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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Ooh!!! I would love to learn her process. Thanks for the chance to win.


What a great opportunity! Thanks!

nancy boothe

That is so generous of you! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats to whomever wins it/them!

Sara E

Yay for Erin! I would LOVE to use this Clean Color

Katie Karn

Would LOVE this!

Kate B

Would love! Thanks for the giveaway.

Sara W

Oh this would help 10 fold!

Debbie S

Yay!!! I was in your current class when she visited you, and have been waiting for this too!!!!!

Joe E

Oh my wife would love this!


Pick me!!! I've loved Erin Cobb's blog ever since you "introduced us!" Thanks for the giveaway!

beth feigner

i would love to win this! pick me pick me :)


I would love to get a copy of this. I have been saving to buy it. :-)
Love your work!1


Oooh, I'd love to learn Erin's process. Your pictures are always so gorgeous!


Phew! I can get in a comment just under the wire. Thank goodness for time zones!
I really hate editing photos because it can just be so overwhelming but I'm often frustrated with less then perfect prints (especially with skin tones). I hope Clean Color revolutionizes my process and gets more photos off the camera and out into the world.

kelly b

I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

debbi g.

Oh my gosh!! This is awesome!!

Thank You!

Liza Eggers

How exciting! Seriously?? A chance to win the clean color workflow?? what a dream come true!! I love your work AND Erin's!! I would be so appreciative to win! thanks so much for this life changing opportunity!

Shannon S. in VA

What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!


Would love to learn some of these editing tips. So envious of the clean shots that both you & her are always showing on your blogs. You are amazing photographers! I've tried and tried but come nowhere close.

Nicole Prather :)

Karen You are an inspiration to me and my photography !! After you met Erin Cobb and blogged about her I now am a big fan too of hers!! Have a wonderful day and keep inspiring people to take amazing photographs because thats what you do !!


Love this! I need a new way to edit my photos!

Arlene Assalone

Yeah! Karen Love that you are giving away a copy of Clean Color. I have to ask my husband for the $ so if I win it that would be awesome. I would love to learn how to edit photos like Erin and You! Thanks for the giveaway:)

Bonnie Fox

Would love any tips or tricks with editing.


Entering for my wife. She would love to win!

kelly s.

WOuld love to win!!!
Thanks for the giveaway.
and hello from germany!


I've read Erin's blog since you posted about her in April. Would love some guidance on photo editing. I'm going to have to buy it if I don't win!

Lisa K

I would love, love, love this. oh - love your blog.

john assalone

My wife would love this

Alison H.

If the photos turn out anything like yours, I'd be super happy to learn! Thanks!

kelly s.

Hoping my last comment has the correct email!


Too exciting for words!! A free copy of Clean Color!! That would be amazing to win.

Shelly DeBoer

You are awesome... thank you!


Not sure if I'm too late to comment, but I would LOVE to win clean color!

Janet Phillips

how wonderful!!! I would love to learn more about how to edit in photoshop!!!

Tracey Southerland

Such an awesome giveaway!! I would love to win, as I have been struggling with my processing quite a bit lately. Love Erin's work - she is truly talented. Thanks to you both for offering this generous gift. :)

kathy b

This would be awesome.


Great giveaway! I've been going back and worth in my mind since her email on Saturday!


I would LOVE to win the Clean Color download! Thanks for sharing about Erin Cobb on your blog earlier!

Heather Anderson

I need photoshop help in every way! I too love my camera and hate my computer. What a fabulous giveaway!

Melissa Cummings

To learn how to actually edit my photos correctly?! Wow! That would be amazing!

Jamie S

That's amazing! If I don't win I'm going to buy it! Thanks Karen!

Courtney Mc

Love this! I would SO love to learn this!


I love Erin's work, and would be thrilled to win this download. I can't imagine I could actually create images that are quite as lovely as hers, but anything is possible, right?


I would love to win this! We are having some hard financial times, and I am trying to set up my business, and it's hard to find clients. . . . I need to quit complaining! I love my camera, and I love editing. I just want to be able to do it better.


Ooh ooh! Pick ME!

Emily Murray

Hoping I'm still in time to be in the running for your fab give away! I have the same issue right now that you had--trying to get perfect SOOC shots because I don't like (and don't know how) to edit and get the results I want. Thanks!


I haven't even bought Photoshop yet, but if I were to win this tutorial I totally would run out and buy it! Her photos are lovely (and so are yours! you rock!)

Mary Lou Fordyce

I am so into giveaways but after looking at the number of posts I laughed. I thought to myself what are the statistical chances? Oh well, I would love to win but I am a realist. Love your stuff, that is why I took your class, and Erin Cobb rocks.

Tera Emmons

This would totally make my week! You are truly an inspiration!!


oh, I soooo need this ;)


Enjoy your photos and would love to win the giveaway.


I would LOVE it if I won!!! Would be so excited! Thanks for the giveaway!

