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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Oh, I would love a copy of Clean Color!!

Jenna m

I love Erin's work. I am so glad you introduced her to us. The perfect pair....your photo class and her editing video!

Elizabeth Lombardi

pick me, pick me please?!


WOW this is a great giveaway.
Thanks for a chance to win.

Kristin Burge

Love love love her style!!!
Just watched her video explaining it - she is amazing!
-Kristin B.

Terri Benson

Would love it, Karen. Thanks for giving it away!


Totally fell in love with you blog about a month ago and have been hooked ever since. I own a point and shoot camera only, but have become so inspired by your work that I am considering selling off some things (perhaps even an organ) just to purchase a good camera - that I would have no idea how to operate and likely no time to learn... Thank you for sharing!


Would love to win this! Love Erin's work!!!

rebecca keppel

I would SOOOOO love to win! I've been watching and waiting for Erin's tutorial to be released but now that it is out I just dont have the money for it. Thanks for the chance :)


i will definitely have to check out more about this! it sounds like exactly what i need to learn more of!

KathlEen D

OMG would absolutely LOVE to win this! Thanks for the chance and please O Randomnizer pick me!

Beth S.

What a combo you & Erin make! Would love a chance to win! Thank you two for sharing your talents with the world!

Jenny A

Thanks for a chance to win! It sounds like such a cool class!


Oh, Karen, I don't know how out of 811 people I could get chosen, but I am hoping! I need some editing advice. Tks.


I would love to use some of Erin's tools on my personal pictures. Thanks for the first-hand account of using the video. It sounds great!


I'm ready to learn some new techniques!

Kristi B.

pick me :)


Your blog and Erin's blog are the two that I read religiously! You two are amazing (and so fun too)!


Would love to learn more!


I strive for a clean edit, but find myself relying on actions far too often!


I could sure use some editing tips:) Bring it on!


I would love to win this! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!


Oh so very cool! If it was revolutionary for you, it will be earth shattering for me! Would love to win!!! Thanks for the chance!


Love my camera. Editing . . . much less so. Thanks for chance to give the thumbs up to editing.


I have already bought it. It's really awesome!


would love love love this! if i don't win, i'm sure to buy it :)

Paige Rodriguez

I'd die to win this!!! Thank you Karen!!! (loving your regular posting btw) : )


*waving hands in the air* Oh, I wold LOVE this. I've tried different things and still am not 100% satisfied. Would be very, very grateful to win this.

Deb Kelley

Would love to win the video - thanks for the chance!



Ann gray

Would love to win a copy of this. Erin and Karen is a great combo!


I love your photos, Karen. I loved them before Erin Cobb and love them after Erin Cobb..mainly because your *heart and soul* are evident in each and every photo you take. I sometimes feel like a voyeur looking at your pictures :)
Thanks so much for all your inspiration.


Ok, so I bought this already... But would love to give it to someone if I win:) love it!!!


Wow, thanks again for another great opportunity to learn for free!


Sweet! I would love a little guidance! Thank you.

Birute P

Oh how wonderful it would be to win a copy of Clean Color! Learning to edit my photos is something I've wanted to do for a long time now....especially from Erin!

Ann gray

Would love to win this! Karen and Karen = great combo.

Maria Paris

OH...I would love to have this!! Thank you Karen...for doing this.

tammy idea!

Just jennifer

I would so love to buy this! Too many other expenses at the moment but it's on my list... Winning would be better :)


I have this program on my computer and would LOVE...LOVE...LOVE to learn how to use it. Thank you for the chance !!!!!


woot woot! what an awesome giveaway! :) love erin's style!

Gretchen C

I LOVE Erin's editing!! And yours too for that matter!! thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize :)

Kim Stewart

that's snapping photos, but hate editing them! I would LOVE to win. Thanks for the chance!


I have followed Erin since I learned about her on your blog and I LOVE her editing style. It would be fabulous to win Clean Color and take the frustration (for me) out of photoshop!

melissa thrush

i would LOVE to win this....thank you!


I would love to learn more about editing my pictures!

jen espanet

if clean color helps me to achieve your results, i could really use it!

Anna A.

sounds like a great course. :-)


Just got photoshop for christmas! Now I need to learn how to use it! This would be AWESOME. Thanks :)


I can't wait to get Clean Color-I asked for it for Christmas and I am excited that it is finally here. It helps to take the sting out of my Canon Rebel Xti breaking.


ooo, ooo, pick me, pick me!! I have been patiently waiting to learn Erin's editing and think it would be revolutionary to my photography too! Thanks for the opportunity Karen.


it would feel so sneaky (and wonderful) to learn all of her tricks! :)

Nancy Wyatt

I love following you and Erin both and I'm a regular here at your blog and would love to win this!! Both of ya'lls photography is amazing and I feel that CC would be a great tool! Hugs from Conroe, Texas!


