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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I would love to edit photos the way you do!


Karen + Erin = twice the cute posts! This is a wonderful giveaway, thank you so very much!


I would LOVE to learn photoshop. I enjoy both of your blogs.

Joy Anslemn

Draw me!

Kelly Rasmussen

so excited about is exactly what i need! so many times i feel like i convert my pics to b/w just because i can't get the color to look the way i want.


What a great giveaway! I'd LOVE to try it out. :)

Cassie Spencer

I would love to win! I could really use it.


Crossing fingers! I'd absolutely love to see her process, but the extra money is just not lying around right now.

Sally C.

Fun! Thanks for the chance!

Iris Hicks

Oh boy, what a lucky day it would be for me to win this. Yipeee in anticipation.

Jennifer O.

If we win, do you or Erin come with it to help the computer/photography challenged individual (me) learn how to use it?! Thanks for the chance to win.

Amber Scurlock

Would love to win this!


Oooh this would be AMAZING!!! Thanks for the contest, Karen!


Can't wait to get this... Or win it!

Sarah H.

Definitely need all the editing help I can get!! Have been following Erin's blog since you first mentioned her!! Would love to win!


Awesome! I loved your photography class, so anything you recommend, I'm in on!!!!

Kathy C.

I'm gonna sign-up either way...I'll wait until you draw a name and see if I win....Kathy

Kelly Jo

Would love to try this!! I'm winging it so far and not very good if I say so myself!


Still working on taking better pictures, but would love to be able to edit, too. Especially with our first grandbaby (surprised us a little early, on Christmas Day:))


Ooh, I need it! Great giveaway. :)


I would love to try this. I love Erin Cobbs images and trust your recommendation!

Pamela Jordan

Much like you, I've focused on learning to shoot SOOC rather than editing in photoshop (too time consuming!) but I'm in awe of the crisp images Erin produces. I'm dying to learn how she does it -- her kids always look adorable!


Oh, I really, really want to learn this!!

gina f.

Thanks for giving a couple away!!

judy kay

I hate editing and love Erin Cobb's style. That makes me the perfect winner! : ) Thanks for the generous give away!


Exactly. It seems I can get one part of the editing part together - but never all parts at the same time working together to make a totally whole image like I want.

Ann T

It would be wonderful to learn. DH is going to be "surprising" me with either Elements or PS for V-Day and this would be a great start.


I want Clean Color too!


Would love to win this!! I hate my computer and am trying to learn to edit pictures. We are going on a family vacation this summer and I want to be able to hang our own photos in the house!!

thanks for the chance to win.

Sarah Jay

Editing really can be the difference between a good photo and a great photo. I'm still trying to get a handle on good photos, but would love to pick up pointers from Erin's class.


very exciting - thanks for the opportunity Karen.

Melissa R

I would LOVE to win this! Love yours and Erin's style, and do most of my editing in LR, but want to venture more in CS5, and this would do it for me I think!


Hello. I would love to win :) I'm gearing up to edit my 2-year-old's pics from all of last year before the new one comes along.


What a fantastic giveaway from a talented photographer. I'd love to get my hands on a copy. Thanks!

Nicole Kberg

Pick me, Pick me! I would love an early birthday gift. But if not, I still love your work!


wow wow...i was so hoping that she would come up with a way to share her editing process...yay!

susan byrd

I would love to win. I take lots of photos but never get to the editing. I would LOVE to win Clean Color to help me with the edit process.

Melissa Z

Sounds great. A perfect companion to your Photographer's Workshop.


I've had photoshop sitting on my computer for 2 years now and would love to be able to use it with some help. Thanks for the opportunity!!


Ooo i would love this! I love her work!

Shaylee B

I've been anxiously waiting for her to release these tutorials and would love to win them!!!


I would love to win this tutorial! Photography is a hobby of mine but I am mostly self-taught so I could use all of the help I can get!


Karen, I'm very much looking forward to your class at the end of the month....and this would be the perfect compliment to it!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Lisa Prather

I need so much help with editing- this would be perfect! Thanks Karen and Erin for giving this away!


man - i would LOVE to be this lucky! thanks a bunch for the gift!

Karine Ardault

pretty please, pick me :)


Oh I have been waiting and waiting-and then not so patiently-waiting for Clean Color to be released! You are the one that turned me on to Erin-both of you are truly inspirational. Thanks for the great offer!

Ann Marie

Clean color is just my style!

Theresa S.

I soooo want and need to win this. Hoping . . . praying . . . . fingers crossed. I have seen Erin's work and it is Ah-mazing.


I love, love, love you, your family, your blog, your humor. Please don't ever stop blogging. I live in Yreka, so I know all the places you talk about on your blog. Sometimes I take my husband out and we try to duplicate your dates with Josh Downs. :)


Great giveaway, the perfect start to a brand new year.

Kelly C

I have been waiting for this! Thanks for the chance to win it. Love both your work and hers.


Pick me! Oh how I would love to win!


