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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Thanks for sharing Karen!

Michelle C

Your love for your camera and dislike for editing sound just like me. I've been reading various editing posts/tutorials for a couple of years and am still no where close to Erin's editing. I know Erin's workflow would help take my photos from good to great!

Thanks for offering the chance for us to win Clean Color!

Carole Jackson

I totally need this. Just got a new camera for Christmas and would love, love, love to be taught by the best! Thank you :)

Kelly W.

I have always LOVED Erin's pictures and I love yours, too! I'd love to learn how to make my pictures look like both of yours!!


Hi Karen! This is so exciting! I've been waiting... I had to switch from CS to PSE b/c of a computer challenge and am re-learning. I'm ok with it (that's after lots of self encouragement)! Anyway... I have all kinds of actions, but just looking for a good clean process to get great color! Ever since you started to talk about this, I knew it would be for me! YAY!!


I'd love the opportunity to download Erin Cobb's Clean Color to learn from her! Love her work!

Susie Leggett

Love Erin's clean color and would love to learn her process.


Wow, this would be great! Thanks!


Well if it's on recommendation by you (and your lovely pictures) I'm ready to try it!


I would just die to win this. I love Erin's editing. It's gorgeous. I can't afford to buy Clean Color right now, but would love to learn her techniques!


I WANT this sooooo bad but sickness in the family over christmas has left us pretty strapped for cash!! SOOOO PICK ME PICK ME!!! I LOVE both of your editing and this would move me in the right direction in SOOO many ways with my photography!!!


Karen, you know I need all the help that I can get. Please pick me. Thanks.
Melissa B.

Shauna Thompson

I would LOVE to win this! I want my face to look like yours in the above picture!

Michelle Arthur

I would love to win this. Thank you so much for the chance.


Great to know about this .... editing is something I definitely need to know.

Karen O

I would love to win!!!! I really could use this!


Would love to learn how to improve my photos. Sounds like the perfect tutorial!

Katelyn O

This would be perfect for me!


Thanks Karen for such a generous giveaway. Took your one-day seminar in October and have been practicing what I learned....and will be auditing the online class that starts later this month. My plan is to find a way to purchase Clean Color (since it goes along so well with everything I'm learning from you)...but as a single mom with a daughter in college, money is tight and it would be awesome to win a copy for free!! Thanks again.

DoBea A

Ohhhh! I definately need help in the editing of my pics!


This would be great, I'm so excited about the possibilities!

Brandi Young

Awesome. I would love this!!


thanks for the awesome giveaway!
can't wait to try out erin's process!


this would help me in my scrapbooking - it makes it easier if you have beautiful shots.

Jen T

I would love to win. I could definitely use some help with editing, don't even know where to begin.


What a great giveaway! I heart Erin's editing! :)

Rachelle R

Your blog and work is inspirational! Not only do I read it for photo tips, but love your way of mothering your family.

Paula Heutsche

I would LOVE this. I am just learning to do more with Photoshop Elements!


Too cool! Love Erin and her work!

Joan Fowler

Any help to make my pictures look more like yours is welcome.

Stacie Cooper

I have been reading her blog for a while. I would love to actually win CLEAN COLOR! It is MONUMENTAL!


Very excited about Clean Color. Oh--and I just wanted to say that I have used your Nikon/Canon camera comparisons for myself and have sent many others there. Thanks for your breakdown of the pros and cons. I appreciated it!

Stacy H

Awesome giveaway!!!!


pick me, pick me!! please please please. :)
i would love to learn erin's secrets. it's those creamy skintones that always have me cursing because i can never get them quite right!!


Thank you, Karen, for offering this giveaway. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for Clean Color's release!

Rebecca H

are you kidding me?? I love Erin Cobb's editing! I would so love to win this!!

kate owens

I've been following her blog since she visited with you and you posted about her. This is GREAT! Even if I don't win, I'm still buying!


sounds amazing! :)


Wow, i would love to win this! I definitely need help with editing and Erin's photos always look amazing!


I have been so hooked on Erin Cobb ever since you blogged about your time with her!


Hi, Karen! It's a new year and hopefully more time to spend on photography! Would love to win "clean color"! Thanks for the chance!

Rebecca C

Clean color sounds so cool, count me in!!


Would love to win this.

Erin in IA

I would love to try it out!

Joni H

What a great give away. Love learning from the best, you and Erin of course!


Clean Color sounds great, will check it out. I need to learn more on editing!

Jessica Anne

would love this!

Amy Mason

Ooh, sounds great!


How awesome- I'd love to get better at colors editing.
Thank you very much!


Am I too late? I would love to try these and know her tips! THANKS!


