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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of Clean Color and for sharing your photos. I'm really looking forward to 1/31 - the beginning of class!

Sandra A

I would love this! You are so kind to make this available. What a New Year's treat this would be. Thanks!


I've been reading reviews of this today and talking to a friend about Clean Color. I'm so impressed and I LOVE the results. So curious! :) Thank you for holding a drawing! :)

Amber Ramsey

this would be perfect Karen! just what i need! and even if i don't win...i'm adding it to my list of things to purchase!


oh, I would so love this!! I'm taking your class starting in January and this will be the perfect complement to it!! :)


Yes please!!! Thanks for the giveaway :)


I'm so excited! Thanks!


Oh please pick me! :) Truly, thank you for offering this on your blog.....I love love love your blog and throughly enjoyed your class a few years ago! May your day be blessed! :)


Thank you Karen for the opportunity and for sharing your photos - they are amazing. I'm truly looking forward to 1/31 - the beginning of class with you!


Karen- If you say it was revolutionary for you... then thats good enough for me!! I am sure this would be amazingly helpful for me on the editing side...


Thanks for the great tip and giveaway! I love how clean and crisp and not over-edited you photos always look. :)


Oh please oh please, pick me! Your's and Erin's blogs and photos are the two I check daily and admire wholeheartedly! I would LOVE clean color!


me please :)

Elise Low

I would LOVE this.... I received elements for Christmas and have no idea what I'm doing!!!!!


oh how i need this help!!!!!!!!


How awesome! I will check out her blog right now. :)

Karen P (kphike)

Oh my gosh - would love to win a copy of this!!! Thanks Karen!


WooHoo!I would love to win a copy of Clean Color!Thanks for a great giveaway!


I downloaded Clean Color yesterday and LOVE IT! You and Erin are my favourite photography people in the whole wide world. :-)


I have been to bashful and scared to ask you if Erin's clean color editing tutorial would teach some of the things that she taught you. I think you may have just answered my question. I have a silly drafted letter/email to her. How did you get the courage to ask.... Since I still starting out, money is always the issue. And me putting myself out there is the other limitation. I have a personal blog and a professional blog that are not connected.

Erica Hettwer

Oh, no! The pricing ends on Friday, yikes! I have to wait to find out if DH got a new job and he may or may not find out by then. Fingers crossed that either he finds out before Friday or fingers and toes crossed that my name gets picked! :)

ps-Thanks, Karen, for talking her into this!




Oh I would love to know the secrets behind how you get the results you do!

angie from MD

It's been fun discovering both of your blogs. I would love to learn some new tricks.


I would be so happy to improve my pictures both with better photography skills and better editing skills! :)


always loved the brightness of your images and Erin's, would love to know the secrets.


A perfect little surprise for 2011! I'd love it!

Mary N

I love the look of her images and I would love to see how she does it!!


I'd love to win! :)


Yes, Please...I would like to be a winner!


I am another one who has not spent much time on learning how to edit my photos. I would love to have Erin's guidance!


Putting my name in the hat too!

Jamie K

Please, please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeaaaase!!!!! :) I have Photoshop Elements and know just enough to be dangerous (yes, I ALWAYS copy my photos before destroying - I mean editing - them!). I love Erin and would LOVE the chance to learn more about editing in Elements! Thanks for the giveaway Karen!

Kimberly L.C.

You know, I never seem to win these drawings, and I promise to never say anything about not winning ever again if I win just THIS ONE TIME! I would love to own Clean Color, but the moolah is just not in the budget right now. Please, oh please, pick me Karen!

Laura Bax

Awwwwkk - it would rock to win!!

Heather Crawford

Oooo, would love to learn that process too~ Pick me, pick me~ :)

Danielle B.

OOOOOOHHHHH, so excited this is out!! I would love to get a copy! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


Tips and Tricks!! Thank you:) I could use all the help I can get:)


I hate commenting on giveaways(makes me feel like a cheap, greedy hog), but in this case, I will!! Her post processing is amazing and I would love to learn her techniques. :)

Leonie -Australia

I have so much trouble getting the skin tones right when I edit photos, I would LOVE to know to achieve this (& all the other editing details). Thanks Karen.


I would love this giveaway!!! Great way to start the new year!

Julie W

Editing is one area I could really use some help in. Thanks for the chance to win.

Kim L in ATL

oh Karen - I would love this. Thanks for the offer!

Stacie Albrecht

I'm totally like you, love taking pictures, hate the computer stuff. Thanks for the giveaway.


Oh my gosh! This would be awesome! I LOVE your pictures and love looking at Erin Cobb's ever since you linked to her when you were learning from her! Thank you SO much for the opportunity to win!


Thought of you as we watched Auburn and Oregon duke it out. We are LSU (Louisiana) fans over here but we were hoping Oregon would beat Auburn. Great game. Oregon's uniforms are always so awesome! I'm a huge fan of your work. Your no fuss editing inspires me!


Would love to win!
Thanks Karen! I enjoy reading your blog :)


OOOOOOhhhh, I hope I'm the lucky one! I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!


