, and I still love the improvements I've seen in my photos. I've been looking for something like this for a long time, and clean color would be the icing on the cake. (I had to throw in a cake reference for you!)


my heart almost jumped out of my chest when i read that you were giving it away. I am so excited right now that I can barely type. I want it so bad, and I would use some of my photo shoot money to buy it, but every penny of it needs to go to bills and rent and kiddos. My hubby is in school and I am actually using photography to help him make it through, it's a dream come true... but you know what would be even more of a dream come true???? To have this tutorial. I am praying to the photography god's... pick me pick me!


Love the editing that Erin does too, sounds good.


I love the way her editing looks bright and happy- and yours too! I'd love to win! Thanks for convincing her to do Clean Color!!


I feel like my photography has been changed by Karen Russell and Erin Cobb's editing would be the icing on my cake!!!


I've been hearing lots about this class, I would love to try it out.


I have been eyeing the Clean Color download but haven't hit buy looks soooo awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!! :)


Pick me, pick me!! :)


big fan of you girls here, too, and would looove these tips and tricks!!

Candice S

I really struggle with editing and I love Erin's photos. I hope I win!

Kim Bolyard

I am so excited about this...have been waiting and would love to win...thanks for the chance

Kim Bolyard

Tara Liddicoat

Oh, I would love, love, LOVE to win... thank you for the chance!


I would LLLOOOOOOVVVEE this. :)

Diana L

Oh Karen, it would be amazing to have Erin's "Clean Color" video. I love her photos. If I won a copy of "Clean Color", maybe my pictures would look a little closer to hers (and yours). Oh, wish me luck!!


I'm so excited that her clean color tutorial is finally here for all of us to learn from!

Debbie Lucero

I hardly know anything about editing pictures so this would be perfect for me! I thought I was doing pretty good cropping but obviously there's lots more to learn.


I would LOVE to win this. Erin's style is beautiful and bright and fun, and I would so appreciate having the guidance to edit images in this way. Thanks so much for the chance to win!


Oh wow! Pick me! Pick me!

Brenda Walker

Thanks to you for introducing me to Erin's blog. I read hers and yours all the time! I love both of your photography skills. I would love to learn her secrets for editing too.


Fantastic picture! It looks like you just had a lightbulb moment. I'm with you on wanting perfection straight out of the camera, but getting a succinct and straightforward editing process from a pro is such a good idea!

Alena H

I just bought it this morning and CANNOT wait to watch and learn! I'm so excited!


Love Love Love Erin and love Clean Color. What a great giveaway!

Heather M.

I would love a copy - her photos are always amazing.


Ever since you have mentioned Erin, I have been following her blog, waiting for clean color!
Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Judy Webb

I was going to e-mail you about this very subject. Do your photos turn out as good as the photos you publish to your blog? I have not mastered editing in Elements and then getting excellent prints. Something always seems wrong. Certainly going to check out Clean Color. Love you.

Laura Glover

ohhhhh, I want this so bad. I found out it was available (I'm on her list) but since Christmas, I really don't have the funds. This would be so cool to win!!! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance!!

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