I, like you, try to just create the perfect image on my camera. Years later...I'm still learning! : ) I have been reading Erin's blog and hope to make this part of my photography journey.

Tammy Mellish

Oooooh! Color me Happy! :-)


Thanks for the chance to win! I love Erin's clean style.


Loved your class (I get the whole 'good sooc' thing), love Erin and Clean Colo(u)r! And thanks for doing the draw before the deadline!!


What a fabulous giveaway! :-)

Danielle L-Y

What a lovely giveaway! I haven't done anything with editing either, until now... :)


I would love to learn some new tips and tricks. Thanks!


love you and love her!


This is amazing. I took your class once in Beaverton and loved it, but lately have been struggling with my pictures. This would be the perfect tool to jump start my interest again. I love both of yours and Erin's photos!! Thanks for the generosity!


Oooh! Thank you for the chance to win this! *crossing my fingers and hoping*

Susan Helms

Pick me!!!!


Um, yes please!


Oh Dear! I follow both you and Erin. I love both of your photos. I would so so so love to win. I do need help in the editing department fo'sho'!

I did have a dream (not to long ago) that I called Erin for a phone mentoring session and she refused to talk to me. She told me that my photos were just to bad and nothing could help them. LOL sooo.. I secretly admire her from afar now.

Still..I would love to win her new CLEAN COLOR!!! ha and mentoring session.

Jennifer L

Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to win this. I really really want to learn Erin's process but can't afford it. Your photos are always so beautiful, so fresh. I'd love to learn how to do this too. Thank you for the chance and have a wonderful day!


What a terrific giveaway. I always admire your photos and their perfect colors. Think I need tons of help in this area.


would so love to win this!


I would love to win this! I have wanted to learn how to edit my photos for such a long time. I love your photos and would love to know how to edit the way you and Erin do! Thank you!


OMG! would so love to win this!


What a fabulous give away!

Karen F.

I'm dieing to try out Clean Color . . . I love both your and her photos and processing!!!


I would love love love it! I love how bright and clean her photos always look!

Lyndsay Walden

Put my name in the hat! I have CS5 but have yet to start playing with it.


I love all of your work....LOVED your class! I would also LOVE to have Clean Color!! Thanks for the chance!

carrie hicks

I need major help in editing. I try to get the pop-color w/ natural skin tones and can't figure it out! Ugh. SO...I would love to win this opportunity...thanks for doing this!

Carrie in Bend.


Holy comments....

My editing changes everything I have learned from you...I need help!!

Here's to hopingā™„


Oooooh - pick me! Thanks for sharing!

Beth P

I would love to win clean color!!! I followed your blog and erin's before she came out to see you...nothing better than your 2 favorite photog blogs crossing paths!!!!! Can't wait to learn more from the both of you!!!


Oh you have no idead how badly I need this class. ;)

Patti Johnson

OOOOOH... I'm drooling coffee all over my desk, I think I need this goodie!!

Conni M

Mememememeeme .... I love Erin's processing. I would definetly be sooo glad to win, but if I odn't I'll buy it LOL!!

Jennifer P

I would love to have this too. :) I hate my computer too. And Erin ROCKS.

Amy A.

I love both your and Erin's photos. I need to learn SO much. This would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.


Wow, that sounds more than tempting. I am like you - I like my photos fuss-free. I'm by no means professional but I would LOVE to know how to get better use out of Photoshop and enhance my pictures :) Best wishes from Germany!


That would make my New Year a happy learning experience.


**drool** oh how I would love to win this! I've hit the wall with my editing skills and this would be just the ticket! :) Thanks!!


I love your blog and the awesome pictures you post. I would so love to learn. Got my fingers crossed!


love any learning opportunity! which is one of the many reasons I follow your blog.

Michelle Sauer

Me me me! I need a new challenge this winter and learning Clean Color would be perfect for that!


Love your photos and I would love a chance to win this!! Thanks!


yay! i am so excited about this.


I would love to win this! Your picture colors always look beautiful!

Melissa S.

Oh, this just gave my heart a little pitter patter. Hope to win. Great prize. Thanks Karen and Erin.


It would be amazing to win this!

cindy mandernach

even if i don't win, i'm going to get this download. i think i've gotten pretty good but there is always room for improvement...

thanks for the chance to win!!!


Cathy B. of IL

Have Elements and only know the basics...VERY basics...need help. Thanks for the chance to win! Been at this too long not to know the correct way.


Oh I would LOVE LOVE to win this!!


I've been following the release and was so excited that I thought it would be out before Christmas (perfect gift!). When that did happen she picked the next best day to release it....on my 30th birthday!!! Everyone kept asking what to get me, the hubby, the parents, the best friends..... I was so excited about the release of Clean Color that I couldn't think of anything else I REALLY wanted besides that!!! I didn't get it for many reasons (got lots of other lovely things) but I would be over the moon to win it here. Love both of you gals and your amazing talent. Thanks for the chance to win.

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