I am always in awe of both you & Erin's ability to capture moments! I am hoping this guidance would allow me to enhance some of mine!


I'm new to the photography blogging world and I'm already so impressed with how much information and friendship there is. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

Rachel Plowman

OH - THIS WOULD BE SO GREAT!!! I hope its me -- I never win anything - ever! :)


I would really love this! Thanks for the give away! My goal this year is to understand my camera so I can take better pictures and I am well aware that editing goes a long way to loving the final outcome.


what a great giveaway-- i need help on editing for sure.


Would love how to learn how to use Adobe better! I downloaded a trial version of Elements, but haven't had much time to play with it. The little I have, I haven't grasped it.

Erin S

I would love this! What a great way to learn -


would love to check this out!


Ooooh, I'd love to win this! I have lots of learning to do in the photo-editing department.


I would love to get this tutorial! I have zero post processing skill and need some badly. And I would love to buy the tutorial but its just not in the budget right now!


I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Clean Color for months now! Thanks for keeping us posted!

libbi m.

thank you for the opportunity to win "clean color." have a fabulous day!

Heather Bowser

I would love to win this.

Heather Freeman

Pick me! Pick me!


I have taken your photography class and now Erin's editing techniques, thats like cherry on the ice cream... I hope writing doesn't add to the calories LOL


:) Photography makes me happy and gives me a much needed creative outlet since I am a stay at home mom :) I stuggle alot with color correction and need help.

Lori Todd

OH Me, OH Me, Please. How I would love this program.


Thanks 4 the chance 2 win


Erin is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Nicky from Canada

This would be great - I need some help in the editing department and have always, like you, felt the camera should do it all!!


Editing frightens me! This would be awesome!


Would love to have this great new product Diane


Love looking over your photo's and the soft clean look...
Would love to win this !!

Laura D


I have been waiting for this to come out and to win it would be Awesome!!! Thanks for the chance.


I cant wait to watch this video! I hope i win!


I would absolutely LOVE to win this! Thanks!


Wow I would love to learn how to edit. right now I am not doing any editing but I do have Elements.

Rachelle S

Clean Color looks wonderful and it is on my "must get" list :)

bev frayer

would LOVE to be the person picked, NEED this!!!


I'd love to win this. Thanks!


OMG ~ this is awesome!!! Would love to win this to enhance my editing after auditing your class last summer (which by the way was fabulous!!) ... thank you for this opportunity!!

Terri B

Would LOVE to learn her style of editing, especially if you're THAT excited about it! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Angela Daly

This is just amazing !!!!!! I have been wondering why my pictures are not as good as other people. Finally my prayers have been answered ! this is the best find EVER for my uncontrolled addiction. Photography and Scrapbook . Love it !
Angela Daly


Would love the opportunity to win ~ 2011 is the photography year for me! Finally joined a class and want to get down with it! This would be a great bonus! ~ Peace, Donna


Thank you for the opportunity to win! Loved your class and appreciate your referrals on to other great sources of information (i.e. Erin)!! Thanks for the passion you put into your work - you are appreciated!


I would love to win a copy of Clean Color!

M Dart

Yay! You and Erin are my favorites!


This would be awesome. I have a similar situation where I have worked hard to get good images, but haven't figured out the whole photoshop thing yet.

Diane Payne

I've been anxiously anticipating this for months - I would LOVE to win!


I would love to win this...Erin's photos are AMAZING!!!

Erika Rebstock

I've been in love with Erin's work ever since you introduced me to her! Pick me, pretty please.


Oh terrific!
Thank you!

Janne Skafte

Oh, how I would love Erin's program. Thanks for a chance to win a fantastic program.

Christine Doggett

editing is a whole new world for me, about time i tried it out...


I am so curious to learn about editing! I have tried several times & usually just end up with a muddy mess!

Chi Anen

Would love, love, love to learn from Clean Color. You both are amazing photographers!


Her color is amazing! I would love to win!


The color is amazing! I cant wait to try it myself!

Sheri W

Wow!! I saw Jennifer McGuire was giving away a copy and headed on over to PigBear where I promptly got lost in the world of Pi'bear and B-ro for an hour before going back to Jennifer's to comment! Then I headed back to Erin's and saw that you are also giving away a copy!!1 Outstanding!!! I would LOVE to be able to produce photos like Erin! Like you , I prefer to publish or print straight SOC but sometimes feel bad that I cannot get certain pictures to look better than they do SOC. I sure hope I can win this!!! Thanks!!!


I woulf LOVE to learn how Erin does it. Her images are so clean and beautiful. Thank you so much Karen for this opportunity.

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