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teresa b

Doesn't look like a dud from all the fun pictures!! One of the hardest thing to say is I'm sorry, so you've got that working for you!!.. continue to grow together and learn from your mistakes! Happy christmas...


Oh, this actually looks like a great time. Like Lemonade out of Lemons... Snowmen out of too much snow... great family memories. So glad there were no broken bones or need for stitches while stranded. You will just have to try again for the Christmas tree. :-)

lori  kraft

nice to know you're human karen (and that your sense of humor continues)- where oh where did you get annie's hat???


Great story. It can't always be perfect can it but you got some great photos out of the trip. Merry Christmas!


What about a tree then? Looks like a nice day in the snow though...


Wow Karen one of these days I am going to take your photography class. I would love so bad to take it and really need to take it, for no other reason than I want to learn how to take beautiful realistic photos like yours - - of our son. I just can't afford it right now, though...because we are trying to sell our house and build a house at the same time. And with it being Christmas is tight. But eventually I am going to be able to put my name on your wait list. And...I.Cannot.Wait. Glad you all had so much fun in the snow. Wish we had pretty snow like that down here in south Alabama. It is freezing cold here though...and there are a few flurries in the forecast for tomorrow....but I'm sure not enough to build a snowman. ;)


Wow - your "dud" day looks pretty amazing! Way to make the best of it!

Can I ask you how you get the snow so white - are you white balancing differently or is it in post. Always trips me up. Thanks Karen!

mandy friend

that's too funny about your dirty name calling ( but not;)) Went to Target today, spent an obscene amount of money and then as I was leaving thought 'too bad Karen didn't show up today!'. We're attempting the tree hunt this weekend, which almost always leaves me saying rude things to my hubby!

Robyn :)

Where will you be getting your tree now? I loved the one you got last year. I am guessing that you just couldn't go into the woods on the side of the road and get one, huh?

Beautiful pictures.

Mary Ann

I laughed out loud as I read about your name calling. Poor Josh Downs ;)
It's funny how to you it was a dud of a trip, but to me looking at your photos, it looks like it was the best time ever. Even if you have to go to a silly corner lot to buy a tree, memories were made that day that the kids (young and old) will never forget.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work, and beautiful family.


Those are amazing action shots!!!


Your dud day still looks like fun! Sorry I laughed at what your name calling too...its nice to know you ARE human ;) We have all snapped like that too. But how sweet of you to tell the world and apologize too!

Rhonda P-litlfrogy

I just love your stories. Thanks so much for sharing. You always make me smile or laugh and sometimes cry. You should write a book, Karen.

Shari Barnes

Beautiful photos documenting your tree adventure! :-)


If I didn't read the words I would've never guessed how awful that was! Even with reading your words- I have to fill in the blanks. Not fun! At least you had your camera to entertain you- at least it does for me :)

Hannah S

Thanks for sharing your stories with us, we really love them!! I seek to have such a fun and loving family like yours, your traditions are great to hear about. Okay, Okay, I'll admit it...I'm jealous, lol. Good to see you blogging again.
Oh! And Annie's cute!

Megan Renfree

Oh no about the dud year!! But I have to say, and I don't want to jinx you. You totally have your humourous blogging mojo back! Cos that whole story...including the profanity at the end was hilarious!! Thanks Karen. I am totally loving finding your blog posts in my google reader again!

Lisa O

:) i love that you posted that photo where someone (i think) is taking a leak in the background. priceless :)


Dud day or not, it still looked like a good time! Love the story and love that you shared that you were not nice to DH. Some days that's just life. I hope you end up with a beautiful tree to make up for the disappointment.


I wouldn't call that a dud trip! Looks like you had a ton of fun and stories about this year's trip will be the ones you remember!


Happens to the best of us - the a*hole part at least. It is a good goal not to do it again, though!


see, you're not loosing your mo-jo gurl... we all are enjoying you as much as we always did!! thanks for sharing your life with us!! its not like watching Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan's antics, AND THAT'S WHY I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!!


Sorry to hear about the trouble finding a tree - but from your amazing photos it looks like it wasn't a wasted trip after all. And, though it's been said repeatedly above - LOVE LOVE LOVE Annie's hat.


Looks like a great time anyways!

Annie F

Don't beat yourself up too much - sometimes we just need a reset button. My seven letter word begins with jack(@%*) - sometimes you just need to get it out and sometimes that's just how they are acting at the moment. Plus making up is always fun too!

Judy Webb

Loved, loved, the action shots of kids, especially Cole, jumping off the side of truck. Annie is so epressive. Merry Christmas!!

Jen Spain

Aww... sounds like there were some tense moments, but all in all it looks like a great day! I did laugh at the name calling - even a saint can have their patience tried in a situation like that! I do think it's sweet that you apologized for it on your blog, and I hope you can laugh about it soon. I am so glad you're back blogging again - I love reading it, and I see so many similarities between your family and mine. Makes me feel better when my children are little stinkers!

Wendy M.

Okay ...only you can make a "dud" Christmas Tree hunting trip look so darn much fun! You have a gift my dear. The photos are so fun to see. Thanks. And I think Josh Downs will get over the name calling thing.

Kim Stewart

If that day's a dud, what's a good day really like? You guys look like you had a blast! And those pictures are fantastic, as usual. You sure could teach me a few things. Gonna take your class one of these days....
Don't let the 7-letter outburst get you down. I'm sure he's forgiven you. We all have our moments. He must have been having one, which in turn made you have one. Water under the bridge...


great pics and story! The "a" word is one that has flown out of my mouth to my hubby. It makes him mad but sometimes his actions require that word!


Wow! That doesn't look like a dud at all! Looks like a great time, as usual. :) Way to make a frustrating situation, fun. :)


love to see Ross wearing a Yankee's hat! :) I was born in NY. Half of my family are Red Sox fans and 1/2 are Yankee fans! :)

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