Wow! Great prize.


Woot! Would love to hone my editing skills!


Fabulous giveaway! I've been so anxious for the release of Erin's workflow video. I know that it's going to be revolutionary for me too. Thank you!


Ooooh, that would be great. Thanks for the opportunity to win clean color.


Fingers are crossed! and toes too! :)


I would love to learn the Clean Color process.Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh Karen - pick me, pick me, pick me, pleeeeease!! (I know it's random, but a little whining usually works for my daughter.) I have been waiting for Erin to release this since you told us about it way back when. I haven't printed a single picture from last year 'cuz I was waiting to edit them with Erin's "help". I need this and I would sooooo love Clean Color! Thanks for the giveaway and thanks for encouraging her to do this!!


Love your picture. I saw the pictures on Erin's website and I am in awe by the beauty of those pictures. All the pictures are so crisp,crytal clear and lively photos. I have a longing that someday I learn how to take beautiful pictures. I have a dream that I would someday I will be able to capture and create beautiful pictures of my kids. So, thank you for this awesome opportunity.


Yes please put me in the drawing! Erin is amazing and am so happy she did this.

julie urban

Woohoo!! You and Erin Rock!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Melyssa Leighty

I would soooo love to win this class! I've been looking for a photo editing class :). THanks for the giveaway.

Melissa F

After finishing your class and getting pretty good SOOC shots I am ready for editing...I think! I would love to learn Erin's secrets:-)


I would love to win this!


I NEED editing help!!! I am so disillusioned with editing that I don't want to take photos because I can't do anything after I have them. It sucks.


Love this! I've been digging your editing lately and, of course I love Erin's! My editing is in a bit of rut lately so this would be perfect.


Oooh! Me, ME!!!

Love Erin's gorgeous photos. Her color and clarity is ALWAYS so amazing!

Kim B

oh please please please! this is just the help I need :)

Hilary H

I'd LOVE to win Clean Color but even if I don't - I'm still grateful that I learned about her from you!


I'd love a shot, thanks, Karen!


I love Erin's photos and would love to learn her tricks :)

Trina McBride

What a great giveaway....Would love to learn Erin's process.


I would LOVE to learn her process!!! :)


A dream come true!!!

Abbey Forney

I'm interested.


I would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity. I need all the help I can get!


Thanks for the giveaway - I definitely need the help & would love to win!


What a great opportunity. She takes wonderful photos!


I'd love it! Erin is AMAZING!

Kelly Webb

I'd LOVE to win this!!!

Amber Perona

I would love to try Clean Color!!


Pick me!


I would love to win this! Then I could edit the great photos that you taught me how to take!

Daisy Reyes

Winning clean color would be such a blessing. I have wanted to buy it and my husband recently lost his job. That is not a reality for me now and I'd love to take my photography to a professional level. Erin is just the person I'd love to learn from. Here's to hoping I'm the lucky one.


I always love your photos so maybe this could help me!!!


Thanks for the opportunity to win Clean Color!

Karina Taylor

I would love to win this! For My Christmas present from my husband I asked for $$ to buy Clean Color. But if I win it I could save the money and put it towards my new camara that I want for Mothers day/ falls on the same day this year. : )

Lorena Mora

Would love to win, Erins photos always look so crisp and clean. I was so jealous of you when you got to mentor with her and then you confirmed how wonderful she was. I get to meet Erin in Feb for a photo session for my kids and I'm so excited.

Martha Cardenas

Hoping I win!


I would love to learn how to have beautiful photos like Erin's! Thanks for the chance to win!


I would love to be able to win so that I can make beautiful pictures


So exciting!!! Erin is awesome!!

Elisa M-L

WoW! How exciting! I hope to be one of the lucky ones. Thanks for the chance.

Nicky H

Oh I'd love a chance to win it! Thank you so much!


Thanks for the giveaway Karen! I would LOVE to try this out!


I was thinking about purchasing Clean Color but I wasn't sure if it would be a waste since I know my photography skills need a lot of work. But hey... if I win, maybe her editing secrets could help me take better pictures too!

Gloria L

I love taking photos, and have always been a camera buff. I have a small digital camera, but have yet taken the leap to a DSLR. Would love to learn how to use photo editing software to improve and enhance the photos I take with my current camera.

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