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I love all the faces :) What great cupcakes! Happy you found your holiday spirit! Cassie has been singing her only song (Rudolph) at the top of her lungs today too - it gets contagious. Enjoy!!

lynda p

omg, i was already thinking "she's going to let them have all that frosting"! cute pics. wow, i feel like a slacker....i'm not in any "pain" and still haven't taken my tree out. i am on it tomorrow. thnx for the push.....don't push me too hard that i fall over and hurt myself.. that happens to (young people) trapped in old


Such a great mom you are!! Love it!
Hope your back feels better soon....must be time for a massage!


well I for one LOVE to hear that the Christmas Spirit was strong enough to ward off "old lady age" pain ;)
And your not old, just older. Like the guy on Disneyland Jungle Cruise told my birthday girl, "I was 12 when I was your age". ha!
I hope you get your blog mojo back because I just love love love reading about all the love in your house (and not so love that is repented for later) and oh please tell Santa, (since your in the spirit) all I want for Christmas is world peace & to take pictures like Karen Russell. :)


Karen - hope you feel better. Love to hear that your christmas spirit has kicked off. And what a great way to decorate christmas cupcakes (at first glance I thought you would make your kids sick from eating a bucket of frosting). LOL. And I agree with Ada - please Santa all I want for christmas is to be able to take pictures like Karen ;o)


Love these!


i hurt my back one day emptying the dishwasher. couldn't walk for days! i know i'm getting old! ugh!


This year has been so crazy, I'm glad to see someone that is embracing the Christmas Spirit (though gently, with the hurt back and all). As always, the photos are great - I love that Annie has her eyes squeezed shut in the group hug shot. Awesome memories.


Those cupcakes are awesome! What a great idea!

Mary Ann

Those cupcakes look devine! We're in the Christmas spirit here in our house too. Enjoy the season!

teresa b

Where these mysterious pains come from these day is just beyond me..Can you believe I hurt my knee so bad it swelled up and everything..and the only thing I did was sit in my chair reading your blog! Who knew it would be such a contact sport! Stay Merry!! and hope your back feels better soon!!


Hmmmm the faces couldn't be the result of having a brother like Coley, now could it?! Those cupcakes..who ever thought of such a cute idea?

Kathy (kathyb)

Love it!

Karen - Can I ask where you got Annies beautiful hat in the Christmas Tree hunting photos? I love the red flower and those pom poms.


So, tell me, do you scope out just the right spots for lighting in your house to take pics and then decorate around those areas? Because honestly, shots like this with the stockings in the background (or the ones of Cole's birthday with the table situated under the birthday garland) are just perfect!!


i'm just lovin everything about you being back. You being back to your blog and posting about being in the spirit of the season just puts my back-pain at ease enough to keep going in my own home and take pictures of what I have done so far. Wish I had the natural light you do. Need to work on that. Love evrything about these holiday posts!!! Merry, Merry!!!


Too those cupcakes and 10/10 for the group hug moment of seriousness followed by real life!!!

tina riddell

hi karen!! so glad to have you back in blog land. could you please tell me where you got those stockings we see hanging in the background?

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