Sarah Watson

Ohh, ive been drooling over Erins photographs forever! I would just love to know her editing process, i'm just a MWAC but im working hard on capturing photos of my family and editing is one area i'm struggling with. I would love the opportunity to win a copy of her tutorial video. Thank you for the oppoertunity to win, you are both awesome x


This is awesome, please pick me!

Denise O

Just got my first DSLR and would love to be able to edit great pics.


this would be amazing...trying to step up my skills this year with my new baby and make the most of this time in our life


Ahhh! Am I too late???


I'm a quarter way thru Erin's video & can't wait to get home each day, to continue watching. PS Did I mention anything about being excited?

Beth M.

Would love to win this!! Dying to take the class! Thank you Karen!


Am I too late? I'd love to learn from Erin!

Melanie ~ but you can call me Mel

Guess I missed the cutoff eh?
Darn it. That's been my whole day....oh well, things can only look up from here...

Scott Warren

I hope I'm not too late to enter!!!

Luann McElduff

Please pick me :}

Can't wait to see this looks amazing!


I would so love to learn how to edited.


Would love to win. Thinking I'm buying it anyway though! :)

Robin Welch

Took your one day class at Raffia in Billings (the super long one!) and am needing something to guide me in editing. I've heard great things about the tutorial already. Thanks!

Tiffany B

I am just beginning my photography journey and could really use this editing tutorial!! I adore your site, your style & your generosity! Thanks!

Sara Padgett

Hope I'm not entering too late. Would love to win this!

Jessica Slingerland

Like you, I love, love, LOVE my camera and hate editing. I'm trying to start a photography business, and unfortunatly that requires editing. Lots of editing. I'd love to learn these tips and tricks, and hopefully it will make me fall in love with editing too! :)


Karen, I so wish I would win because I can't afford it right now!


I so need this and can't afford it at this time. I would love to win it.

Tonya B

Thanks for the giveaway! It looks like a great tool to improve my pictures.

Tara O'Leary

Thank you so much Karen and Erin for this gift! Have been editing to my hearts extent for the longest time with results but hours upon hours to get there! This would be an amazing and perfect tool for my business~

Denise Williams

That's awesome!

i think you are the greatest so i nominated you for the stylish blogger award:)


I would love to become better at photo editing in Photoshop. Thanks for the opportunity.

Kristi King

would love to win :) love your blog and looking at your pics! your family is super cute!


Does it matter that I've followed you both forever? You revolutionized my camera skills. Edit skills by Erin would just make it all so groovy!


I would LOVE to win this...who wouldn't! I love Erin's style so much and know I can learn alot about editing.


Obviously whatever you learned from Erin was worth it...your photos are always fabulous! I'd love to learn some of those tips and tricks, too!

Carolyn Hall

I would love, love, love it!!!!!

Katy Donaldson

Checked out Erin's blog and her photos are FANTASTIC...would LOVE the oportunity to learn from her!! Thanks for the chance to win! However...I can't believe to had to borrow pictures of Sarah (she's CUTE) because your little blondie is ADORABLE!!!

Reagan J S

I would love help with my photographs! This is a GREAT giveaway!


I've been messing around in Photoshop for years, but I'd love to have a standard for how I edit.


Ever since I stumbled upon Erin's blog a year and ahalf ago I've strived for my images to look as clean as her's. I would LOVE to win!

Kelly Loss

i think you've already decided on winners - but just incase, had to get in my plee that hopefully my comment still counts... I would LOVEEEEEE to win this!


I think I missed the deadline...but just in case- pick me!!! I would love a copy of Clean Color!!


I'd love to win, I really need help with my pictures. But I think my entry is too late :(


OOH ME..ME pick me!! I would love a copy of clean color!!


I have been waiting and waiting for this to come excited. Thanks for the chance.


Happy new year and thanks for the opportunity to win! I'm always trying to improve my photos.


I am very excited about Erin's new Program.........I have so many photographs that I want to bring to life...Thanks for the opportunity, although I'm thinking I might have missed the draw........bonus is that I discovered your super blog!


i feel the same way! in need revolution. ;)

Kristin O'Connor

LOVE your blog - and your photo style! Love Erin's just as much! I've been trying to find comb mine lately, too. I lost my husband to cancer in 2009 and have been taking even more photos of my life with our 4 year old now.

Thanks for doing this, Karen!


This giveaway is WOnderful! I'm happy to be your ex-student! you always have the best tips/info and NEVER fail to share the good stuff! thank you so much!

Paula I

I hope I can win, and more importantly, I hope I look as happy with my success at the conclusion! Love that photo.

shannon michaelis

Pick me! Can't wait!

Mary K

I received a new camera for my anniversary and I am looking forward to reviewing your lessons from the class I audited last year. But if I am not successful at getting great SOOC pics, Clean Color will be just the thing I need.


i was struck by the picture of you at the computer. so clean and sharp. yes, even i would like to have that program.


I love reading Erin's blog and so admire her photography skills. She's amazing. What a great giveaway!

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