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These are just beautiful. It looks like a wonderful Christmas morning. Thank you for sharing your incredible photos with us! I love the Little House books too, and last summer we toured the home of Almanzo and Laura in Mansfield, Missouri. It was fantastic!


What great photos of your family! I also love Little House. (I watch the first half hour everyday at 1 when I'm home for lunch)...hehe Hallmark Channel rocks!
I absolutely adore that baby crib! Where did you find such a treasure!!?


Fantastic shots, as always, Karen! Now all I want for Christmas is to see some of your photographs from Greece - I can't imagine what someone as talented as you did with all that gorgeous light.


I see why it is your favorite shot.
Great idea for magazine subscription, I may have to use this one

Theresa S.

Yay! You're doing an awesome job of posting your Christmas shots . . . love all of these. Looks like you have a family band in the making . . . and Annie's doll crib is THE CUTEST little crib I have ever seen! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for sharing.


Merry Christmas Karen, these are gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing
anna x

Kathy C.

Little House books and the tv show was my fav too!

Wonderful shots and Annie's crib...oh too cute!!

Merry Christmas & wishing you all the best in 2011!


Love all these shots! I want the Little House book collection, red converse and a pillow pet too!

Jennifer M.

Ha! I got the unicorn Pillow Pet and I love it!


Love all of the pictures and great gifts for everyone! Love the last shot as well - priceless! xoxoxo


Beautiful Christmas memories...and I like the one of you and your happy look. Great job whoever took that photo.

Rachelle S

My Peyton Jean got the Panda Pillow pet from Santa too~ huge hit : ) The stand for your bike is smart! I'm training to do the Danskin Triathlon in Seattle in August and that may just be what this North Coast (ie wet climate) girl needs!!!


I loved little house when i was little too. I bought book sets for my (10!) neices and nephews this christmas with personalized book plates. My oldest son and I read the percy jackson series last year and really enjoyed it... now we are reading the series outloud every night before bed so dad and younger son can enjoy. We also screen printed our own camp halfblood shirts for each family members.

and i just want to say i love reading your blog. I love how you document your family life so beautifully and also include the not so beautiful parts (time outs for fighting etc) I can totally relate. love it.


OK....former student here who is crazy jealous of the light you created around your christmas you have some crazy high wattage bulbs on there or is there additional lighting behind that tree??? Love the pics!


Wonderful posts of all the Christmas photos..what a treat. Absolutely beautiful!


You captured the magic of Christmas morning!!


Karen, your last few Christmas posts have been so beautiful - I know it takes alot of time out of your day to create each post but thank you. You do such a wonderful job.

Patty Hetrick

Hi Karen:) My love affair with books started with my 4th grade teacher reading Old Yeller to us. I cried my eyes out over that one. The next summer my grandma got the Little House on the Prairie set and I read them over and over and over. They were light blue and came in a box that she kept by the side of her bed. I wish I had those books still. And we always watched the TV show and my dad would say, "Sniff, sniff. Get the tissues." He always ribbed us about crying while watching the show but it was something we did together - just me, my dad, and my brother. Great memories!

Love all the pictures, too!


Wow, your photos are getting better and better. These are amazing! I also want to know if you have crazy good lighting in this room or is it a result of the awesome ISO handling on your camera, a super fantastic lens, great post processing skills or a combo of all of the above?

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