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mandy friend

my favorite is annie on the porch with strawberries! and i want your mixer. and i'm thanking the Lord for the overexposed shot:D


Your relatives MUST be related to my relatives! How sweet for all of you to work together to make it sucha a perfect evening for Ross and Cali. Love the random shots.
Happy New Year Bonnie G


LOVE that you all made the prom night special for the kids. How fun! What a great way to support each other.

Jodi R

Loved these photos. Thanks so much for posting them and for letting me drop in and share your stories/photos the past year. I love the way you capture each moment and your honesty and humor when you blog.
It has been a difficult year for us and we are looking forward to a better 2011. I wish all the best to you and yours!

Kathy C. put the 2011 shots that never made it...kinda reminds me of my 2010?? Happy New Years to all of you. Loving that you are back into bloggin' mode! Wishing you all the best in 2011...Kathy & little Charlie

Christine Edwards

OMG! What a great random collection of pictures...just spectacular. Wishing all of you a wonderful 2011!


LOVE all these shots! You make me want to be a better photographer! Happy New Year Karen & family!

Shauna Thompson

I SO enjoy looking at your photos. You have such a fun composition style that captures the memories.

Someday I will make it into your online class or audit it....

Thanks for sharing!

Heather Crawford

Ok, the one of you blurry made me Lol...and then Uncle Donnie..the one of him in focus...completely cracked me up..I love him and swear he is related! and the streaking...LOVE IT! HE rocks!


OMG!! It's after midnight on New Year's eve and I can't sleep so I come over here and I love the random photos posted.....Love the shot of Annie & the dog and Ross & Cali's Prom dinner and then up pops your Uncle Donnie!!! ROFLMAO....I laughed so hard I woke hubby up!! Your family is just hysterical!!! Happy New Year!!!


All of these are wonderful! I love the little slices of life! Even your uncle streaking... ;)


I´m crazy about annies pics making her way from pout to a smile. I love them!


Dear Karen I love looking at all your photos and reading your stories - and I am so thankful that you are in bloggging mode again.... yeah for us.
I wish you and your family a very good 2011 and hope life will be good to you all.
One of my wishes for this new year, again, is please please please can I be able to take pictures like Karen Russel....maybe some day I will get there...thanks for everything you share.


Picture PERFECT!! So glad these made it to blog-land! Smiling here! HNY!


Your uncle Donnie is classic!!! Cracking up!!!

Nicole Kberg

These are fantastic! Laughing out loud! Is that some special, made to order, extra long measuring stick? Where'd you find it. I would love one too. Happy New Year!


I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us here in cyberspace!


Karen, I love these pictures. Could you tell me where you bought that ruler that is in your pantry to measure the kids. I write my measurments on the wall and I would like something I could write on to take it with me if we were ever to move.



I about chocked to death on my coffee when I hit the streaker shot♥

Love them all...yes even the pool porn!

Happy New Year beautiful Karen!!!

Karen Aldrin

There's a whole lot of "rule of thirds" going on there........LOL


I have to say, the photo that made me laugh hysterically was the one of your Uncle Donnie behind Ross and Cali at their prom dinner. Then, to find out he went streaking past the window!! It's truly wonderful that you have a family like that...mine is the same way, and I cherish every zany and crazy moment with them! :D Happy New Year!!

Cindy Welch

I was so down today and I took a little look and a smile came across my face. Thanks karen


What a great collection of memories. Uncle Donnie is a hoot. I can see there is not a dull moment with him around!!

Tammy Mellish

OMGoodness, I am loving your Uncle Donnie.. every bit of him! You sure he isn't from NH too? I can walk to NH from my house in VT and I'm telling you.. I know lots of Uncle Donnie's! Their dinner shots were FABULOUS! What a great idea.. so special!

You've totally spoiled us with all of these blog posts. I love it! Happy New Year!


Love the prom dinner pictures! Your family rocks!

Phyllis R.

Ha ha! Overexposed Uncle Donnie!!! Pun intended? :)


I am HOWLING!! Your uncle Donnie ROCKS!! Can I PLEASE hang out with him??! Even just ONCE??! What a serious crack up!!! I love what you did for Ross and Cali - so so sweet, and so much more memorable than just paying for them to go out to eat. You are so down to earth, love it!! Thanks for sharing! Yeah, sometimes an overexposed shot is a good thing!!


thanks for sharing... love your photog eye and love seeing you and your family!!

Rhonda Mankin

wow...we must really think 2 little girls have most of the clothes your little girl has favorite was the little green and white polkadot dress! They both have little blue checked dresses that they call their "dorothy dress"..they love wearing that one too.

I just love your blog..such lovely photographs and I love your home!


Love them all!


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