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Can I tell you how very important these notes, and/or the memory of these notes, will be to your children in years to come?
I used to have to make my dad's lunch when my mom got her first job and I used to put little love notes in for him - "I love you, Daddy!" "Hope you have a great day, Daddy!" "Thanks for being the best Dad ever?"
Then my dad would write notes back to me. But I didn't save them.
The only one I have left (unless my mom has hidden a few away in her house) is one that is directions my dad wrote for me to the cathedral in Newark; I was going to my teacher's ordination. Just seeing my dad's handwriting after all these years (he passed away in 1987) brings such a warm feeling to my heart...
PLEASE keep a few of Josh's notes for the kids - or make sure they keep them.
They are priceless.


gotta love a man who makes lunches and writes notes!! ;)

Patty Hetrick

Awesome! That is so sweet. What a special guy:)

Shelly VanWormer

My dad used to do this. The only hard part about keeping them is usually I needed the napkin he wrote on cause it was the only one in my lunchbox. I didn't want to keep a dirty napkin, written on or not. Oh how this brings back the memories!!

Kimberly L.C.

I'm sitting here at my desk at work crying at those wonderfully special notes! Documenting these for your kids is a great idea.


You made me cry. Thanks. ;)

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Now I love Josh a little bit! :)

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Cate O'Malley

What an awesome dad!


That's pretty special! I hope they appreciate those notes!


That is seriously awesome. Good job Josh!

Dana Koshak

I really do think I have the most awesome man ever....but yours makes me wonder...haha!! I know you know what a lucky, lucky girl you are! This is sooo sweet! Have a great Christmas!

Nancy Wyatt

Such an incredible daddy he is! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

laura sweet, I love notes ......


I have to share this: My husband does this for our kids too...and when I found this post, I shared it with my daughter, who happens to be 17 and very much in love with her dad. I laughingly said I was going to show this post to him (because he is always complimenting himself on his exceptional fatherhood), and she said: "No! it would make him feel bad!" Why?" I asked..."because then he wouldn't think he was the best dad in the world any more"

Susan R

OH my gosh, you guys tear me up all the time and this one is so amazing!! I feel so bad having my kids buy their lunch. Look at all that healthy stuff you send. Way to go!

Carrie P

Here's to Godly Dads that instill such awesome qualities in their kids!


You are one blessed woman.


Very, very cool thing of him to do.


This simply makes my heart happy.



Can you just say love?

That Josh is a keeper.


Dang...this made me cry! What a very wonderful thing to do!

teresa b

it's the little things!!

Kristal Jones I just swooned over your hubby. I'm sorry. :)

What a beautiful gesture!

Angela still my special those "rotten" children must feel :)


Wow! What a man!


I love that Josh Downs signs his notes as The Dad

Kirsten J

Said it before, and I'll say it again....he is a keeper.


Wow...that is awesome. One special Dad I have to say ;)


you need to clone that man and sell him on ebay! seriously, your family is beyond adorable! :)

kathy b



Just wonderful!! I have notes that Jeff wrote to our kids when they were small...what a treasure!!


Your kids are sooooo lucky. I was at a national conference last week called the Zero to Three National Institute (so, as you can guess it's all about children's development between birth and age three - the critical period). Anyway, one of the keynote speakers was a man named Kyle Pruett whose research and books on fatherhood and father engagement in child rearing is pretty significant. The main take away from his presentation was that engagement meant things like, doing the daily tasks (bathing, lunch making, doctor appt. making) as well as all the fun play stuff... and that made HUGE differences in children's cognitive AND social development. His research is pretty astounding really. It's really not anything surprising, but it does always amaze me at how much research validates what we think to be true. Josh and you are doing great things for your children - GREAT things.


. . . and where is your note from Josh?


That is awesome.. Love the notes and how different they where for each child.. That is just great.. I made my heart smile.. thanks for sharing..

Corie Farnsley

That's awesome! What a great dad. Love them all, but I especially love the note to Cole, "twice the man I am." that will mean a lot to Cole as he's growing up. :o)

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