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Sherry G

I cannot imagine any better light! Those photos are gorgeous; look at the catchlights and bokeh...

Jennifer S

Karen, I am so darn jealous right now! 1.) If you rememeber, my tree is blocking my only window and dear hubby refuses to rearrange the room for me every christmas. 2.) I cant get the kids to look at my camera all at once, no matter how much i bribe! Keep on "being lazy" the shots are beautiful anyway! : )

april n.

Beautiful shots, and as always, great inspiration. I'm not sure, but I think Annie is a little bit of a ham. She is so cute. I love the expressions...especially the one of Annie winking. Hopefully my daughter will get to a point soon when she will want to sit still for more than one shot at a time. (She's 2 1/2)

Some how it's NOT about the lighting. Lovely pictures, and lovely silliness!

Libbi M.

absolutely gorgeous! tell cole he is one handsome dude! let courtney know she is a very beautiful girl and please let annie know how precious i know she is even though i have never meet your children. i hope that one day your kids will know and appreciate how lucky they are to have such a wonderful family. PS... i love how you did the girls hair. hot rollers?, curling iron? karen, thank you so much for sharing.


LOVE these, and to my totally un-Karen Russell-trained eyes, the lighting looks just right. Thanks for sharing!


Regardless of being lazy, and I can understand why from the sheer exhaustion of all the Christmas events your photos are dreamy....stunning and so Karen Russell. Thanks for editing those ones for us and sharing. Kathy A (Australia)


The light looks great to me..and heck, if you moved the tree, you would risk having that tree fall down for the 6th time...and being a mother with great judgement, you would not want to take that risk. Great shots! And, great hairdos on the kiddos.


I think that they are fabulous!


What super photos- forget moving that tree!


How in the hell do you move the Christmas Tree? Can't even imagine that task....My husband and I would probably not speak to each other if I asked him to do that...
Glad you didn't move it, those are amazing!


Moving the tree would be such an ordeal. Yah maybe the light would of changed, but golly that would of been work, especially if there was already gifts in front of it. I think it is funny you brought this up. I am going to change where we put our tree next year due to lighting and seating.


Wow! Those kiddos are sure getting big! It was just a year ago that I found your blog, went crazy for those cuties, read back to the very beginning, and was inspired to take your class. Thanks for all the inspiration. You're an amazing photographer, teacher, and if this blog is anything to go by, mom. Keep up the great work! And can we please get a NY workshop in 2011? lol! please?!


I love all of these pics! So great and the kids are getting so big! Again, I'm jealous of your mad indoor photography skillz!


again - amazing photos!


Such precious and beautiful children and great pictures - but besides the really good one of them all together, - my favorite is the one where Annie is acting goofy as normal - love her little wink! hee hee hee

Belinda H

Karen those pictures (and the subjects) are gorgeous. When I come to America next year in around Oct/November I am hoping you are teaching somewhere...i will fly there.
love your work, thanks for sharing


These are just wonderful! And that Annie is a pip!


So magical. Love the girls hair;)
Sweet how Coley put his arm around his sister. They're just gorgeous and how wonderful your finding the time to posy and edit these. Thank you!

Tess S

i like the last one. a sweet little wink from annie. adorable!

Ashlee Archibald

I love how crisp these photos are. I hope you have a wonderful christmas! xoxo

Gretchen C

looks like the lighting was pretty darn good~awesome pics!!

Cindy Welch

love love love them

Julie Cone

what an adorable family!! oh and GO BEAVERS!!

Terry D

Just Beautiful Karen!!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family!!!


LOVE all your photos! How do you manage to shoot indoors with 50mm? It seems I am always missing so much as I can't get far enough away (not enough room). I know you can't give away all your skills, but I am so dissappointed with all my indoor photos taken with the Canon xti this Christmas. I made sure to not use a flash and relied on changing the ISO to 1600, but with all the action of opening gifts it seems a hand, arm, gift was always blurred and the photos were all so yellow.

Erika Melnychuk

That last one with Annie winkin is my favourite - love it!

Nancy Wyatt

Amazing photos, I hope you never see mine because if you think yours aren't good lordy I am in so much trouble, LOL. Hugs from Conroe, TX!


You have the cutest freakin kids!


Those photos are beautiful, what a treasure, and Beautiful children. I see a little Shirley Temple in Annie.

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