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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Would love to know these tips and tricks, too!


I would love to win this. I take tons of pictures but HATE to edit them. It just seems like so much work. I would love to learn some tips and techniques to streamline the process.

April E.

Oh I love your photos and Erin's too...I would LOVE to see this tutorial!! :)


Erin does a great job on editing, love her style! Pick me!


Yay! I would LOVE to learn from her. I want to get it so bad, just not in the budget right now though :( I hope i win!!!


What a great giveaway. I've been working on learning my camera and taking better photos. It would be wonderful to also learn the best ways to edit the pictures I take.

Melanie G.

Yes, yes, yes please!!


This sounds so amazing! I am really excited about your class too :)

Crystal Sheppard

Great giveaway! I need help with my editing skills. My pics come out so bad lately that I've given up even taking pictures. I've even dreaded taking the camera out with me anymore.


Oh, I'd love a chance to peek into this editing-routine! :)

Abbey S.

Oh! pick me, pick me :)


Love your photos!!!

Sarah W

Would love love to learn some her tips and tricks!


Oh I just got my new DSLR and I need to learn so much about editing. Thank you so much for that great chance!


For my year of improving my photography skills this would be amazing!

Michelle Voelker

Ooooh, I have been waiting for this! I want it more than the sweater in the window of my favorite shop. Thank you Karen & Erin!


I'm a big fan of you and Erin! I am hoping to buy Clean Color this week when my iMac gets back from the computer doctor, but would love to win it for free! :) Thanks for inspiring me as a photographer!


Thanks Karen for a great opportunity and for sharing your journey so freely.


Well, who wouldn't want tips from Erin Cobb? =) Would love to see how she edits. Thanks for the giveaway!


would love to know Erin's editing break-down. thanks for sharing, Karen!

Allison Waken

Your color is alway so stunning - would love to hear how she does what she does :)


Wednesday is my birthday, and winning Clean Color would be a wonderful way to start my last year in my 30s!


Thanks for the giveaway! I would love clean color!!! :) I really am trying to be a clean editor, but my images lack that glow and creamy-ness! When I try to get that, it looks forced. I would love to try cc!

Stephanie F

Oh, I would love to try this out!


This would be perfect for me. I definitely need some more guidance on editing my photos.

Gina HM

Of course, your photos are always fabulous, but I'm always taken by the beautiful lighting and perfect sharpness. I'd love to know how you tweak them to make them even better than I'm sure they are SOOC! Thanks for the opportunity.


would love to learn something new. thank you.


Oh I so need to learn how to edit my photos better!!

Off to check out her site!!


I would love to win this. I actually LIKE editing, but need some tips.


Really and truly this is something we should do? I am so lame at editing. I have Elements but don't really understand it. Help would be good.


I so want to win this giveaway. I really could use the help:)


I would love to try this. My editing leaves lots to be desired!


Thanks for the chance to win. I so need editing help!


I would love to win - and I think it would be perfect to go w/ your class I'm starting in Jan.

jenn gent

That is so awesome and just what I need! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!


ME! I've definitely noticed a difference in your pictures over the past few years. I love how bright your people are...but how natural. Not that I don't like a little 70s action or souped up colors...but I'm in love with your current style.


Oh, I would LOVE to win!

Kristen Olson

This looks awesome! Yay for the giveaway!!


Such an awesome give away. Before Christmas I was able to buy it but now sadly I am not able to. Maybe I will get lucky. Love both of your blogs. Thanks


That would be so very awesome! I have admired both yours and Erin's work for a long while now!


Erin is awesome to share her knowledge..... would love to see how she edits and work on making my own photos shine.


This would be amazing...I never edit my pics because I just don't know where to begin.



I'm not sure this is something for a very beginner photographer, but I love to learn new things and this would be awesome! Thanks so much for the opportunity!


would love to win this for my husband, he's the photographer in our family. :)


I have been waiting and waiting for this release - but for some reason, I haven't yet purchased it....maybe this is why. Thanks for the opportunity!


I am the same way...always trying to create the perfect picture SOC. I feel like if I do, then I don't have to spend hours editing and could be doing another photo shoot for someone else. I would love to have Clean Color and see what improvements I could make.


Great giveaway! I need to learn how to properly edit my photos - I tend to keep them SOOC, as you say!

Leslie N

I need some help with editing for sure!

Heather Topich

That is SO what I need... My editing right now is slightly BELOW terrible.


I'd love to win!

