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Your children are beautiful. And the picture of the their little feet? Perfect! Happy holidays! :)


Courtney Lee got her hair cut, right? Your kids are cute and you find the neatest clothes for them - love those striped tights. Happy last-week-before-Christmas!!

carrie hicks

We took a road trip in August and detoured to stop in Jacksonville and....have lunch at Bella Union. Cute town! I would love to visit it at Christmas time. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
Carrie from Bend

Judy Webb

Love the shot of Annie through the candy cane loop.

Michelle Bostinelos

Lovely! Love the shot of the girl's feet. Such a nice looking family!


As usual, great pictures! So cute! I couldn't help but notice.....does Santa look scared??? Ha! Merry Christmas from Lori in Denver!


Always a treat to see your family and your photos. Have a wonderful Christmas with peace, love and joy in your hearts.

Mary Ann

Love the pic of the kids feet, and chuckled when I saw Annie had her boots on the wrong feet :)
It looks like the kids had a super time. One of these days when we visit Oregon again, I AM going to have lunch at Bella Union!!!


As long as you are sharing where Annie's cute clothes and accessories are coming from - how about that sweet red knit cape. Adorable.

Stacy Guthrie

Boy, the canopy on that carriage made a great diffuser!


That picture of Annie on the carriage next to Josh Downs and looking back over her shoulder looks EXACTLY like you, Karen :)
Looking forward to Erin Cobbs tutorial!

Libbi M.

love your photos as always. this was our 3rd year out to j-ville too. oh how i love that little town and its vintage look. our girls love the wagon ride. love courtney's green/red tights. please share where you got them. may have to get them for next year. have a wonderful christmas with your family.

Tina G.

Love Courney's tights!! I have a thing for stripes...especially striped tights. How fun!!
You are very inspiring with all your family fun that you have...Thanks!!


Courtney Lee officially has the best collection of tights/leggings. Ever.


I love the one of Annie and the candy cane:)

Nike Air Max

Yay to all the fun adventures to which you've committed! Such a fun array of them! Love it! There is a group of us doing Danskin in Seattle also...we'll have to keep our eyes open for you! :)

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