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Karen, I just love all the pictures you share. I am tellin' ya, you have some lucky kids! On so many fronts, what a blessing they have in you and Josh Downs! (I know it works the other way around too. :-)

cindy mandernach

i love that movie too!!! but i think my new favorite is fred clause with vince vaughn. totally cried at the end.... have a great christmas, karen!!

mandy friend

My favorite is It's a Wonderful Life. The best!

Mary Ann

So cute!!
I know you had to be on the floor taking this one.
Love it!!!


Looks like a great choice by the expression on thier faces...or maybe it was the movie theater snacks. But a great picture none the less. As always. Such great family memories being made:)


Someday, your kids are going to look back on these days and remember what an awesome Mom they have! Great capture and photo, Karen. Love love love it.


What a great photo...and I notice that our big boy gets the full size Coke! What fun memories. May your Christmas memories be magical.

Michelle Bostinelos

what a great picture! I don't know how you get your kids to sit there like that and watch a movie! My boys are usually dive-bombing off the couch or wrestleing or something. Never ever sitting still. Maybe the age (4 and 6) Love the popcorn tubs...from Target?

Misty Hofbauer

and then scrubbing their teeth extra good before bed? ;)
Lucky Kid's, looks like such good memories are being made with your family this holiday season!
(and always!)

Cathy B. of IL

That's what I was watching last night - both the color and b/w holiday movie!!



nancy in ks

brrr. Coley's making me shiver.


That's a perfect movie night shot! So glad you seem to be enjoying blogging again. I've just started on this blogging journey! It's fun!


We watched that last night too. Always have that reaction too. :)


love, love, love the picture!

jennifer Compton

We'll be watching Wednesday night.

By the way, I've decided to shoot M for the rest of the week. My side of the family Christmas pics from Saturday turned out terrible using flash. I'm going to bite the bullet and do it. Thanks for the inspiration!


What a great capture. :)


I watched that movie for the first time the other night.


Awwww! Love that photo! We have the same popcorn boxes! Stocking stuffers last year. lol This years it will be an ice cream sundae looking cone with a Baskin Robbin cert inside. cream. lol

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family Karen!

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