Lisa Cole

THis is the one thing I'm missing to obtaining fantastic photos... would love to win :)


I LOVE to look at your lovey photos each day. They make me so happy. Love your style Karen!

Shannon R.

I love Erin's photos and yours as well. I have been going back & forth on whether or not I should buy Clean Color...I really want it but it's just not a great time of year for me to buy it.

Erin B

Ooooo! I've been eyeing this up! I would love to win one! Thanks for the chance at winning!!


AWESOME! I spend a lot of time {cleaning} :)


i would absolutely love to win this!

Jennifer Roach

Since I'm a total dummy when it comes to manual processing in Photoshop I would LOVE to try a new action.

P.S. Your photos are soooooo amazing...I can only dream to take such great pictures one day!

Ellen Patton

I would love to win!!

teresa b

I loved watching the transformation ... your pictures were aaamazing before Erin.. and then after! I was amazed at the creamy skin tone of your already amazing photos..just in awwwhhh!!

Sara A

Wow, this would be great. I take a lot of pictures, but almost never edit them...

Jessica Woodford

yeah! Thanks so much!

Laura Rich

Would love this as my husband always says I make people look creepy when I edit photos....


I need all the help I can get!

jodi lansink

Your pictures always look amazing! Would love to win!


It's very nice of you to do this!

Jamie V

This is soooooo exciting!!! It's finally here!!! I'm saving my pennies to purchase it, should have started sooner so I'd have them all saved by now.... :)


I feel like I could jump into your photos.


me please need all the help i can get!!


This would be such a huge help to me! Thanks for the chance to win!


Karen, your post processing is beautiful so I would love the chance to learn from Erin exactly how you two do it.

Amanda Susan

What a great learning tool.


I'd love to edit some of my wedding photos this way. I love how the color's not totally over done...just the right amount of pop.

Lyndsey Dudley

Oh I would love to win this. I struggle with this as well.


I would love to win this! Now that I've learned some of the basics of my camera, I now need to learn how to edit my photos. This would be absolutely perfect!

Shannon K

I would love to try it - I was just reading through the details on her web site last night!

Megan K

Would love the chance to learn how to edit my photos better.
Thanks! :)


I would love this to help me with improving my photos. These images are capturing our memories and I want them to shine!!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.


I would LOVE to know how to get that perfect peachy skin tone. It's just beautiful in both yours her Erin's photos.

Amy Taylor

Hi Karen! I would love to win this! Hope you're doing well!
Amy Taylor


I know nothing about editing. Would love to learn! Thanks for the opportunity!


I am a big fan of Erin's - I would love Clean Color! Thanks for the giveaway!


Wow -- I would love creamy skin tones -- I still can't figure that one out!


Ooh, yes please. I would love to see how she does it!


I would loooooooove to win this! I love your and Erin's work and will scrounge up the $$ to buy this in the very likely chance that I don't win.

Christine Mc

I've been following Erin's blog since you first wrote about her - LOVE her work! I struggle to know how much editing to do on each picture, so I would be thrilled to learn her techniques.


I NEED this! Thank you for the giveaway!


I would love to learn Erin's process!


I would love to share that joy! I too want realist colors and creamy skin tones! I love all of your work!

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Oh, cool! I need help on both sides -- SOOC & editing . . . so a win would be a step in the right direction! Thanks, Karen!


Oh what a fabulous thing for you to do! How nice!! My editing skills are pretty much nonexistent.

Hannah S

Oh how I would love to win this!! Totally need it in my life, lol. I'm off to check it out now....
Thanks for the giveaway!


Would looooove to learn! Thank you!


such a fan of Erin's photography (and yours!) Would LOVE to win!

Lisa Ceaser

Pick me! Pick me!
I am addicted to your blog because of that great shots. I can't even begin to get my shots like that without a flash. I need the help!!!

Katie McF

two of my favorite blogs combined in the post! Gotta love it! :)


The tutorial is awesome! I downloaded it right away :) If I win, I know who'll be lucky in my life and receive a copy. If you read this and you don't win, you should go buy it!


would love it! oh - and love that photo of you too! sometimes i wish someone were around to capture my "aha!" moments. ;-)

Sara Green-Anderson

I am so lost and need some guidance in editing my photos... Please oh please pick me!!!


i woud love to check out her workflow!


Oh my , I cannot believe that you are going to give these away!!! So excited !!!! I was waiting eagerly, all ready for it and then something snuck up. I don't want to wait!!! Thank you ,Karen!!! :0)

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