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Love the pictures as always! Love Cole's hair! I know how these crosstown rivalries are! We have UCLA (yay!) vs USC this past weekend. Unfortunately UCLA lost. ;) There is always next year!


Gary and I wondered if y'all were going to be at the game. I told him that if there was a way, Josh Downs would be there. Sorry about the loss. We lost too:( Great photos though.

Annie F

AWESOME! Love the way you've captured the highs and lows of college football (in my opinion the best and only football to watch). Thanks for including us in your families' journey.

Deanna M

I think you captured the essence of what it means to be a fan in the stands, right down to Cole's sad face at the end. And it's one of the reasons I love college football--the wins, the loses, the rivalries, and the passion for the game and team, and the optimism about the ever possible upset! Great photos as always!

Dawn Wheeler (Go Beavs)

I love Josh's sincere dedication and love of the Beavers. There are tons of fair weather fans for both the Beavers and the Ducks. But it's nice to know there are dedicated tried and true fans like Josh. Go Beavers forever!!!

We actually did our family photo in all Beaver gear this year and Addie took them. Go check them out on her blog. I'm sure Josh will love them.

Plus all our Duck fan friends are receiving them in the their Christmas cards and I told them that Santa would know if they didn't hang them up on their refrigerators :)

Jessica Woodford

Yeah! Go DUCKS!!
Great game though.....there's always (maybe) next year?! :)

Kathy C.

LOVE Cole's hair...was wondering if you guys all went...figuring for sure Josh & Cole would be was a good game, could have gone either way...just pretty cool that an Oregon college is representing at the National Championship level this year! :)


Hate to see our men disappointed when their teams don't win!!! :(


Beaver alumni here. They gave them a run for their money, at least we gave them that! It still looks like good times were had (except at the end there, lol).


Seriously, those photos brought tears to my eyes! Awesome!

Terri Emmons

I love reading your post and seeing your pictures. I am however a true Duck fan. I lived in Oregon for almost 50 years moved to California a while back. Can not stop rooting for my ducks.. Now hope they win the next big game...
Glad you had fun...

Terri E


I wish OS could have won. I live in Idaho and hated the fact that BSU lost to Nevada, so would have loved...loved to have OS win. It looked good until half time...Loved the photos.


Tell Josh that my Auburn Tigers will take care of the Ducks in Jan. The Ducks are going down!


I love a freverant fan! It looks like it was fun and many memories made. I hope next year is better for the beavers!
I'm a Badger fan, so I'm not liking those ducks this year either.

Carrie P

Love the photos, you captured it~
Not sure Coley looks the best with orange hair, but what a fun memory~


We watched the game on tv and I actually looked extra hard when they showed the fans..I was thinking that you might be there. I LOVE C's hair....what a dedicated fan. So sorry that the score didn't put the W in your column...what a great rivalry. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.


OMG those photos just tell the story don't they!!! The looks on their faces of delightment and then the shock horror of the loss. You do tell a good story Karen and yes, orange and a white bathtub - you are a very brave woman!! Kathy A, Brisbane Australia

Erika Melnychuk

And they say men aren't moody?! Seriously! They're just controlled by sports instead of hormones :) It's all over these pictures!


Oh sorry for the loss Josh and condolences! Love that orange hair!!

Mary Ann

I love the story your photos tell. I would have known exactly what was happening without any hints from you. Love that!
Send my best to Josh Downs and Coley. I hope they have recovered :)

Lori  Schafer

I just absolutely love your blog! Your photos are spectacular and you life is so fun!! I am so sorry for the loss, but my teams aren't fairing very well, so I know the agony of defeat!
If you are EVER in the Denver area, please let me know! I would love to attend one of you photography classes!!


Judy G

Save your son from a lifetime of disappointment, the Beavs will always be the little brother.


Sorry love all of your posts.....and these photos are awesome.....but I love green & yellow and the DUCKS! Go DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristal Jones

Well, I love Cole's hair! LOVE. What great shots to record the day. Perfect emotional pics. And the light...beautiful overcast light. :)


I totally thought of your guys when watching this game Saturday. Glad you were there

teresa b

Love the emotion Karen.. It's like watching the game all over again! Maybe next year.. but for now the Ducks are on a roll!


My sons both graduated from Auburn, so we'll take care of those Ducks for you! Tigers eat ducks, don't they? ;-)


OMGosh....coley's HAIR! Sorry that you didn't win your State Rivalry but the HUSKIES won theirs. What lens did they let you bring in?? Oh and that last picture...cropping in real tight on Coley holding the ball, says it all.

As always, your pics are wonderful


Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing, Karen!


In 1998, the Kansas State Wildcats were going to beat Texas A&M and be in the National Championship game for the first time ever. I couldn't believe (even though my husband and I were some of them) how many people were crying when we lost. We were SUPPOSED to win. Heartbreaking. . . :)

carrie hicks

I love your pics of the game...oh how I wish I was there! Tell Coley that Duck fans have more fun (probably 'cause God is a Duck fan...jk!)and we'd gladly take him on our side and have some Tostitos nachos to celebrate. Even though they're "Beav" pics, they are still awesome!

Carrie, your Duck lovin' Bend friend.


My Huskers lost on Saturday too... I feel your pain. :)
Let's hope for a better year for both our teams next year.
I am SO excited about starting Photography classes next month! YAY! :)


My sons both graduated from Auburn, so don't worry -- we'll take care of those Ducks for you! After all, Tigers eat Ducks, don't they?!? Happy Duck season!


I thought of you guys during the game! We're here in Oregon, too, so we felt the excitement in the air! At least the PAC10 will get lots of money having one of our teams going to the Championship... silver-lining??? :):)

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