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Tammy Mellish

Your Christmas blog posts have meant so much to me this year. I hope you know that. It's been the craziest of years for us, and these have filled my heart.

I drank a bit too much wine this Christmas eve. And then a friend invited me to midnight mass. I thought I shouldn't go, but went anyway because it was exactly where I felt I might need to be. You know.. earlier that night (before wine), I had told my husband that I would like to go to mass (I'm not catholic), but I thought I might bawl though the whole thing. Anyway it was really magical. And I did cry through the whole thing. Very emotional. Just what my soul needed. If it wasn't for the wine, I might not have had the courage to go (I haven't been to church in 6 years). Quite a memory for me.


Love the Santa letters. I think that is my favorite part.
Bummer about my camera, hopefully you can send it in soon to get it fixed.

Jennifer S

Merry Christmas, Karen! These photos are beautiful, don't stress if the other days photos all dont get to blogland what is important is that you took them. :)


The photos are great! I LOVE Courtney's letter! and the last photo is breath-taking... really captures the moment and the memory!


Wonderful. I have been looking forward to your post. I just cannot stand our Christmas Eve photos...and have almost decided to not even take my camera because it is such a disappointment for me. I almos decided this year that I need to learn something about flash...but in my heart, I just don't want to. I LOVE your shots, and they are definitely a highlight. Off to see the exif info. Hope this last week in 2010 is extra special.

Mary Ann

Love the letters to Santa. My son asked Santa for Super Scribblenauts too, and I love that Courtney asked if Santa if he trusted in the Lord. So Sweet!
Thanks for sharing these pics. I wish mine looked half that good. Sooner or later I will get in your photography class :)


The letters to Santa are wonderful. I love Courtney Lee's questions and the spots she has designated for answers!


I hear you about the low light situation, even at 8 am, lights overhead, and window open, the iso is still up and either have shadows on faces (overhead lighting i'm sure) and grainy images. It was frustrating but i tried not to fret too much and just kept photographing anyway. Guess I'll be editing them in black and white.... Love the santa letter, milk and cookies- I did that for the first time with my boyfriend's 11 yr old son who still believes alittle in for me to see his excitment and my help to keep the magic alittle longer in his eyes. I purchased the Elf on the Shelf and that was a big hit and made such a big deal when he was here to have him find "Fred" and tell im that Santa might come to our house early bc he had to go to his mom's late xmas eve and wouldn't be here on xmas morning. He totally soaked that up, whispered secrets to the elf, and went to bed straight away and go to sleep so he (Fred the elf) could leave and tell Santa that it was ok for him to come by :) Not sure how long it'll last as he will be 12 in a few's to hoping he keeps the "believe" in his heart alittle longer as he gets older...


Your pictures are awesome! Mine totally sucked! All indoor ones were blurry...I'm resorting to outside pics only!:) Hope you had a great Christmas!


Love the Santa letters and the new Snapshots pen. I covet mine as it is a reminder to myself to never stop learning. It will be a sad day when the ink runs out.


Fabulous shots! I love, love, love the kids letters to Santa...especially Cole's!

taniawillis asked, do you trust in the Lord? awwwww....what a little sweetheart. SO precious. :)

Karen Aldrin

blog Fab as always.I burnt my fingers badly cooking Christmas dinner.So it was a wee bit painful to take too many pictures.I couldn't turn my dials.But I knew you would undersatnd that for the first time since I took your workshop I put the camera on Auto and shot away.
Anything is better than nothing.


Love the letters! Cole's trust in Santa and Courtney's questions are great!
I have many poor quality pictures. Next year I'm asking Santa to paint my living room a lighter colour.


I always get so inspired when I see your 'lowlight' photos.... I always just start shooting away on Christmas day hopin that some might turn out but they sure don't look like yours!!!! Keep inspirin all of us!


None of my Christmas pictures turned out. I am so anti flash but I have a yellow tint all of them. Trying to edit them and make them doable.

Yours are beautiful, clear, crisp......

Nancy Wyatt

I love your photos and wish you would share some that you call out as bad shots cause girlfriend I don't believe you! ha! hehe, giggle giggle :) I did poorly on Christmas evening with my photos! I totally forgot about my ISO setting and so most and I do mean most are blurry because I refuse to use the flash! I kept saying all night long I need to save up for Karen's class already!! I can take a mean bokeh shot though, LOL. Anywho, thanks again for allowing us to spend the holidays with you guys via your photos. You truly are a blessing for us, you may not realize it but you are! I love visiting your blog so much! And how about you rent a camera while yours is out for repairs? I know you've done that before ;) Ok, well thanks again and I look forward to your photos!! hugs from Conroe, TX!

Joan Fowler

How in the heck do you get such well lit, in focus indoor shots that look like they were taken outside on a beautiful clear spring day? No blur, no yellowish cast, no shadows, no shake. I am almost certain you live in a house with no roof and few walls and it is located in the land of the midnight sun. Can you share just a hint or two?


Love the new logo for the photographers workshop!


These photos are so beautiful! All of their letters are just precious! For those of you asking questions about Karen's wonderful photography techniques, I would encourage you to take her photography class. I took it last June and loved it. Even if you know quite a bit already, you will learn more. And she has posted before that she learned her editing tips from Erin Cobb, who also has a great blog too where she shares photos of her family. Erin has done a video tutorial about her editing process, and it is due out in January. I'm planning to order it so that I learn to edit like this too.

debbi g.

Low light or not..the photos are beautiful!! Wish mine were like this..haha

Julia Spencer

I wish I could get my photos white balanced like yours. I think in part it's the fact that my camera body doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. I also think that I just need to learn more about it. Love the letters to Santa. ;)


Karen- your photos are absolutely breathtaking and I wanna be YOU when I grow up. I love the cookies and milk photo and those kids faces while they seriously write those letters-- adorable! Thanks for sharing == and I pray YOU do share more-- I love them Xo

Kristal Jones

Karen~ Boy, do I know what you mean. I am extremely behind on my blog posts & now, Christmas has fallen upon us and well, it's wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time...and that's just without the pictures waiting to be edited and calling my name.

I just want you to know that your pictures are incredible. Thank you so much for posting the Christmas Eve shots. They are breathtaking and made me smile so much. Lovely.

Merry Christmas, Karen. :)


The photos are beautiful and I was going to get a picture of me reading the kids Twas the Night before Christmas but as I did Ali's December Daily I just wanted to enjoy the moment I'd made it to the day before Christmas. I can relate to all those photos being unedited, I think I have 20 photos from last Christmas and the rest still unedited. Erin Cobb is onto something with those JPEGS but I know you need the full raw version to fix those low lighting pictures. Enjoy your New Years's... can't wait to see your post on the pile of pictures printed for the year, also merit in that process too. Take Care. Kathy A (Australia)

Stacey Staceyface1 Clinton

I am absolutely, positively, entirely, whole-heartedly in love with that last picture. It gave me the warm fuzzies and made my heart sing for a minute there. Hope you enjoyed the craziness of the Holiday.


Please share Santa's answers from Courtney Lee's letter.
Loved it!


My D70 had an accident over 2 years ago. I need to send it in because it has been not functioning very well. I have not done it because I can't be without my camera either. My husband has a solution...a new Nikon. We will see. I lover your pictures and would not know you had focusing issues.


Really stunning photographs. All the focus look so spot on!


Looking at these pictures, ones can't believe they are originally low-light shooting!! I must say you are great at editing as well! love all the photos!

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