I would love to try out her program. I'm the same way...editing on the computer is kind of like one of those things I HAVE to do but don't really want to. I adore her photography, so maybe it'll help boost my images.


Woohoo I got mine!! Can't wait to play!


Oh Karen - what an amazing giveaway !!! Thanks for sharing !!! Editing is something I really want to learn and that's why Erin's tutorial is soooo absolutly essantial for me and my photos !! :) I am sooo excited and before i leave i want to say how much i love your way of shooting <3

from Germany

mandy friend

oh Karen! I'm like you, love tyhe camera, hate the computer. I've actually stopped taking photos as much because i hate editing! Pick me!


How exciting I would love this!


Wow I would love to masterthe clean cut processing know what...until just recently I Was actually quite niave and did not really value the true quality and finishing touch post processing can add to pictures. I am all signed up and raring to go with your Workshop that starts later this month and this would be the perfect addition to go alongside and hopefully help my photos to rock! Thanks for such a great giveaway!


Pick me, pick me. I am buying Photoshop Elements 9 this week. So excited!!


Love Erin's pp & I need to learn this ~ my pp stinks! :)
Thanks for the giveaway!

Megan S

C'mon Karen, pick your favorite past student, right here! Ha, ha, just kidding. Oh and true what you said, "I love my camera and hate my computer" Thank you for this opportunity :)

Wendi Junod

Love you and love her! You're both incredible artists! Would love to win the Clean Color. Her editing stands above all the rest!


please, please, pick me!!!


i'd love to have clean color!! i've been waiting for it! thanks, karen!

Leslie Murphy

Love this photo of you. I'd love Clean Color too. :)


I would love this!


This is so awesome! I am never satisfied with my edits so a tried and true practice would be a HUGE breakthrough!


can I win....oh please

Tracey Clouten

Any help I can get would be great - I would love to know some editing techniques


You both achieve the most amazing colors -- I'd love to learn some lessons in the tutorial!

Victoria Hassink

Wow, I have always wanted my pictures to look like crisp and colorful, looks like you could touch them.

However no funds to indulge in that stuff for quite a while...someday I will have a real camera and learn how to use it. For now I will enjoy yours.


oh please oh please oh please! :)

Kristi B

Pick ME :) I love her editing & am so glad she made this!!!


I would love to learn her techniques on how to improve my pictures.


Wonderful - I could really use this!


I would love to win this tutorial. What a wonderful giveaway.


I love your blog and would love to win Clean Color!!! It's my Birthday today and would be an awesome post birthday present!!

brianne sheppard

I am LITERALLY bouncing in my chair with excitement at the thought of winning. i have followed your blog for 3+ years now, and I started Following erins as soon as you mentioned her... I felt so badly for her these past few weeks! Her posts have really made me appreicte the time I have with my son so much more.. and to take MORE PHOTOS! I would LOVE to be able to edit them even half as well as the two of you... Thanks! Bri

brianne sheppard

entered in my email address wrong... its


This is exactly what I'm needing!


It sounds fantastic, I would love to find out more about editing!


Now that would be helpful...

Elizabeth Phelps-Lambert

I have loved photography my whole life, and now at (almost) 59 I'm finally taking the time for me to learn how to do it "right"! Thanks so much for this opportunity . . . it would certainly be awesome if I won!


This is something I really strive for, but have such a hard time getting right! I love the way your images look so clean! Awesome giveaway! :-)

Sandra VV

would love some guidance on editing... I'm lost!

Amy Coose

Oh wow! This is the best giveaway ever! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Stacy Guthrie

I cant wait to try this out!


Heard and seen so many wonderful things about her...Would love to learn from her.

Andrea C

Sounds DREAMY! I need all the help I can get.



This would be such a great thing to have! Thank you for the chance to win :)


Thank you for the change to win, I'm over the moon at the prospect of it. Oh how I would love it!

Cathy S

Her tutorial looks fabulous!

Lisa W.

Awesome! Clean color would be wonderful to have!

Nicole Mathison

I have been drooling over this all day!


Would love to learn to better edit my photos. Thanks for the chance to win:)!!


I so very much want to learn how to use my photoshop!

Dana N

Hooray - it's finally here! I've been waiting for Erin's tutorial since you first mentioned it on your blog. I've been using PS but I can't get my colors right so I usually end up using my photos SOOC. I'd love to be part of the "in crowd" and have my photos looks as great as yours do. Thanks for a chance to win! :)


I'm so excited to learn her editing process!!!!

Mattie Ettenheim

So EXCITED! My photos could use some clean color lovin'


Pick me, pick me! I want creamy skin tones and bright but-not-too-bright colors! I'm noticing I always view your blog with an envious eye... ;) God bless-

Brandi Z.

This would be so awesome!! Thanks for the chance. I take tons of photos but get bogged with trying to improve in elements.

Nicole Ellison

oooooh pick me....pick me....maybe I'll get lucky again and I promise this time I'll use it! I'm more settled in my divorced life now!

Kim P

Pick me, pick me! I love the sharpness and "clean" look of Erin's and now your pictures (loved yours before you learned this too of course). My hubby would be so happy if I won and I'd be even happpier!


I would LOVE to win this! My photos are so sad.

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